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Are Heralds also vulnerable to time-travel effects?

killalljedikillalljedi Member Posts: 88 Arc User
We've learned how the Iconians cannot safely time-travel, so is it possible that their Herald "pets" might also be vulnerable as well? Would Temporal-based items and effects (like Chroniton weapons and the Temporal Warfare set) provide an extra amount of damage? If things timey-wimey are the Iconians' Achilles heel, it would be nice to have an edge.
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  • chandlerasharichandlerashari Member Posts: 348 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Thatd be a nice lore touch, well see when its live tho haha
  • colonelmarikcolonelmarik Member Posts: 1,904 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Ya, I had the immediate thought that Chroniton weapons might become very valuable...
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  • starkaosstarkaos Member Posts: 11,550 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    The Chroniton thing might be one of the things that makes Iconians far more evolved than Heralds. Until proven otherwise, only Iconians can't travel back in time for health reasons.

    Although, it is possible for Iconians to travel back in time. Sela first states that time travel destroys their minds, but later states that they lose their memories. One is suicide while the other makes the Iconian forget why they are going back in time. So either way it is pointless to go back in time not impossible.
  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,204 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    I don't care if Herlads are vulnerable to time-travel effects or not. All I know is they'll be vulnerable to regular attacks, including a nice Lunge III that Kirk would be proud of.

    If only we had Kirk's Overhead Double-Fist Slam Strike III.
  • oldkhemaraaoldkhemaraa Member Posts: 1,039 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    .. humm.. I wonder if I can use a mannahiem device as an offensive weapon against Iconian.

    So.. instead of temporal backstopping myself, I do it to an iconian ship.. if time travel screws with their brain chemistry big time I should think that would be an awesome way of killing them quickly.

    Go ahead, Laugh at my temporal DD..... we'll see!
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  • peterconnorfirstpeterconnorfirst Member Posts: 6,223 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    My delta recruit will batleth herself through their ranks while deploying chronotron mines to their feet. She will do so today, tomorrow or even yesterday if she gets the chance.
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    teamwork to reach a goal is awesome and highly appreciated
    Bring it on
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  • mrspidey2mrspidey2 Member Posts: 959 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    While I would like this a lot, for obvious reasons, I doubt they're gonna do something that makes some old T5U temporal ships the be all end all weapons against the Iconians.
  • killalljedikillalljedi Member Posts: 88 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    mrspidey2 wrote: »
    While I would like this a lot, for obvious reasons, I doubt they're gonna do something that makes some old T5U temporal ships the be all end all weapons against the Iconians.

    OY! I like my Wells! :mad:

    And the irony is that if a Wells is from the 29th Century, shouldn't it be a T32 ship? :D
  • pweistheworstpweistheworst Member Posts: 985 Arc User
    edited April 2015

    I would give the person who started this thread all the rep points in the world if I could.

    I would LOVE to see the devs make Chroniton-based energy and torpedo/mine weapons do bonus damage against the Iconians and Heralds.

    The Chroniton-based weapons are currently the ugly stepchildren of weapons in STO ... so simply making Iconians/Heralds more vulnerable to Chroniton weapons would be a GREAT way to revitalize this energy type and give players a good reason to use these weapons.

    It would also make sense from canon/lore perspective: The temporal ships are supposed to be from the 29th century (at least according to Voyager's "Relativity" episode) ... so we could argue that future ships would use weapons that do additional damage against Iconians to prevent later Iconian incursions into our galaxy.
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  • jer5488jer5488 Member Posts: 506 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    I don't see why chroniton weapons would do more damage to the Iconians - time travel doesn't hurt the Iconians - their minds just can't comprehend the changes to time. At least the way I understood Sela's explanation.

    If an Iconian would travel back in time - because of the way their minds work - they become part of the timeline they travel to. So if Iconian Bob decides to travel back in time to stop them from being attacked - his mind instantly gets reset to where and how it should be at the point he traveled to. So he forgets why he traveled, he forgets what's coming, he forgets who he was and instead becomes part of the timeline he traveled to.

    So a Human or Klingon could go back and change something, the Iconian couldn't.
  • medalionemissarymedalionemissary Member Posts: 612 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Time travel their TRIBBLE to a time where they are not yet ready to launch a full scale war on the Galaxy... problem solved
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