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Omni-Directional Beam hardpoints

senatorvreenaksenatorvreenak Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited September 2014 in The Art of Star Trek Online
Would be nice if the firing points for the omni-directional beam arrays would be the ones closet to the target, like with turrets, instead of "where" the beam is slotted.

It just looks completely wrong seeing an aft mounted omni-directional beam fire forward from an aft firing point, slicing through the hull in the process.
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  • janus1975janus1975 Member Posts: 739 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Agreed... put one on my Bortasqu and it either fired from behind the escort pet if mounted aft, or through the warp nacelle when mounted fore. I get that as a game, the graphics aren't always going to be an oil painting but the current situation is a bit rough.

    Apropos of nothing, those beams are pretty darn snazzy on shuttles though.
  • davidwforddavidwford Member Posts: 1,836 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Or, why not create a central hardpoint in the middle of the ship for turrets and Omni-directional beams? That way your get 360 degrees dorsal and ventral. The reason why you would place a hard point on the front or aft is likewise for a 360 degree firing arc in the Z-axis.
  • senatorvreenaksenatorvreenak Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited September 2014
    Yeah, exactly what people want, arbitrarily added hardpoints to ships that shouldnt be there.

    I'm sure people will be exited to see their federation ships firing omni-directional phaser beams from the bridge. :P
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