Invisible Ship

goldenavariel Member Posts: 108 Arc User
I've gotten this bug a lot. It usually happens when you transfer from one map to another inside a mission.

In Operation Gama (fed) I can see my shuttle just fine in the first two parts - taking out sensors on DS9 and right after warping into the Gama quadrant but on transfer to the asteroid map I disappeared. Luckily with a shuttle I could just zoom in and fly by stick treating it like a first person shooter.

In Dust to Dust (kdf) it happened to me on going into the final space battle vs the Hirogen. It was a lot harder flying a full-fledged ship that way but I managed by keeping my eye on the mini-map. I was tempted to try exiting the mission and re-entering. I suspect that would work but I knew it was just the one battle and I stuck it out.

In All That Glitters (fed) it happened to my team in the final space battle.

Those aren't the only missions I've encountered this bug in. Those are just the ones where I remember the details.