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Brightness workaround for multiple monitors, Alt-Tabbing

tinkerbelchtinkerbelch Member Posts: 138 Arc User
symptom: Since season 11, switching focus away then back to STO messes with the brightness, gamma of all monitors. Shutting down STO also does this. Does not matter if STO is in full screen mode or max window.

I used to use a keybind to send "gamma 0.8$$gamma 0.7" to force a two changes so it could actually get back to the setting I liked without having to go to the brightness slider each time. But that does not solve everything, still messes with other monitors.

Well I found a way work around:
Set it up so you never ever have to use that brightness slider again.

1. Goto option>display>reset to defaults>reset display options to defaults
2. Shutdown STO (don't leave it open)
3. Reload your nvidia, amd gamma setting by going to the control panel for your GPU (or windows color management if driver only option for GPU)
4. Start STO, try alt-tabbing, then back to STO. You should see no changes to other monitors anymore.
5. Never touch brightness slider again (don't set it to 100%) Just leave it alone. Because once it stores a setting from that slider, STO shader will override your gamma correction from your GPU control panel for all monitors.

Use GPU control panel to make changes instead (looks better also). If necessary, can make a setting for the star trek online executable if you need special setting for just STO.

If STO ever does that brightness calibration screen like on a new install, just hit cancel.

I have tested this on Nvidia, Amd, Intel integrated GPUs.

Hope that helps, and if anyone wants to followup or elaborate on the technicals, I would like to hear.

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  • tinkerbelchtinkerbelch Member Posts: 138 Arc User
    edited March 2016
    btw, amd catalyst control panel, you need to edit color setting in the panel section. Desktop color is not the right section to change for games.

    I have not played with amd crimson panel so I can't say about that.
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