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Suggestion: Make the Delta Recruitment Event Yearly... with some changes

Since the changes for event ships came to holodeck the community has been saying bring them back, especially ones like the Kobali Samsar Battlecruiser. I think the best way to resolve this is to change delta recruitment into a yearly event; the past years ships would be the "reputation" reward, the featured episodes would be episodes that were trashed after a revamp, and the original delta recruitment rewards would stay the same with possiblity for some changes (like maybe choices for if you want a male or female photonic officer). It would give new players the chance to obtain some of the consoles to complete sets, get accolades they wouldn't normally have a chance to get and older players as well.

Now of course there has to be a little bit of story to this, and I think we know what that means... Q is back and bored. This time he's messing with time. Temporal anomalies have been appearing. Things not in sync with our timeline appear at random. For the daily you have to go around to places that have high temporal flux readings and stabilize them (similar to the omega stabilization mission except it is in areas like the Orias System where the old missions where). I know this isn't the most complete idea and there are kinks to work out, but I think I got the general idea out there.


  • rickdias5500rickdias5500 Member Posts: 95 Arc User
    Nope, you are free to make $ 750.00 USD Characters all you want.
  • tom40stom40s Member Posts: 132 Arc User
    I would not mind a chance since I missed the delta recruitment event. I have been a member for a while I think since 2012 and played the game religiously. Then decided I needed to get help because that is all I was doing. I just came back on and found there were 4 new campaigns I missed so I started to play again. Then I found out about the delta recruitment I am sorry I missed it. I hope they decided to make it or something like it again.
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