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I would like to know...

...Just what PWE's excuse is for their TRIBBLE server performance. The internet is not new, MMO's are an old hand, large online communities are common and server stability even at peak times is something that any online entertainment company is expected to be able to maintain fairly easily.

So. Just what is PWE's sad and pathetic non-answer of a halfassed excuse?
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  • daveynydaveyny Member Posts: 8,227 Arc User
    Cogent... <chuckle>
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  • anazondaanazonda Member Posts: 8,399 Arc User
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    Look at ME... I have barely shown my face, and have no background knowledge, but I DEMAND answers to questions I don't even define.

    Don't look silly... Don't call it the "Z-Store/Zen Store"...
    Let me put the rumors to rest: it's definitely still the C-Store (Cryptic Store) It just takes ZEN.
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  • pwlaughingtrendypwlaughingtrendy Member Posts: 2,966 Arc User
    highlord83 wrote: »
    So. Just what is PWE's sad and pathetic non-answer of a halfassed excuse?
    Actually, we're working on doing a network maintenance this Tuesday which we've been putting out global messaging about. But hey, if you want to take the approach of flaming and trolling, that's cool too!

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