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The Power Source mission on New Romulus won't complete

casper32433casper32433 Member Posts: 97 Arc User
This is now the 2nd character i've had trouble with this mission, 1st time was about a month or so ago and when i ran thru the mission I completed all the objective but it wouldn't give me the "Signal D'Tan" prompt to complete. I had to beam out and run thru it a 2nd time and then it completed properly. I'm trying to do the same mission right now to complete my Romulan Reputation on another delta recruit and i've completed it on 1 run through and again wasn't given the Signal D'Tan prompt so i beam out and ran through it again. I got to the last room and completed the Prevent power overload timer but the Tholian Captain will not spawn now and again can't complete the mission or my Romulan Reputation. This is very aggrivating and needs to be fixed ASAP!!!!


  • casper32433casper32433 Member Posts: 97 Arc User
    I ran through the mission for a 3rd time and it finally completed properly, but this still needs to be fixed, we shouldn't have to run a mission more than 1x to get it to complete properly.
  • inferiorityinferiority Member Posts: 2,418 Arc User
    I've experienced this and discovered it happens that some of the knock-back skills can push a Tholian over the edge of the gantry and it will run around on the lava underneath you. Of course, you then cannot kill it and it cannot kill you, which is why the mission appears to 'stick'.

    If you're lucky, the Tholian manages to find its' way back up...
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