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Ferengi Rapid Fire Missiles

lopequillopequil Member Posts: 1,213 Arc User
Are these supposed to trigger Overwhelming Force, or is there a mistake in the tooltip? They're pretty damn good as-is, so no hard feelings if it's the latter.


  • sqwishedsqwished Member Posts: 1,475 Bug Hunter
    Well after testing, I can confirm from looking at the Combat parse that the Ferengi Rapid Fire Missile launcher is indeed being buffed by Torpedo abilities, specifically Torpedo High yields. After using Hy 2 & 3 I'm seeing Salvo II & III in the combatlog. So it should in theory cause the Overwhelming force trait to apply it's self. But after testing against A high yield gravimetric torpedo against which the Overwhelming force is being applied. But according to the combat logs it's not being applied to the rapid fire missiles.

    So I'll raise with the Operational Support Team as soon as I've posted this response.​​
    Oh, it's not broken? We can soon fix that!

  • lopequillopequil Member Posts: 1,213 Arc User
    Thanks for the reply. I should say though that I didn't mind not having the particle burst or whatever; I just assumed it was the price to pay for having the wide firing arc.
  • sqwishedsqwished Member Posts: 1,475 Bug Hunter
    To be honest there's some confusion as to whether the missiles are actually classed as torps or kinetic weapons by the game. It's been raised to the O.S.T. any how so I'll let the Dev's make the call on whether it's an actual bug or WAI.​​
    Oh, it's not broken? We can soon fix that!

  • psych2lpsych2l Member Posts: 79 Arc User
    Not to necrothread this or anything but I'd also like a clarification and hopefully an assignment of a base projectile type in regards to the rapid fire missiles. When using the terran 3pc set bonus Secondary Torpedo Launchers (While active, firing a torpedo fires an additional basic torpedo of a similar type), I didn't observe any type of basic torp fired when used in conjunction with the rapid fire missiles. Concurrently there appears to be no way to specifically boost the damage with tactical projectile consoles other than the general +torp variety. I hope if and when this particular weapon gets reviewed that it gets a proper basic type assigned to it, probably photon imo, such that it can work with the newer set bonuses, consoles, etc.
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