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Opinions on T-6 Andromeda build...

transamericatransamerica Member Posts: 42 Arc User
edited April 2015 in Federation Discussion
Hello Captains and Admirals:

I acquired the new Andromeda Exploration Cruiser and it is a beauty but I know I can get more DPS out of her.

Here is the link of my build so far. Any opinions or comments about this build will be greatly appreciated.


Check the Notes section for more information on the current details, stats, DOFF's and BOFF's for this ship.

Once again, opinions or comments are welcomed.

Admiral Ivanov Sergey Stolichnaya
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  • tom61stotom61sto Member Posts: 3,471 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Wow. Spendy build. The only DPS enhancements you don't have is the Nukara two-set pared with either Romulan Engines or the CC Deflector, but I'm guessing the Borg set is there to patch up the limited heals you have.

    I'm not sure, but EPtW3 might deal more damage if you swap the places with DEM in the Lt. Comm Eng spot.

    Beyond that, if you want better numbers, it comes down to your piloting and your team.
  • jer5488jer5488 Member Posts: 506 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    A small 'fast' change you could do - you're using an ancient AP beam. There's a way to house two seperate ancient ap arrays, and you could also switch your warpcore to the Obelisk core for the 10% ap boost.
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