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Thanks Cryptic folks for all the New Dawn giveaway stuff!

All in all an awesome weekend of giveaways!

Thank you!

Really looking forward to boldly going in Season 11 tomorrow! Woot!


  • captaingalaxy1captaingalaxy1 Member Posts: 202 Arc User
    Agreed^, Last chance also to run through the Cardassian Episodes before they change..
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  • kjwashingtonkjwashington Member Posts: 2,529 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Agreed. My one captain that still has a T5 (and won't be upgrading to T6), can really use today's free giveaway. Honestly, all the giveaways this time have been really awesome.

    Edit: I'm also really looking forward to the stuff in the new rep!
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  • valoreahvaloreah Member Posts: 11,069 Arc User
    Agreed! Free stuff is always appreciated and this giveaway had some great stuff.​​
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  • davefenestratordavefenestrator Member Posts: 9,834 Arc User
    Agreed, this was a nice pile of free loot to celebrate the release of the free new season!
  • kodachikunokodachikuno Member Posts: 6,020 Arc User1
    Indeed, thanks for the give away and the quality of items in it
  • mikoto8472mikoto8472 Member Posts: 607 Arc User
    Good thread, OP. ^^

    Cryptic, I'd also like to add my sincere thanks for the generous free gifts that have been given away to celebrate the release of a new season. Its much appreciated. Okay I can't use today's gift because I upgraded to T6 a while back, but there are friends of mine that are using the upgrade token so I'm happy to see that too.

    And no, there isn't any sarcasm in this post.
  • angrybobhangrybobh Member Posts: 420 Arc User
    I always like free but, this last one (free upgrade token) may actually keep one of my returning friends playing for a bit longer. So, thanks Cryptic.
  • theanothernametheanothername Member Posts: 1,486 Arc User
    Some cool ideas with this GA. Thanks Cryptic :)
  • centaurianalphacentaurianalpha Member Posts: 1,150 Arc User
    As much as we would all like to have more & better free stuff, I'm quite pleased with the items Cryptic has provided for the new season. Especially 2 Spec points per character; this alone saves me weeks of grinding for the 6 'toons I now have! Events like this one make me glad I bought the LifeTime Subscription. B)
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  • jodarkriderjodarkrider Member Posts: 2,097 Arc User
    Nice free stuff useable pretty much for most of us this time - appreciating it as well. Because... who doesn't like a freebie there and there, from time to time :3
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  • yeah thanks free is awesome
  • taylor1701dtaylor1701d Member Posts: 3,099 Arc User
    Thank you indeed, much appreciated !
  • bobbydazlersbobbydazlers Member Posts: 4,532 Arc User
    always nice to get free stuff, thanks.

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  • sirmaydaysirmayday Member Posts: 535 Arc User
    Free stuff is good. Stuff I can use is good. Free stuff I can use is great! Thanks, Cryptic!
  • gerwalk0769gerwalk0769 Member Posts: 1,095 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Salami mentioned that there is one more tomorrow.

    [–]SalamiInferno Luna's Faithful Executive Producer 18 points 2 hours ago

    There's one more item tomorrow! Stay tuned :)
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  • tempus64tempus64 Member Posts: 806 Arc User
    Salami mentioned that there is one more tomorrow.

    [–]SalamiInferno Luna's Faithful Executive Producer 18 points 2 hours ago

    There's one more item tomorrow! Stay tuned :)

    Sort of odd given they said the free stuff was for 5 days. But I guess they want to start S11 with a bang. Might even be a free T5U ship to use the upgrade token on since he did a little wink when someone said that.

    And complete agree with thanking Cryptic. Only been playing since end of May and I've got a free T6 Nandi, outfit, spec points, upgrade token, hover board, ship slots, inv slots and I can't even remember what else. Oh. and all the free Dil weekends! They seem to be very generous with giving away stuff. A shame some people are greedy and complain about stuff they get for free.
  • ltminnsltminns Member Posts: 12,481 Arc User
    Yes, very good items. Much appreciated.
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  • chipg7chipg7 Member Posts: 1,577 Arc User
    Right on! Love the free giveaways, and it seems that every time they do it the freebies get better. That also might be because the game - and the shinies - are all getting better with each update, too.

    Really, really appreciate things like even upgrade tokens being on the ok-to-give-away list. That's a big bucket of "thanks for playing, keep enjoying!" :smiley:
  • x1c3c0ldxx1c3c0ldx Member Posts: 73 Arc User
    Yea thanks cryptic, was a great giveaway, apart from the 100 marks thing. That didn't really make me happy.
  • sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
    thx for the giveaway.

    the doff pack was meh; my fault, i'm unlucky when I open: boxes, doff packs, R&D box etc. :p the 2 spec points per toon wow! awesome. I don't need the ship upgrade, but for the players who needed 1 token, this is a great gift and the 100 marks were interesting for my new toon. :)
  • shandypandyshandypandy Member Posts: 632 Arc User
    Salami mentioned that there is one more tomorrow.

    [–]SalamiInferno Luna's Faithful Executive Producer 18 points 2 hours ago

    There's one more item tomorrow! Stay tuned :)

    Today's sixth gift are three free-K5 ships (Excelsior [K5], Ar'kif - retrofitting [K5] Marauder Patrol Cruiser [K5])!
    (after Google Translate)​​
  • sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    yes. the news is available in french too. finally the upgrade token will be useful. thx for the ships. :)
  • khregkhreg Member Posts: 379 Arc User
    Actually having way more fun on that hoverboard than I probably should be. It's surprisingly addicting. I may be flashing back to my days flying around SWG on my swoop. I used to just log on solely so I could ride for hours.

    Thank you.
  • papasezpapasez Member Posts: 55 Arc User
    edited October 2015
    Indeed. A hearty 'thank-you', Cryptic for the fantastic freebies! I can't ever recall in 15 years of playing MMOs such great items being given away just to say 'thanks for playing'. Free inventory space is absolutely unheard of and items such as the Ship Upgrade Token and 2 (!) free spec points are equally unprecedented. Typically, in other MMOs I've played, the servers would need to be done for a good week before I'd expect to receive even one such a 'gift', let alone 5 days of them. B)

    Again, thank-you very much, it is greatly appreciated!​​
  • medalionemissarymedalionemissary Member Posts: 612 Arc User
    Yes, thank you Cryptic, good job!
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  • vendoodvendood Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    Agreed! Appreciate the focus on 'practical, useable' rewards this round, it was really nice!
  • makocallowaymakocalloway Member Posts: 455 Arc User
    Yes thanks for the free swag!

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