A Question: Are foundry missions connected?

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I'm wondering what other authors take on foundry missions are: Does each mission or (group of missions) actually occur, and are there for inter-related? For example: do you assume that a different authors missions are part of the players experiences? Or do they take place at separate timelines?
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    My stuff is all inter-related. At the moment that's plainly evident from recurring characters but when I move onto something else there will be some implied continuity. I'm also taking other author's foundry missions as canon as I possibly can. Next mission is going to involve direct character cameos from other authors and some of my peeps have and will be showing up in other author's foundry mission too. It's really cool to think of this as one great big expanding universe in the foundry.
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    All of my missions so far are interrelated with one another, as is the next one I have planned, though I do have a few in the pipeline that don't figure into that continuity. I also explicitly tie them all into the Cryptic storyline with a note at the start of each mission saying where it fits into the storyline.

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    As for involving other authors, I do occasionally put out casting calls for other authors to add their NPCs and ships as extras, though I have yet to reuse any other authors' maps or reference their missions in dialogue.
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    I haven't tied missions together yet, but if I get around to doing a Romulan ale bootlegging mission or a proper sequel to A time to search then the crew of the zest while V will return.
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    ...It's really cool to think of this as one great big expanding universe in the foundry.

    It would be really cool if it gets to the point where we basically have our own Marvel Cinimatic Universe thing going on. :smile: Maybe it already has gotten to that point?
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