Emergency R&D Holograms

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So I finally managed to free up enough doff space to open the "Crafting Tutorial Reward Package" on one toon and now my roster is full of these holographic doffs.

It looks like they're nameless, traitless, powerless clones that can't be sold or even used for fleet projects.

Which brings up the question: Do they actually do anything besides stand in line to get thrown out the airlock?
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    For most players start in R&D for the first time, it allows them to start and hopefully update/replace over time.

    For established Fed and fed-aligned characters, they were annoying space fillers ;(

    For Klingons they are a decent bonus. Klingons execute mutineers for huge XP bonuses daily. I've used up mine to help level my KDF toons. I'm sad that I'm running out (not sure if they can be transferred between toons), cause my orions, cooks, and misc crew are starting to sweat bullets.
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    OK, then I'll keep them on KDF to execute, and discard the fed ones. Thanks.
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    They also can be used in the bajoran, cardassian, feraen, wadi exchange program.

    The security officer one is good to keep for turning in contraband as that assignmwnt has no crit chance. Why use anything else when you have no chance for a crit.
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