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Events and Event Items

azurianstarazurianstar Member Posts: 6,985 Arc User
You guys need to fix the UI. With the Summer Event you have to swap out the Floater for the new Hoverboard and then put whatever back in that Device slot when you go back to the game.

So for an Example, I use 7,8,9,0 for my 4 Device Slots. So if I switch an item in Device slot 2, whatever I put in Device Slot 2, should also show in Slot 8 of the Toolbar.

Know what I'm saying?

Instead, I have to use 3 of my toolbars: Ground, Floater, and Board. They should all be in the same slot, not 3 separate ones.

So come on UI programmers, lets fix this! This is how it was before the UI was changed when PWE took over!
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    lordtrekkielordtrekkie Member Posts: 44 Arc User
    edited June 2014
    I don't remember exactly how I got it to work out, but I think if you drag a device from your character screen to a spot on the tray, it should have a green outline sort of thing on it, and if you change the device in that slot, it should stay in the same tray position as well.

    It will not do the same thing if you pull the ability from your powers/abilities menu/interface.
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