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Lack of ships for Romulan Faction



  • catoblepasbetacatoblepasbeta Member Posts: 1,532 Arc User
    edited November 2015
    ruinthefun wrote: »
    To be fair, Trendy (rather grumpily) did say that they are working on Romulan and Klingon equivalents. Whether or not we'll get new hanger pets is another question..the Feds certainly are (and a new escort down the lines too, by the looks of it). Hopefully the Klingons and Romulans won't get stuck with the same bird of prey and drone ship pets.
    To be fair, the Bird of Prey and Drone ship pets are fine for what they are, particularly the drones. We hardly need a new thing when the old thing is fine. Making KDF ships should be easy: There's a whole wealth of untapped player-grade content that can be recycled back into T6. It's not like we got a fleet skin for the other fleet ships, either.

    The hanger pets don't need to be made from scratch, we already have existing assets in-game.

    Seriously, we have four shuttle options (five if you count the commander's gig for each of its variants). Only one of those is used as a hanger pet. The Tiercel and the Kestrel could easily be made copies of the Federation shuttle and runabout hanger pets options.

    The performance of Romulan hanger pets might be 'fine' but the variety is far from it.
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  • shpoksshpoks Member Posts: 6,967 Arc User
    edited November 2015
    annahiel wrote: »
    Not sure if you people follow podcasts but the devs has said several times they cant add any ship they wish, even if for reasons for fairness or balance, unless CBS agrees to it. If CBS wishes the Romulans and Klingons to have few ships and that STO be a Federation biased game, it shall be so.

    I'm sorry to have to debunk your 'higher that though' attitude, but I'm also calling complete and utter BS on that.

    CBS wishes the Romulans and Klingons to have few ships? lol :D Puh-lease. Maybe CBS goes through the patterns of female Romulan skirts for approval as well?
    Here's a piece of information for you right here - CBS demanded a multi faction game by contract. Cryptic had to make a second, in this case - Klingon, faction in order to fulfill the terms of their contract after they picked up the game from Perpetual. That's why the KDF was released in the sorry and unfinished state that it was - because they had to. If it was all up to Cryptic and if CBS wanted to purposely undermine other factions (which makes no sense btw), this game would have launched with a single faction. There can be many reasons for the Romulans and Klingons to have fewer ships that the Federation in STO - some are relevant and realistic and other are stupid, but none of them because CBS said "Hey Cryptic, we're gonna' make several factions in STO, but we're gonna' troll our own customers playing those factions :trollface:". Unless you still believe in the tooth-fairy and stuff.
    reximuz wrote: »
    LOL, have you even seen the KDF community? They think Romulans are whiners at just over half as many ships as they have, no real faction, and no faction Starbases.

    Way to take that out of the context, like a pro! *golf clap*
    The "No Endgame Constitution" rule is most likely really something from CBS.

    Yeeeah...I'm afraid I have to call BS on that as well. But let's not get this thread closed by going there, I'm dropping it.
  • theearthdragontheearthdragon Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    Well I owe everyone an apology. I thought Roms got ALL the ships of their parent faction, not just the tier 2-4 vessels.

    Yes. All three factions should have a comparable amount of vessels for their faction.

    The problem is the super nerd Trekkies playing Feds buy every awful rehash of a ship for that faction. Even though their faction ships have the least amount of diversity, they not only sell more, but from what I understand, they sell more per player playing the Feds.

    The only way to get more crazy end game stuff is make it worth their while. I'm just not sure how much it is.....
  • norobladnoroblad Member Posts: 2,624 Arc User
    edited December 2015
    lack of variety more than lack of actual ships. They are almost all tac, with a small number of pseudo engineering rides. (If you follow the logic, our singularity powers are to make up for reduced ships power and weird warp core choices. If that is true, our eng ships should have commands. If singulariy makes up for commands, our tac ships should have a bonus that is missing. The logic does not flow -- IMHO that just means our eng ships are broken).

  • kodachikunokodachikuno Member Posts: 6,020 Arc User1
    noroblad wrote: »
    The logic does not flow --

    Logic and Cryptic.... do you see where you went wrong?
  • soulforgersoulforger Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    spielman1 wrote: »
    wow this topic went of course quick like and in a hurry. I can see more ships added to Romulans and Klingons by the devs if they just did so. Many have stated the fact of no money return, well this also countered by the fact way buy a ship you don't want. If the devs wanna make money return on a design design a ship the players want not whatever you think up. I highly doubt CBS would mind if they where informed of it.

    Cryptic - "Hey CBS? We are going to design a unique ship based on player's voices. Is that ok?"
    CBS - "Sure. As long as its unique, we are fine with it."

    I think thats basically what happened with the Jupiter. I could see them adding more ships that way to. Instead of trying to get the rights to canon ships, they could just make up ships.
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