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Literary Challenge #58 : REDACTED

pwecaptainsmirkpwecaptainsmirk Member Posts: 1,167 Arc User
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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges! :cool:

Today we start the two-week run of the fifty-Eighth Literary Challenge: REDACTED with a special shout out for this topic to 'aten66' for posting this idea from our Player Suggested Topics thread.

Every Section 31 operative, when being trained, read up on the current ships that roam space, both friendly and enemy files are open to agents to read. From Breen ships to the elusive Tholians, every ship is known. Special attention is put on your ship, for your many deeds for or against the Federation. What does Section 31 files say about your ship? What do they say about your Captain, or your crew? What is your greatest triumph, or failure, recorded in these blacklisted files? Are you friendly, or a threat to the security of the Federation?

This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
  • A few other important reminders:
    • Please heed the rest of the forum's rules when submitting your entry! All of them apply to these posts.
    • Each poster can have one entry. Feel free to edit your post to fix typos or add/ remove content as you see fit during the next two weeks.
    • After two weeks time, the thread will be locked and unstickied, as we move on to the next challenge.
    • We'll have two threads: One to post the entries in and one to discuss the entries. **Cross-linking between these two threads is acceptable for these challenges ONLY!!**
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  • zolykzolyk Member Posts: 2 Arc User
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    Section 31 Threat Assessment

    Re: Vice Admiral Kamen, U.S.S. Plantagenet NCC-149586

  • worffan101worffan101 Member Posts: 9,518 Arc User
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    Section 31 threat assessment, USS George Takei (retrofitted Cheyenne-class heavy cruiser), NCC 94924. Nemesis unit designation Three, commanding officer. Franklin Drake reporting.

    Let me give you the two-word version: Stay away.

    Far away.

    This ship, and its captain, has foiled more Section 31 operations than any other ship, in the Federation or otherwise. Three opposes us as "a matter of course", and has repeatedly spaced Section 31 infiltrators. In one particularly embarrassing incident, she dumped yours truly on Nukara Prime without an EV suit. It's only thanks to an emergency transport from a cloaked Section 31 ship that I am still alive.

    Three has made numerous seemingly illogical structural modifications to the George Takei, giving it incredible resistance to normally disabling strikes. Furthermore, she has a perfect no-deaths safety record; none of her crew members have died under her command. This defies logic, probability, and statistics, but may have something to do with the surge dampeners that she installed on all bridge consoles and her permanent ban on red clothing on her ship.

    Three is a sadistic psychopath, fanatically loyal to her crew and dangerously homicidal to anyone who threatens or harms said crew. Reports, such as they are, indicate that she has a nearly eidectic memory and knows each and every sophont on her ship by name. Due to her overwhelming physical superiority, I must recommend NEVER engaging Three in ground combat under any circumstances. Her crew is a diverse lot, including a Dominion liason, a Romulan defector, and about a dozen other species. All are highly trained in ground combat, likely by Three herself, and have proven devastatingly effective against diverse foes.

    Important personnel, USS George Takei:

    Captain Nemesis unit designation Three: A genetically-altered woman, likely an illegal Human Augment, with implanted weaponry and armor. Three is a psychopath with a completely alien thought process, but is utterly and unflinchingly loyal to her crew. Notable incidents include the Hakeev affair, the Devidian incident, and the Dominion invasion. Also notable is the Hifahr affair, where Three was deployed to a Romulan mining colony to deal with a "salt vampire" infestation and ordered a thalaron bombing from orbit rather than risking her crew on such a dangerous mission. Fortunately--at least in some eyes--Three's orders were directly countermanded by Vice Admiral Janeway, who has had...issues with Three ever since.

    No known weaknesses. Conventional termination methods have proved ineffective. Thalaron attacks failed utterly. Emotional attacks redlisted until further notice due to Three's psychological differences from ordinary humanoid species. Threat level: Critical.

    Commander Azip Shran (first officer, chief tactical officer): Three's Andorian girlfriend. Served as first officer under the two previous captains of the George Takei with distinction for bravery. Service record includes multiple medals, including the James T. Kirk award for outstanding valor and the Hikaru Sulu award for tactical genius. Has developed an unflinching loyalty to Three, and is likely the only person who can calm Three down when Three's psychosis gets the better of her. May have been genetically augmented, possibly by Three--has shown slightly increased strength, stamina, and dexterity in recent encounters with hostile species. Unlikely to turn. Tends to be near Three a lot.

    Weaknesses: Typical Andorian physical traits, possibly slightly genetically enhanced. Exercise caution. Emotional attacks may be effective; consider proceeding with extreme caution. Threat level: Unknown, likely high.

    Commander Gamat'Elon (chief of security): Dominion liason, tasked with finding new deities by the Founder Odo. Possibly indicative of the failure of Odo's attempts to create or design Jem'Hadar capable of atheism. Worships Three, following the Nopada Prime incident, and considers her a deity worthy of comparison to Odo. Has served without complaints or distinction on seven Starfleet vessels; currently assigned to the George Takei for an indefinite period. Utterly loyal to Three, but loyalty has not been tested against his loyalty to the Founders. Possible weakness? Unlikely to turn otherwise.

    Weaknesses: Typical Jem'Hadar. Exercise caution. Emotional attacks will not be effective unless forcing a loyalty conflict (unless Gamat'Elon considers Three to be the equal of a Founder, in which case results are uncertain). Threat level: High.

    Commander D'vek (chief science officer, assistant chief medical officer): Imperial Romulan defector. Brilliant scientist, loyal to Three but not fanatically so, enjoys creating and testing new medications and therapies. Unlikely to turn. Has served with some distinction aboard five Starfleet vessels, but has turned down his last two transfers. Notably referred to in captured logs as "the unofficial Ship's Bro". Has a tendency to make crude jokes at inappropriate times.

    Weaknesses: Typical Romulan. Intelligent and clever, with a vindictive sense of humor. Exercise extreme caution when engaging if he is aware of impending attacks. Threat level: High.

    Commander Belkrab (chief engineer): Tellarite from the Pi Canis sector. Brilliant and acerbic. Has a wry sense of humor and a penchant for miraculous TRIBBLE-pulls. Is extremely familiar with Section 31 sabotage techniques. Loyal to Three but not fanatically so, has expressed admiration for Three's impressive safety record. Extremely unlikely to turn.

    Weaknesses: Typical Tellarite. Do not engage if she has access to random electronics and time. Exercise caution. Threat level: High.

    In short, a crew of brilliant amateurs and misfits led by a dangerous nut job who hates our guts just "because." Three has the backing of Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn, as well as numerous high-ranking officers, and is also the only negotiator besides Miral Paris who the Klingons have specifically requested (getting data on that first visit that Three made to Qo'noS remains top priority to this agent). Three has shown resistance to Undine telepathic attacks, and reportedly is on good terms with the alien Q (apparently she offered him nonstop flattery and requested that he sign her left shoulder). Essentially, very useful when our goals coincide, but a powerful opponent otherwise. We must find a reliable way to neutralize this woman and her crew. I suggest sending them to check out random Iconian gateways. Who knows, we might get lucky!

    So far, Three has never actively sought to harm the Federation, and apparently is bound by professional obligations to ensure the safety of the Federation, but her lack of support of the Federation's claim to the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, among other incidents, is worrying. Possible Klingon or Romulan sympathies? Unlikely, but we should prepare contingency plans.

    Recommend continued clandestine observation. No insertion onto the George Takei, we'll just lose good operatives.

    End file. Encrypt code Drake pi alpha mu sigma.
    Section 31 threat assessment, IRW Vengeance. "Do'eth", commanding officer (name is an alias). Franklin Drake reporting.

    The short version: Well, dealing with "Do'eth" is easier than dealing with Three. Less embarrassing, at least. And she's never dropped me onto Nukara Prime without an EV suit. However, she remains a Romulan, and has previously collaborated with Three.

    The Vengeance is an advanced T'varo-class warbird in service to the Romulan Republic. Its commander is a middle-aged Romulan woman who calls herself "Do'eth". This name has been confirmed to be an alias in talks with Republic Intelligence, but the Rommies have refused to give us more information. TRIBBLE.

    The Vengeance generally uses torpedo attacks while cloaked, as well as launching mines while in motion. Fleet action against this ship is risky; recommend clandestine infiltration. The crew is surprisingly disciplined and highly trained, and includes a number of mercenaries and Klingon Empire citizens. Recommend extreme caution.

    So far, neither "Do'eth" nor her ship has represented a major problem to Section 31, but the commander's persistent fraternization with high-threat-level sources is a risk. Furthermore, she has shown signs of chronic depression and possible mental instability.

    [Note from Agent 2315: It should be noted that "Do'eth" has expressed a commitment to peace and the continued coexistence of the Federation, Romulan Republic, and Klingon Empire. I think that Mr. Drake is exaggerating the danger provided by this woman]

    Notable incidents involving the Vengeance and its commander include the Hakeev affair, the Breen invasion of Defera, several incidents on the Voth front, and the Undine affair. "Do'eth" worked closely with Nemesis unit designation Three during the Hakeev affair, and we have reason to believe that Three falsely took the credit for finishing off Hakeev after torturing him, when "Do'eth" actually delivered the final blow. We suspect that Three did this as a favor to "Do'eth" so that the latter could escape blame for the two women's actions towards the Tal Shiar operative.

    Not that I'm defending Hakeev; he went further than we would ever think of going, and essentially sold out his state to a foreign power.

    Notable personnel, IRW Vengeance:

    Vice Admiral "Do'eth" (Commander): Name is a pseudonym. Intelligent, extremely competent, disciplined. Borderline alcoholic, showed incredible resistance to Tal Shiar indoctrination. Direct telepathic attacks likely useless. Loyal to the Romulan Republic, but has repeatedly tried to defuse tense multifactional situations. Has expressed strong Unificationist sentiments, harbors a strong dislike for Admiral T'nae as a result (T'nae is a confirmed Vulcan supremacist; minimize her interaction with Republic personnel). Suffers from chronic depression--recommend exploitation. Will not work with us; only barely tolerates Klingon intelligence, even though she is an official Romulan liaison officer to the Empire.

    Weaknesses: Mild mental illness, past trauma may be exploitable. Typical Romulan from a physical perspective. Exercise extreme caution. Threat level: High.

    [Note from Agent 2315: Recommend downgrading this threat level to Medium; "Do'eth" is an agent of a foreign power, but is dedicated to peace, and works well with both FDC and Klingon negotiators.]

    Subcommander Omek'ti'kallan (First officer, chief tactical officer): Jem'Hadar liaison to the Republic. Under strict orders from the Founder Odo to serve the Republic to his full potential. Intelligent and a talented tactician. Loyal to "Do'eth" in particular due to great personal respect. Will not turn. Recommend discreet sabotage of ketracel supplements.

    Weaknesses: Typical Jem'Hadar. No mental or emotional instability to exploit. Exercise caution. Threat level: High.

    [Note from Agent 2315: Agent Drake seems to be paranoid about Republic personnel; I recommend downgrading the threat level of all personnel noted here by one level, due to their lack of active attacks against the Federation.]

    Subcommander Viasa (Chief Medical Officer): Reman soldier, was part of Shinzon's coup but was left on Remus due to injury (and hence escaped the Scimitar's destruction). Devoted to Reman liberation. Telepathic. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect and "Do'eth"'s services to the Reman resistance. Unlikely to turn. Recommend subtle manipulation and/or assassination, but be careful; she is dangerous.

    Weaknesses: Typical Reman. Telepathy provides opportunities for psychic assault. Exercise caution due to telepathic powers. Threat level: High.

    Subcommander Zel (Security chief): Breen renegade, unknown gender. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect. Has resisted multiple attempts to turn, possibly due to Breen psychology. Intelligent, sarcastic, competent; has instituted new brig protocols that have stymied all operatives' escape attempts. Recommend direct termination.

    Weaknesses: Typical Breen. Recommend destruction or sabotage of refrigerator suit. Exercise extreme caution. Threat level: High.

    Subcommander Daysnur (Associate chief engineer, ship's counselor and psychologist): Lethean mercenary and telepath. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect and professional courtesy. Reasonably intelligent and competent, notable for his bad jokes. Currently in a relationship with his co-Chief Engineer; recommend exploitation. Has refused rather generous offers to turn; in one case laughing in our negotiators' faces.

    Weaknesses: Typical Lethean. Telepathic; exercise extreme caution. Threat level: Extreme.

    [Note from Agent 2315: I recommend classifying Daysnur as threat level Medium; during the 2800 incident, the Lethean performed several services to the Federation, including helping "Do'eth" recapture Deep Space 9 and protecting Facility 4028 during the prison riot. Agent Drake has known anti-Lethean sentiments; this may be coloring his judgement]

    Subcommander Jak (Associate chief engineer): Nausicaan mercenary. Brilliant engineer, capable of intuitive understanding of mechanical problems. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect and his relationship with Daysnur. Has taken Section 31 latinum and promptly spent it; essentially cheating us. Recommend emotional manipulation and/or direct termination.

    Weaknesses: Typical Nausicaan. Relationship may be exploitable. Exercise extreme caution while on the Vengeance's engineering decks; Jak is able and willing to booby-trap them. Threat level: High.

    Subcommander Nelen Exil (Chief Science Officer): Voth dissident/defector. Intelligent and fairly well-known in scientific circles. Loyal to "Do'eth" out of personal honor code and gratitude to her for rescuing him and ensuring that his request for asylum was accepted. Has refused offers to turn. Recommend discreet termination.

    Weaknesses: Typical Voth. Be aware of personal death imitation ability. Exercise caution. Threat level: High.

    End log. Encrypt code Drake alpha sigma two sixty.
    Founder and Grand Vizier of the Glorious Regime of Sovereign Ba'al. Hail Ba'al!
  • ambassadormolariambassadormolari Member Posts: 709 Arc User
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  • janeway257janeway257 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
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    Section 31 Assessment
    Janeway, Alex
    Vice Admiral
    Odyssey Class Science Vessel
    U.S.S. Boston, NCC 917046-B

    General Assessment:
    Subject has extensive battle experience, at all costs must not be provoked, for this can be proven fatal. Subject is skilled at what she does, but does show emotional distress which can interfere with her judgement. Further investigation shows that she is social with her crew and understanding of their needs, this shows that she is willing to give anything and do anything for the good of her crew. In conclusion, Subject should be kept at her current position, she can prove useful in the future for our needs, see Section 31 article CLASSIFIED for details.

    Vice Admiral Alex Janeway has proven herself in battle, in diplomatic settings, and unorthodox settings, her ship and her crew can be stoic and dangerous if tangled with, advise all section 31 members to stay out of her path, except for CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED, as he is aware of what she is capable of. We put one of our officers on her ship to see if we could get an inside view of what she is like under pressure, and so far, she has held up well against Klingon attacks, Nausicaan raids, and Borg assaults, as a result, she proves to be a valuable member of Starfleet. For any Additional info read her Personnel File.

    Final Assessment:
    No Further Information On This Subject, All Info Was Destroyed.
    We Are Sorry For The Inconvenience, Contact Franklin Drake For Any Questions You May Have. Oh By The Way, Your Systems Should Be more Secure Next Time, It Would Be A Shame If.... Anyone Broke Into Them.
  • destroyer831642destroyer831642 Member Posts: 58 Arc User
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    Section 31 Recruitment compatability/threat assessment report.
    Agent 00714: De'ta Ra Yer Reporting.
    Subject: Des Troy Roberts LXXXIII
    Rank: Vice Admiral
    Ship: U.S.S. Calico Jack (Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier) Designation NCC-831624-B
    Field: Tactical
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Build:6'4 275-pound in peak health.
    Home Planet: Earth

    Psychological Profile: Des Troy Roberts LXXXIII is a fairly stable individual with a penchant for the dramatic at times, as was shown in his trash talking of Empress Sela during the Battle of Nopada. He has also been shown to be fairly stubborn when push comes to shove. Not relenting for a minute when his mission is in jeopardy. He has a great devotion for his crew, and recieves it back. Has been shown to prefer diplomatic solution because fighting is merely inconvenient, normally. However, when called to fight, Des has shown a tactical adeptness far beyond what most captains have shown, largely because of the aforementioned devotion to and from the crew. He has shown to have a slight naivete when it comes to outcasts coming on board, as was shown when he allowed Tugo, an Orion formerly confirmed Klingon Intelligence to stow away on board, and soon to join his chief officers, or the recent case of Nelen Exil, formerly a member of the Voth Circle of Archaeology, where he has come on board as asylum. So far it has not backfired possibly because of the devotion to and from the crew, but one can never be too careful.
    (Supplementory, Devotion: Des usually gains the devotion from his crew because he interacts with them more, willing to hear them out, even if their problems sound trivial.)
    He is very loyal to the Federation, though friendly to Klingons during joint operations, endeavors to keep alliance together, and fought to do so in Jenolan Dyson Sphere, over sole Federation ownership. Though appears will stay loyal if such endeavors fail. If cornered, he will die trying to escape rather than be captured, but if captured, has shown mental discipline and willpower required to withstand torture.

    Possibility of Defection: Low without mind control
    Loyalty: To Crew, To Federation, to alliance. 8/10

    Physical report: Des is a 40-year old Human Male that is in Peak health, and has shown to be fairly resiliant, shrugging off some phaser shots to critical areas, although, obviously too many will kill him. His preferred weapon of choice is a Sonic Antiproton Mk XII Sniper Rifle outfitted mainly to fight Tholians, Also a Mk XII Shattering Harmonics Crystalline Sword also outfitted to fight Tholians (Possible Grudge?) Has access to, and has experience with personal Sleath Module, going undercover several times.
    WARNING: DO NOT ENGUAGE WITHOUT AMPLE STEALTH DETECTION, When outnumbered, will simply not fight, but rather infiltrate. Possible trap with mines in closed-off area is logical counter. Has also been shown to be overwhelmed by many smaller, faster enemies, as was shown when rescuing Admiral Tuvok, whether this is because of the nature of his chosen weapon or a deeper psychological issue is yet to be seen.

    Experience: As shown before, Des has experience with a stealth Module, and had used it to great effect in Voth Battlezone, saving his skin an that of his crew on several occasions with it. He is also proficient in the use of Technology and ship mechanics, sometimes even better than the engineers serving under him.

    Honors: Des has earned many awards for honor, and bravery including The Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, The Star Cross, The Grankite Order of Tactics, the Karagite Order of Heroism, and the Legion of Honor.

    As Ship Captain: The U.S.S. Calico Jack has recently been Outfitted with 4 Disrupter-type Vulnerability Exploters, this makes it very dangerous to fight Head-on as it has 3 Advanced Fleet Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons, able to shred an enemy's shield in almost a single Volley. Furthermore, being a Carrier, it has a compliment of 4 Danube Runabouts at any Given time, including Des's Personal Shuttle, the U.S.S. Anne Bonney. Which has been outfitted with Assimilated technology. The Calico Jack has also been outfitted with a subspace integration unit, an assimillated Module, a photonic displacer, and a standard Torpedo Point-defense System (NOTE: FIGHTERS ARE USELESS, AS HE PREFERS USING THE LATTER FEATURE OFTEN)

    Major Crew: Takerra Rigo Trigos (First Officer, Andorian, Tactical)
    Takerra is the First officer on board the Calico Jack and has been Des's first officer and loyal friend for many years. Has medals including the Starfleet Citation For Conspicuous Gallantry, and the Legion of Honor. Is very trusted with command of the Calico Jack, and Des is merely waiting for the opportunity when she can command her own ship. (Threat level: Dangerous.) Has very acute senses, and can detect cloaked enemies easier, also helps in tactical situations. Like Des, She can become Very Stubborn and entrenched when she wants to, although at times going into a rage. (Note: Do NOT get her angry, you won't like her when she's angry) Furthermore, as an Andorian, she has natural resistances to the Cold.

    Kengla Zenal Roberts (CMO, Betazoid, Science, Wife)
    Kengla is the Chief Medical Officer on board the Calico Jack, and also has the auspicious Honor of being Des's Wife, and mother to Des's twin children Des Roberts LXXXIV, and Jemma Roberts, Both Betazoid/Human Hybrid. She has limited combat experience, but is more than capable at a console. Kengla is the moral center of the crew. Without her, things would get out of hand quickly, (Even moreso that she is Des's Wife, possible weakness?) As all Betazoids, she is a VERY proficient Telepath. She is also Empathetic, which can make her an invaluable crew member in diplomatic scenarios. Along with her Telepathy, Kengla has good mental Discipline, able to shrug off attacks from equally proficient Telepaths, Such as Reman Shadow guards. She has also shown a creative streak offering unlikely solutions to difficult problems. (Note: Unless you want your mind shattered into a million pieces, DON'T get between her and her children.)

    Temata'Rax (Temata for short) (CTO, Jem'Hadar, Tactical, Helmsman)
    Temata'Rax is a Jem'Hadar that was brought on board the Calico Jack after the Facility 4280 affair. He has served as a faithful crew member on board the Calico Jack, being almost a bodyguard to Des, Especcially on away Missions, being one of Des's most capable crewmen, (But of course, who would expect anything less from a Jem'Hadar?) His loyalty to Des has been proven against a founder, albeit a rogue one, although it is unclear who he would stand with against a founder who has not gone rogue. He shows all the traits of a typical Jem'Hadar. Very capable soldier. (WARNING: Synchronized Shrouds have been implimented against enemies.)

    Granok Dragino Kafruss (CEO, Klingon, Engineer)
    Another one of Des's most trusted officers, Kafruss is a Klingon who joined Starfleet before the war. Like Des, he wishes to see the alliance restored, and can already see evidence of that on New Romulus, Nukara Prime, and the Solinae Dyson Sphere. Kafruss is also planning on observing the upcoming talks of the alliance headed by Admiral Tuvok. Kafruss iis a typical Klingon, and it is unsure how likely he is to defect should the talks break down. (NOTE: Keep away from other Klingon contact)

    Sek Kel (COS, Breen, Tactical)
    not much is known about Sek, all that is Known is that he is Des's Chief of Security, and a standard away team member. (Likelihood of defection: Unknown. Mental Stability: Unknown. Extraordinary Abilities: Unknown.)

    Wisel Martin Alan (Liberated Borg, Science)
    Wisel, (designation Ten of Eleven) was assigned to Des by Omega after the mission codenamed "Assimilation" Wisel has proven to be a capable worker and soldier, briefly taking over Kengla's duties while she was pregnant. As a typical Borg, also has proficiency in almost everything. Also possible explanation why Anne Bonney has not already Assimilated the ship and all hands. Has not only had extensive experience with the Borg, but also extensive Experience AGAINST them, and is EXTREMELY unlikely to turn.

    Michala Foster (Human, Science)
    A relative newcomer, Michala has been one of Des's personal friends since childhood, and is actually here on a bet they made when they were 10. She has absolute loyalty to Des and he to her as well, a loyalty second only to his Wife, Kengla. Who, ironically was her mentor on board the Calico Jack. So far, her only major accomplishment as part of the crew of the Calico Jack is being part of the strike team sent down into the power Plant on New Romulus and helped discover the Iconian Gateway there.

    Tugo Majot (COO, Orion, Engineer)
    The True wild card of the crew in more ways than one. Tugo was first discovered stowing away on board the Calico Jack, and it was later revealed that she was a "Former" member of Klingon High Intelligence that just so "Happened" to "Defect" for some unknown reason. It is unknown how much her pheromones played into her becoming part of the crew of the Calico Jack, nor how powerful the pheromones are. So far, she has shown no signs of betraying Des, but with her, you never know. (NOTE: KEEP UNDER SURVEILLANCE AT ALL TIMES!)

    In Summary: Des Troy Roberts LXXXIII is a very capable Starfleet officer whose crew is very loyal to him and will probably go to hell and back for the Vice Admiral. He is a very formidable warrior, and an esteemed Ship captain, if Tugo really has defected, he could be a very potent agent, if she hasn't, then let us hope that Takerra is as competent as he is, and snaps him out of it.

    Des is Familiar to covert operations, although his previous experience with us might have jaded him some, if SOMEONE pushes JUST the right buttons at JUST the right time, he could easily and enthusiastically join us and be a very valuable member of Section 31.

    Threat level: VERY DANGEROUS, but loyal.

    Possibility of becoming Section 31: 33.33%

    End File. Encrypt code: Yer the sei hwi fve kre mne Lock.

  • oldkhemaraaoldkhemaraa Member Posts: 1,034 Arc User
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    File 2789914421 rev 14
    (( records index revision file number KDF-SOLIMA-K1 22673 as of 2-13-2409 sub file revised index numbers to be assigned))

    General Intelligence briefing del Solima, Kuiama
    restricted to ARGENT 1-1-Alpha and above personnel
    Part 1:

    Subject: Kuiama del Solima, General, Klingon Defence Forces
    Current Assignment: I.K.S. mI' puQmo' nuv, Nov Class Science Destroyer (prototype).

    Race: Orion
    Gender: Female
    Age 57 Terran Standard
    Distinguishing Physical Traits: Strait long blond hair, Missing right eye.
    Additional notes: The right eye was lost to a now deceased older sibling in a personal combat for the del Solima clan leadership. While as vain as any Orion about her appearance, General Solima considers the lost eye an honor wound and has chosen to not have the eye regrown or replaced by a life like cybernetic replacement. The eye patch the general wears however is a miniature broad spectrum sensor scanner device in it's own right and more then compensates for the lost vision of the missing eye while permitting stereoscopic vision with enhancements via direct neural imput. With all old blood Orion clans, general Kuiama del Solima is an Augment. The long experience of the Orions with Augment bio technology has allowed the Orions to avoid the more dangerous and pernicious psychological and sociological effects of racial augmentation. Orion augmentations are historically not as ambitious as those done by the infamous doctor Sing. The most well known augment for Orions is the potent pheromonal discharge of Orion women which has been chemically modified to cause most species' males to be more receptive to suggestion. Orion women with this augmentation have have total control over their pheromone secretions. General Solima has this Augmentation.
    Education and training:
    General Del Solima is a trained astrophysicist holding certifications at the doctorate level in multiple hard science disciplines, and several medical fields. The general is a highly competent surgeon and exobiologist and exophysician. The general's education has been continuous through out her life and has proceed along side of her military training and career. A side note of interest, she has been known to routinely assist her ship's medical staff with the treatment of wounded and injured post battle, which has quite strongly cemented her ships crews loyalty to "Their" captain.
    General del Solima also graduated from the advanced Command College of the Klingon defense Forces academy 14th out of a class of 193, and served her first assignment under the legendary Klingon General Kren eptai Khemaraa "The Iron Hand" eventually earning the rank of Commander and position of first officer within a mere seven years. Iron Hand sponsored del Solima to her first formal command. General Solima is a career officer of the KDF and has served them empire for 41 years. General Solima is one of the very very few non Klingons that holds membership in the order of Khalass and is ranked as a Knight of the Empire, and has been formally inducted into the Klingon Honor Guard. Her battle honors are extensive, and she and her ships and crews have distinguished themselves a number of times. She has been wounded 16 times in battle, of which three incidents very nearly resulted in her death. She has lost two ships directly in combat, and had three commands that required scrapping after battle due to extensive and irreparable damage.
    Additional Personal Information:
    General Del Solima prefers being addressed as "Kui" and is a striking Orion female of a medium green skin hue, and blond hair. The hair is a natural trait inherited from her paternal parent. The general is not unfriendly to Federation or Romulan personnel and is often seen at the Drozana trading station and frequently at Deep Space 9. The General is well regarded by task force Omega, and the Romulan Republic, and has more recently been contributing to alliance efforts at the Solonae dyson sphere.
    Kuiama displays a strong patriotic fevor for the Empire and her devotion should not be taken lightly. She is distrustful of other orion clans and of the recent entry of the Orion Cartel into Klingon space. Orion females in her crew are required to have their pheromone augmentation surgically disabled before accepting them into her crew.
    She has proven to be a fair minded but strong ship commander, and an able tactician and strategist. All attempts to subvert members of her crew have failed. There is currently an operative of section 31 in her crew as a junior officer. The general contacted a known operative of Section 31 to specifically have an operative assigned to her crew who was known only to her and permits the operatives existence as long as the operatives activities are not a threat to the empire, the ship, or herself. She allows this to permit an avenue of communication should it be needed, and has actively co-operated with section 31 on several occasions. In return Section 31 has been forth coming on intelligence information as long as such information does not compromise Federation security. Section 31 personnel are strongly warned that this contact and source is not to be used or compromised with without the very highest of approval.
    The General has shown a high level of discretion is what she has chosen to ask for. Section 31 rates the general as very trustworthy and discrete in this regard, but cautions all personnel that the general is quite intelligent. Providing the general with false or miss leading information could critically impair this source of intelligence, and eliminate a possible communications conduit. If accurate and timely intelligence cannot be provided to the general at her request for any reason it is best to inform the general that it cannot be provided. No reason need be given and the general will not ask.
    It is known that General del Solima does not favor the current state of war with the Federation, but is firmly of the opinion that the Federation owes in her words "One hell of an apology" to the empire over its failure to comply with treaty obligations, and the massive intelligence failure involving the Undine infiltration of the Gorn Hegemony/Kingdom.
    Do not mistake this disagreement with the Empires leadership for anything more then what it is. There have been two incidents involving Section 31 personnel that have resulted in the death of Section 31 operatives at the Generals hand for questioning the Generals commitment and loyalty to the Klingon Empire. For the General it is more then just a mere matter of personal honor. The Del Solima clan is a fief holder of the Empire and is officially classified as a house minor. Questioning the generals loyalty becomes a matter of house honor. Extreme caution is advised of any section 31 personnel when discussing anything related to this topic in any communication with General del Solima. Personnel are advised to simply avoid any allusion to the generals honor or loyalty.
    Family Backround:
    The Del Solima clan is a matriarchy as is the norm with Orion clans with Kuiama del Solima currently the clan chief. The Del Solima clan emigrated to the Klingon Empire in 2237 and holds a planetary heavy grav hostile environment colony in fiefdom for the empire. Current planetary population is in excess 137 million both on planet and scattered at industrial nodes through out the star system that is part of the Fief. Clan del Solima maintains over 60 star ships of various classes in the system defense role crewed only by members of the clan and citizens of the fiefdom. Service is Voluntary and should be considered as a typical Klingon house military.
    Each generation of the clan's leadership family is required to have a member serve with the KDF. There are currently 2 of Kuiama's daughters serving with the KDF. The hier apparent to Kuiama's leadership is currently on the clan home world and serves as planetary steward in Kuiama's absence. The general stays in regular communication with the clan fief for necessary executive decisions, but leaves the clan and fiefs day to day management to her very capable eldest daughter.
    The Generals daughters, other family members and clan membership are NOT to be approached or contacted by section 31 personnel without authorization by higher authority.
    Additional notes:
    As with all of the senior Orion clans,the del Solima clans leadership family is made of of augment racial Orions. Augmentation of racial traits has been a common practice of Orions for the last 2 millennium, and accounts for a good many of their past difficulties with the federation going back to the early days of Star fleet when one of the Orion Clans provided the infamous Doctor Sing with the advanced technology to create his human augments. ((see file Sing-a21467 for specific back round on this subject))
    Private Life
    General Solima is known to have taken as a lover a star fleet captain, and has born 1 of her 4 living daughters by him. The officer in question is an associate operative of Section 31 code name "Angel" ((see file AGL-FOM-347721-2)) operating as a mercenary through out the Alpha and Beta quadrant. the father of her previous children is unknown to section 31. The General appears to be aware of "Angel's" associations and is unconcerned. When questioned by an operative on this matter her comment was "His honor is his own, If I was not satisfied of his character I would not have had a child by him, much less a daughter." While obviously very fond of Angel, the Generals first loyalty is the the Empire, her second to the del Solima clan, and then to herself, ship, and crew. del Solima does not discuss her crew, or her family. Threats made against her associates, family and crew have appeared to be ineffectual at the surface. The Generals tutelage under Genaral Iron Hand in her early career firmly rooted into her several Klingon precepts that should always be kept in mind with any dealings. "Ask everything, assume nothing, and if you must bite, bite deep.", "A dead thing has no value" and a number of very human aphorisms such as. "Surprise is when you didn't see what was there all along" and the like. General del Solima is not a typical Orion female. She takes her responsibilities very seriously, and is well known within the empire for careful planing, attention to detail, and an understanding the the best plans are subject to failure. Further information on the Generals private life, what little is known of it can be found in file
    KDF-SOLIMA-K1 22673-3

    Private Life addendum to file:
    During the last three years the General has become involved is a most surprising hobby in her free time. She performs as a show girl for the infamous DJ Grom for the Sub Space Radio Networks at the Drozana trading station on a regular basis, and has become quite popular in her own right. Known to be gracious and flirtatious with fans and customer. " Pin up" holographs and displays of the the general in revealing attire have appeared all over the alpha and beta quadrant. The General at one point accepted a contract from the Ferengi Trade association for a holo screening to capture her image, voice, and mannerism for use in holodeck programs. Section 31 has copies of the original data files, but have not discerned any additional information on he general from them. Apparently this is the Generals "Orion" side in its purest form. Surprisingly her own crew not only takes their captains extra-curricular activities in stride, but is rather pride full of them. As with all observed activities of General del Solima, very little if anything has been revealed about the generals motivations and view. All financial gain from her recreational activities have been channeled to war relief, refugee, and dependent survivor funds. Per order from the Director, the show dance troupe "The Solid Gold Pressed latinum Dancers" has been infiltrated by two operatives to discern if this is being used as a cover operation my Klingon Imperial Intelligence's Action branch. So far no connection has been discerned, though investigation and observation will continue. If this is a covert operation of any kind that the General is involved in it's very deep black and has left no obvious markers. It may in fact be no more then it appears, which is a entertainment business venture, which the general takes part in simply for the fun of it. She once even joked to a reporter for INN's entertainment division that she was "Assigned here by the chancellor to get her out of his hair" Investigation found the statement to be a total fabrication. When later question by another reporter about it, she stated, "This is show business. It's an illusion through and though. What we do, we do to entertain and titillate. So of course I'm never going to tell any reporter what really happens back stage or in the wings, or reveal any factual information about myself or any of the other performers. We are professionals and we take our craft very seriously.". Intelligence analysts have speculated that this may be a window into the Generals thoughts. This activity is apparently very important to her, and she is quite protective of both the show, and her fellow entertainers. Her co workers in this activity are aware of the rest of her life, and have proven to be equally protective.

    Threat assessment:
    Any threat the general poses is situational in the extreme and is difficult to quantify.
    General del Solima is a very dangerous person when she perceives a threat, though her reaction may not be obvious to an observer. Of the two section 31 operatives that died at her hand, one was publicly slain in front of numerous witness. The other death had no known witnesses and what specifically triggered action against the agent is unclear. The bodies of both operatives were returned to star fleet personnel ((see files Norbrant-31-33521-Deceased, and Viant-31-21629-Deceased))

    General del Solima can be said to play by her own rules which are an amalgam of main stream racial Klingon concepts of honor and comportment, mixed with the more free wheeling mores of Orion culture. The General will react with lethal force to any perceived threat, but how she specifically will react in any given situation has not proven to be obvious or predictable. Kuiama del Solima is deceptive, and has apparently cultured this skill with in her self. What does seem to be a common thread is the more important, and greater the scale of the threat, the less obvious her reaction.

    Over all threat value:
    To be consider extreme due to the unpredictability of General del Solima reactions and her resistance to manipulation. The General does not explain her actions to anyone, including KDF command, and the Klingon High Council, and the Chancellor. And many of her motivations are unclear. In dealings with the General operatives should pay very close attention to what the general both tells them and does not tell them. The General is not known for telling lies in any form. She is how ever know for not telling at all. She is also known to be more cautious then apparent about what she does reveal. If the General were racial Klingon it be be unsurprising to see her sitting on the high council, or even operating in the highest echelons of the KDF High Command. Because she is Orion how ever those avenues are closed to her and her clan members. Further assessment of this officer cannot be easily made.

    Part II:

    Ship Information: IKV mI' puQmo' nuv (Star Dancer, lit: Star Dance Person)
    Nov class Dyson Technology Science Destroyer (prototype)

    The Nov class is the Klingon versions of the joint ships project from the Solonae development project, and the counterpart to the federation Solonae class.

    And improved version is currently under development but the first variants are not expected for at least 30 to 60 days. General Solima's ships is a prototype currently under going testing and acceptance trials with a variety of advanced weapons and equipment being tested on the basic platform. It is currently reported to section 31 that General Solima expects to be mounting advanced proton weaponry developed from recovered dyson technology, along with a number of very advanced subsystems from traditional KDF fleet development programs, and the Solonae dyson sphere technology recovery program. In all cases this ship is to be considered very dangerous even while under development. Federation ship captains are strongly advised to avoid combat with this ship even as a prototype due to its advanced systems synergies.

    Notes specific to the IKV mI' puQmo' nuv:
    The Generals ships is optimized as a cannon armed gun boat and mounts no seeking heavy weapons of any type. The general has successfully augmented the energy weapons out put of the prototype vessel. Damage generation is up to 25% heavier then normal for Cannon and turret weapons types. The weapons suite mounted on the prototype is very unusual in its use of protonic weaponry. Damage on targets could be as much as 200% the expected norm out of a ship of this size, and with as much as 25% to 50% of the damage ignoring current shielding technologies entirely. Power generation is 183% of normal for ships in its size class through the use of Solonae technology, and advanced KDF technologies providing more then sufficient power for weapons, shields, engines, and aux systems. Further enhanced by a superior crew skills. Engaging General Kuiama del Solimas ship is to be strongly discouraged by any but the most technologically advanced ships. Star ship captains with more conventional armament are advised to avoid combat by what ever means attainable.

    Further information on the General's military record and battle records of the ships under her command are to be found in in file File 2789914421-a rev 26: KDF Military record: Major General Kuiama del Solima
    , File 2789914421-b rev 14: Battle record of KDF Star ships commanded by Major General Kuiama Del Solima. Current information on Senior officer and important personnel under her command can be found in File 2789914421-c rev 38 Personnel assigned IKV mI' puQmo' nuv .

    ::End File::
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    Threat Assessment: Vice Admiral Soval, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Bunker Hill, Aventine-Class. Assessor: Franklin Drake.

    Soval is not your typical Vulcan. He has earned both respect and animosity from the Vulcan High Command for his unorthodox beliefs regarding the teachings of Surak. He has allowed some of his emotions to remain on the surface, believing that 'there is a balance between logic and emotion'.

    But, he is still a Vulcan, ruling the majority of his actions by logic. He has proven to be an excellent asset to the organisation. He is an excellent doctor of medicine, an inspiring commander and a very effective leader. However, these elements also make him a formidable opponent.

    Also, he may work with us on occasion, but he is not an operative or ally of Section 31. He believes that the work we do undermines the trust upon which the Federation was built upon. For this reason, he should only be approached for operations which involve securing the Federation from outside threats. However, it is unlikely he will intentionally act against the interests of the Federation.

    In the event of this officer going rogue, recommend contacting Lieutenant Commander Ryan Allington. Commander Allington is a close friend of the Admiral and has insight which could prove useful in neutralising the threat, either through diplomacy or conflict. Also recommend capturing Commander T'las, Soval's First Officer, in order to emotionally compromise him.

    Statistical threat level: High.
    Probable threat level: Low.
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    U.S.S. Louisiana
    Federation Starship, Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel, modified Comet Class variant.
    Commanded by Confederate, Vice Admiral.
    Crew: 350

    Defended by Adapted MACO technologies, the Louisiana is equipped with both Romulan and Borg ordnance, presenting a significant force to enemies of the Federation. A torpedo-heavy science vessel, its primary focus is to spawn gravity wells on enemy ships, then bombard surviving ships with a Hargh'peng torpedo, followed by a barrage of Omega Plasma torpedoes, finishing off the enemy with Romulan Hyper-plasma torpedoes as it withdraws to a safe distance.

    Although the ship has undergone many improvements, it is noted that further upgrades are needed if this ship is to be deployed as a vanguard into battle. In its current state, its primary function should be as a support ship only.

    Also of note are a number of its bridge officers. Although Vice Admiral Confederate, a Vulcan, has established his loyalty to the Federation, experience with him shows that he should be avoided for conscription to Section 31. Also, his choice to include both a Jem'Hadar for his security officer, a Breen for his tactical officer, and a Voth for his science officer lends into question his fitness for command. Though he does have a human, Commander Roxy Celinda Katowicz, as his first officer, Confederate appears to have no love for humans, as the bulk of his staff are of various alien races.

    In conclusion, this ship is of little concern. It is possible to make use of it on an as-needed basis by issuing deployment commands through the influencing of his commanding officers.
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    +++ Contacting Subspace Node +++

    +++ Authorization Codes Accepted +++

    +++ Section 31 Database Accessed +++

    Subject Name: Sorval
    Species: Klingon
    Affiliation: None (Formerly Klingon Empire, and Borg Collective).
    Rank or Position: Lieutenant General (No longer official).
    Ship: I.K.S. Reclaw

    Brief Bio;
    Very little is known about Sorval's early life. Son of a prominent Klingon General, born in the Ketha province. Inducted into the Klingon Defence Force at an early age. Noted on his record as being headstrong and a skilled engineer, as well as numerous commendations for martial skill. Joined Klingon Honor Guard shortly after graduating from the Academy.

    On patrol in the [REDACTED] system, Sorval's ship was attacked and defeated by a Borg force. He and the crew were all assimilated and presumed lost. Remained a Borg drone for approximately ten years. During another Borg attack on a Klingon vessel, Sorval was severed from the Collective. He was subsequently returned to Qo'nos, where he was treated for his injuries and much of his Borg technology was removed.

    Upon his return to active service, senior Klingon officials noted on several occasions that the time spent as a Drone had diminished certain traits. He was described by one Klingon general as "notably calmer, with a renewed sense of purpose, and honor". After being certain he was able to perform his duties, he was offered command of the Bortasqu'-Class cruiser I.K.S. Reclaw.

    A few years after returning to service, Sorval's records state that he briefly faced disciplinary action due to his calls for peace with the Federation, and that the real enemy was the Borg. He faced similar disciplinary actions on two more occasions after that. Finally, J'mpok declared that he was to be discommended. However, before his discommendation could occur, Sorval, his house and their ships vanished from Klingon space.

    Recently, Sorval's "armada" has been sighted several times in Romulan space, assisting Romulan and Reman vessels and colonies against the Tal Shiar, the Elachi and rogue Klingon forces.

    Known Associates:
    Shanxi Ophani
    First Officer, I.K.S. Reclaw

    Formerly a member of Starfleet, and a crew member on board the U.S.S. Belfast, Shanxi was rescued from the Belfast during the battle of Facility 4028, along with most of the crew. She remained behind on the I.K.S. Reclaw after being impressed with Sorval's code of honor. Shanxi may have important knowledge of Starfleet operations but as of yet, we have no reason to suspect that she is threat to Starfleet, or our organisation.

    Threat Level: Minimal. Chances that she could expose any of our operatives are low. However, exercise caution when dealing with her. Martial skills are impressive.

    Alpha Jem'Hadar
    Second Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, I.K.S. Reclaw

    One of several rogue Jem'Hadar known to be operating in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Kurak was "rescued" from the New Link before it was destroyed. Feeling no loyalty to the Founders, Kurak joined Sorval's crew after the two fought. Respecting Sorval's skills, and his desire to fight to prove his strength, he accepted a place aboard the Reclaw.

    Threat Level: Moderate. Kurak is loyal to Sorval and his crew, but his desire to prove his own strength and skill makes him a dangerous adversary; however, he may ignore a fight which he does not perceive to be worth his attention. If neccessary, operatives can neutralise him with tainted Ketracel White.

    Threat Level Of Subject: As yet, undetermined. Sorval remains loyal to the Klingon Empire, even if he does not respect or agree with the current Chancellor. However, his willingness to help the Romulans, and to reach out to the Federation for peace, suggests he may be a possible asset.

    Recommend operatives maintain observational status only, and report back as the situation develops. Contingencies are in place to deal with unpleasant situations, if they arise.
    +++ Saving Current Changes +++

    +++ Transmitting To Node +++

    +++ Disconnecting From Subspace Node +++
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    TO: Section Chief Franklin Drake
    Starbase [REDACTED]

    FROM: Field Agent Delta-17

    SUBJECT: Threat Analysis of USS Bedford NCC-92570 and crew

    NOTE: Special attention has been paid, as many senior crew members are in fact foreign nationals. It is worrisome that Grunt's command crew has become so packed with non-Federation personnel; however, there have been as yet no overt or covert moves that might indicate disloyalty.


    Grunt is a known quantity - calm in crisis, quick-thinking, and excellent at finding loopholes in instructions he does not wish to follow. Despite being born in a foreign state, he has shown unswerving loyalty to the Federation and to Starfleet, although his superiors sometimes find him lacking in obedience (cf Adm. T'Nae communique, stardate 92234.8, re: Listening Outpost 47). No known personal weaknesses to exploit; no known relationships, no addictions or paraphilias, no abnormal fears. As a Ferengi, he is not vulnerable to telepathic attack or control. However, should it become necessary, he is no more difficult to eliminate than any other Starfleet officer. That being said, it should be noted that while Grunt has expressed antipathy for the mission of Section 31, and for Section Chief Drake in particular, he will not ignore direct orders (provided he is given no loopholes), and is also amenable to persuasion (cf Drozana Incident). Although it might seem natural, given Ferengi proclivities, under no circumstances should any attempts at bribery be made; Grunt is rather sensitive on this point.


    Roclak was discommendated by the Klingon Empire shortly after the collapse of the Khitomer Accords in 2399. Officially, the reason for this action is a dishonorable attention to data-sharing with the enemy; in fact, embedded agents report that Roclak had spoken publicly in favor of maintaining peace with the Federation. His House name has been obliterated from Imperial records; our agents on Qo'noS believe that there may be surviving relatives in the Empire, and are attempting to locate them, as this information could provide leverage against Roclak if necessary.

    As a Starfleet officer, Roclak has performed commendably on several occasions, notably during the destruction of USS Hypatia NCC-95784, the relief of Xarantine, and the recovery of Lt. Miral Paris from Klingon Ambassador B'vat. He was also essential to the mission to stop the [REDACTED] at Drozana Station in [REDACTED], despite his birth. His loyalty is no more questionable than any other Klingon national serving in Starfleet currently; however, there is a standard caution on all files containing relevant data.


    Vovonek is a brilliant engineer, who left the Pakled Flotilla to seek more stable employment with Starfleet. His impromptu repairs have saved the lives of his crewmates on several occastions, most notably when Grunt's last command, USS Bastogne NCC-93385, was stranded in the Gamma Quadrant at facility [REDACTED]. Vovonek was able to cobble together a starship, largely the remains of the Dakota-class heavy cruiser USS Hephaestus NCC-91748, and including a computer core from a Relativity-class temporal vessel.

    Vovonek's primary loyalty seems to lie with his shipmates, and in particular with his commanding officer. He is a recovering stim addict, and has shown a weakness for dabo; these weaknesses may be exploited if necessary.


    Shelana lost her four-bond mates to an Undine attack on Andor in 2408. Since that date, she has become increasingly violent, sometimes irrationally so. Her special antipathy is reserved for anyone suspected of assisting Undine plans in any way whatsoever, although she will release her wrath upon any beings who she finds acting in a way unacceptable to her (cf Stern Destiny incident). These tendencies can be harnessed by Grunt, although his control over his subordinate is not absolute.

    Should termination of Grunt ever be necessary, it is required that Shelana be terminated first; otherwise, probability of success against Grunt is severely reduced. Other than this, her loyalty to Starfleet and the Federation is strong; only revelation of Undine infiltration could be expected to shake this.

    Shelana's psychosis can be manipulated in our favor; if she believes that a given target is in fact Undine, she will terminate said target at all costs.


    Fairly typical Andorian. Strong four-bond on Andor. Primary loyalty is to Federation, secondary to his commanding officer. Minimal risk.


    Dr. tr'Dalen defected from the remnant of the Romulan Star Empire in 2407, applying for refugee status in Federation space. He enrolled in Starfleet under the dual-citizenship program; he has never formally renounced his ties with the RSE, which could be problematic in the event of the remnant of the Empire ever declaring war upon the Federation. However, psychological profiling shows that his antipathy toward the Tal'Shiar, the security arm (and now de facto government) of the RSE, runs sufficiently deep that he can be relied upon in any actions against Tal'Shiar forces. He remains skeptical about the eventual success of the Romulan Republic, but has thus far shown no indications of desiring its failure.

    Embedded agents will be watching Dr. tr'Dalen in particular; he has no surviving family, and thus, by Rihannsu standards, nothing to lose.


    LCDR Brel was assigned to Grunt's crew during his time in command of USS Bastogne NCC-93385, at the direction of Adm. T'Nae (an apparent attempt to find some reason to remove Grunt from command). Brel's assessments of his shipmates are on file; there appears to be no reason to doubt his loyalty.


    Manalang was assigned shortly after recommissioning of USS Hephaestus NCC-91748. His career is thus far undistinguished, for good or ill. His libido is unusually high; recommend "honey trap" techniques if control needs to be established.


    Zoex appears to be a better fit to the standard Ferengi profile than Grunt. However, any attempts to suborn Zoex through bribery should be conducted in such fashion as to provide plausible deniability to his commanding officer. Loyalty to Starfleet is within acceptable parameters; more loyal to Ferengi Alliance than UFP. Medium risk if Alliance interests conflict with Federation; minimal otherwise.


    Turing is a standard Soong-type android. Programming has not been tampered with. All Starfleet protocols still in effect. No notable risk.

    SPECIAL NOTE: During the Outpost 47 incident, Grunt recovered an advanced AI, codenamed Mycroft, which had been developed by SIGINT personnel at the station prior to its loss to Elachi forces. Mycroft is a grown AI, rather than designed; Asimov protocols seem to be in effect, but no other software or firmware restrictions exist as of this report. Agents attempting to shackle the AI have reported lack of success thus far. Any attempts to control or suborn personnel under Grunt's command should take place as far from USS Bedford NCC-92570 as possible, as we have been unable to ascertain exactly how much of the ship is under the AI's control.

    SUMMARY: Given known loyalties of ship's crew, USS Bedford NCC-92570 is regarded as minimal risk to Starfleet or the Federation, low but significant risk to other interests of Section 31. Recommend continued observation, further development of control procedures as required.

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    Classified report: U.S.S VIPER
    Vessel class: Defiant


    Captain Talaina Kazzur


    Newly promoted to Captain following capture of Cromone Stunshock. Kazzur is a tactical orientated officer, proven as a capable commander in previous postings. Level headed with a capacity for unorthodox battle tactics. Respects chain of command completely. Excellent hand to hand fighter, aims to disable opponent quickly, regardless of any honour code usually found in andorians.

    Weakness: One older sister on kdf ship. Tallara Kazzur flies on the vessel of disgraced captain Bravok and may be a point of emotional blackmail. Loyal to crew and may disregard orders if Stunshock is located. Consult Admiral Cullen for further details.

    Current orders: patrol btran cluster and search for Bonaventure's location. Attache to Admiral Rykon's operations in btran cluster.

    Threat level to federation: none.

    Accessing file: Tallara Kazzur


    Ship: Fek'lhr's Heart (translated)
    Class: B'rel Bird of Prey

    Name: Tallara Kazzur


    Tallara Kazzur is the older sister of Starfleet Captain Talaina Kazzur by ten years. Had the same military upbringing as her sister, but was prone to periods of violent outbursts. Was sent to Military School in an attempt to focus her, but dropped out after assaulting a superior officer. Although indications suggest she and Talaina had a close relationship, Tallara was jealous of the attention Talaina recieved upon her acceptance to Starfleet. Tallara left Andor shortly after and dropped off the grid. Various reports over the next three years had her sighted on Nimbus III and various stations along the Klingon/Romulan border. Next confirmed sighting had her joining the crew of Captain Bravok on the Fek'lhr's Heart. Operatives indicate she is third in command of the vessel and loyal to the ship's crew. Exact details on how and why she has been accepted by this crew is unconfirmed, but due to the ship being part of a punishment duty, it is theorised she defended Bravok during an incident on Drozana Station and was offered a place. Profiling suggests the aggressively unbalanced nature of Tallara would accept this posting as an attempt to find some stability.

    Loyal to her Captain, but prioritises family. No loyalty to Klingon Empire nor the Federation.

    Risk to the Federation: Low. Although her position on such a vessel indicates she is in no position to cause serious harm, the Fek'lhr's Heart is often seen raiding civillian vessels and small Federation ships in border skirmishes and neutral space. A recent attempt from Captain Talaina Kazzur to contact Tallara on her vessel indicates a strong emotional bond between the two still exists, despite their history and either sister can be used to blackmail the other.

    Accessing file: Captain Bravok.


    Ship: Fek'lhr's Heart (translated)
    Class: B'rel Bird of Prey

    Name: Bravok, Son of Tobin


    Bravok was a young and promising warrior in the KDF. Given command of a small Bird of Prey, he proved himself a capable, if somewhat limited commander in small skirmishes. As of Stardate 485887.3, Bravok is an older Klingon with a noticable scar and eyepatch over left eye. Reasons for this has been investigated by DTI. Please refer to case file #DTI32947 for further details on this transition.

    By all acounts, the older Bravok is the same as the younger self. However, his attitude is one of general annoyance and discomfort. Shortly after this shift, he was involved in a battle on the Cardassian border which resulted in him opening fire on a Bajoran transport ship bound for DS9. The Empire did not take kindly to massacaring a ship of innocent children and promptly cast him aside. He was reassigned to the B'rel class ship and sent on a permanent border patrol. Officially designated a raider by the Empire, he is allowed in Klingon borders, but is generally shunned by others. To this end, he has staffed his bridge crew with almost exclusively Orion women, including N'Nesh, his second in command. Reports indicate N'Nesh uses her natural assets frequently to get Bravok to do her bidding.

    The other non Orion members of his crew include a fat and depressed Gorn that rates zero on any kind of threat meter, and Tallara Kazzur, older sister to Starfleet Captain Talaina Kazzur. Also of note is the Klingon science officer Laska, another Klingon assigned to the ship due to family disgrace, although it should be noted Laska herself is an upstanding member of the Empire and respects it's ways despite her situation.

    NOTE: Whille usually in the B'rel, there has been rare sightings of him in command of a carrier ship, I.K.S. Praxis, and a Kamarang class cruiser, identification unconfirmed. Investigations are currently underway to ascertain the reasons for these other sightings.

    Weakness: Bravok is an older warrior. His physical strength and endurance, while much greater than that of a human, is still weakened compared to other Klingons due to his advanced age. Bravok also seems uninterested in galactic affairs, prefering to only bother with threats to the KDF borders. This lack of interest can be exploited if his interference is not desired.

    Threat to the Federation: Low. Fek'lhr's Heart is usually spotted in the Eti Eradani sector. However, it has been spotted heading as far as to Cardassian space on occasion, performing hit and run raids on civillian vessels and small Starfleet frigates. He generally avoids direct contact with any Starfleet ship Excelsior class or larger. Threat level while piloting one of the other vessels is slightly higher, as it has been observed he is willing to engage larger targets in a larger ship, but appears uninterested in harming Federation interests beyond border raids.

    Awaiting Command....

    A Romulan Strike Team, Missing Farmers and an ancient base on a Klingon Border world. But what connects them? Find out in my First Foundary mission: 'The Jeroan Farmer Escapade'
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    Present day

    The middle aged, dark haired man walked out of the turbolift. His eyes had dark circles under them, hardly abnormal given the last few hours of the journey he had undertaken. As he stepped into the large, open room, he dropped his pack to the ground and looked around in wonder.

    "Ah...welcome!" called out a voice to his left. A blond man walked over, holding out his hand. "You must be Richard. Would you care for a drink? Or to go to your quarters? The ride in takes a lot out of you...but you'll eventually get used to it."

    Richard smiled as he shook the man's hand. "I'll have some water, please. And while I've had rough rides in the past...well...getting to this facility certainly wasn't fun."

    The blond man strolled over to the replicator, hitting the preset for cold water. As the glass and refreshing contents materialized, he turned to face Richard. "Not fun is a way of putting it...a form of torture is another answer I'd accept! But that's the joy of a spline run in blackout conditions; you feel like a bundle of clothes in an old fashioned washing machine."

    Richard though that was an appropriate analogy. The first civilian transport stopped near the Briar Patch, and he beamed over to a Yellowstone Runabout that was heavily modified. Dark black hull plating, opaque windows...and worse, he was given a seat inside a sensor proof compartment. The spline run was a way to prevent a person from knowing the route they took: in virtual blackness, the Runabout's autopilot made a series of random turns, travelling in the same direction for no more than a few minutes. Continual micro-warp jumps meant the engines were howling by the time they arrived at the facility, and after hundreds of jerky course corrections, so was Richard's stomach. The SIF took most of the harshness of the ride away, but it was still a painful experience. Despite strapping in, Richard noted bruises forming where the restraint system held him.

    "Not the best ride after recovering from surgery," Richard stated.

    "Yeah...sorry about that. It's a new route that the Runabout's programmed for, and we need to work out some of the more drastic corrections...as well as replace the port SIF lateral inducer. Speaking of the surgery...how are you feeling?"

    Richard took a breath, along with the glass of water that the man held out, and took a quick sip. "Feel like I'm getting better...but it still hurts."

    The man chuckled, rolling up the sleeve on his left arm. "Hate to say it...polaron weapons of that particular type take a while to heal. You'll want to avoid the cold for the next few years if you want to avoid the worst of the aches."

    "Thanks," Richard said. He knew the burn would take a long time to heal...and that was the reason for the new assignment.

    The blond man grabbed Richard's pack, and started walking towards the center of the room. "Welcome to the Eye," he said, motioning around the room with his free hand. "This is where you'll be doing the majority of your work, in the Status Center. You'll be in Pit 3," he continued, pointing to the left. I'm in the central box, along with whomever is acting as my assistant. You'll quickly qualify for that...but there aren't any perks. We just answer calls and provide guidance."

    Richard raised his right eyebrow and looked puzzled. "Is that why the DTI has an office overlooking this room?"

    The blond man smirked. "Who said anything about the DTI?"

    Richard pointed at a couple of people through the windows of the overlooking room. A single spiral staircase connected the room to the Status Center. Besides the first two clear panes of glass, the remainder were mirrored, making Richard wonder what they did that required a level of privacy inside an already secure facility. "Those people are wearing clothes that I haven't seen except in history books."

    The blond man chuckled. "Yeah...they're eccentric, all right. Your file does you justice...you are sharp on the uptake." He nodded his head towards the room overhead. "DTI has a bunch of resources that we'd love to be able to use. Temporal Prime Directive means we won't...but if we do something that causes an issue, they are on scene to assess and correct as soon as possible to correct a compromised timeline."

    "Ah," Richard said. "Do we have to run everything by them? All our guidance we provide?"

    "No. They'll pop down whenever there's a need to. You'll see in a moment, if you'd like to begin your familiarization now."

    "Sure," Richard said. "No time like the present."

    "Avoid sayings like that. DTI will think you're mocking them...and they can make our lives exceedingly difficult if they want to be petty."


    "Great," the blond man said. "Well, this is the Status Center. From here we monitor every starship known, civilian and military. Watch...Computer? Display Starfleet vessels."

    A huge circular hologram appeared in the center of the room, clearly visible from the four 'pit' stations, the command box, and the overhead room. Blue circles instantly appeared throughout the image; some motionless, other moving across the simulated starfield.

    "Computer...plot Starfleet vessels movements for past 24 hours."

    Dashed lines appeared alongside some of the dots, drawing lines where they traveled over the last day.

    "This is your standard display. Kind of boring, given that even civilians can access most of the data here. But it's a baseline. Computer? Display Class One Variances."

    The blue lines and dots disappeared, replaced by a series of yellow dots. Some were solid, some blinking. The blond man explained, "The solid dots are where these ships are...but the blinking dots are where they are supposed to be. Maybe they took a detour to check out some spatial anomaly...or maybe they stopped at a planet to get fresh rations. Regardless, the ships aren't where they're supposed to be, and it's good for us to know it. To answer your inevitable question on how we know our reports are valid...it's courtesy of a dozen transponders on different frequencies hidden in escape pods. Pings show up on ship sensors as glitches, or solar flares. Even if they find one...they'll pull the lifeboat...and we'll replace it next time they're in drydock."

    "So by tracking the actual locations, we can find potential discrepancies in reports?" Richard asked.

    "Amongst other things. There are countless reasons why a ship could be off course. Not much of an issue...until Class Two Variances." This time the blond man tapped a panel, and the yellow dots disappeared, replaced by amber ones. "These ships are way off course, or delayed for some reason. We are the reason behind some of them." He pointed at a particular dot just outside the Briar Patch. "That's the transport that dropped you off. She's supposed to be near Bajor...but she couldn't ferry you here if she was. It's a way we keep track of our assets, and we take special interest in the ones off course for reasons we don't yet know." He grinned, tilting his head up towards the DTI office. "Watch this. Computer...display Critical Variances."

    The hologram went dark, and silence filled the room. A couple of techs in Pit 2 frowned at the blond man, knowing what was coming next.

    The door to the side of the the DTI office hissed open, and a beautiful woman in 20th century wear made her way down the steps. Dressed in black, her shoes made a distinct click each time they hit the ground. Her low cut top and high cut skirt meant that the males in the room glanced in her direction, but only for a moment.

    She walked over to the blond man, ignoring Richard completely. "What is the purpose of requesting a Critical Variance Display?"

    The blond man gave a slight grin, motioning to Richard. "Hello Sandy. Lovely day we're having, isn't it? This is Richard, our new tech analyst. He was wounded in an operation and will be here while he recuperates from his injuries. I'm showing him the capabilities of the system he'll be using."

    Richard offered his hand, but the DTI agent looked at it as if he offered her a rotten fish. "Make sure he is aware of his responsibilities in reporting to the DTI in a timely manner." She looked Richard up and down, sneered at him while jabbing away at a PADD, then turned on a spiked heel and walked away without a further word.

    The blond man whispered to Richard, "She's beautiful enough to make a Deltan forget his Vow of Celibacy...but her personality means that *you'll* be taking a Vow of Celibacy after dealing with her."

    Richard was confused. He didn't do anything to make her treat him in such a manner, but asked if he offended her.

    "No," said the blond man. "She's what we call a 'piece of work'. Don't know her story...or if she has a reason to be so cruel to others. All you need to know is that she kisses up to her superiors, is dismissive of peers, and is downright cruel and rude to subordinates. Of course, form your own opinion...but me? I stay away and keep contact to an absolute minimum."

    "Are the other DTI agents like that?" Richard asked.

    "Nope. She's the one 'prize' in the bunch. But enough gossip. Take a look at the hologram." A few red dots appeared, some solid, some blinking, with lines connecting them. "These are ships of interest. They're either on a direct mission for us...without Starfleet knowing about it, of course...or are off course and lied about the reason for being off course. We support the former the best we can, and investigate the latter to find out what they're hiding. Pick one, just for a starter."

    Richard squinted, then motioned towards the southern end of the hologram. "That blinking dot in the B'Tran Cluster. Computer, magnify."

    The computer obeyed, zooming in to the selected area. The blinking dot now had a name displayed: U.S.S. Bonaventure.

    The blond man smiled. "Yes...Nico Garret's ship. One of my missions. Will be completed in a couple of days...say...why don't you take this on as your first?"

    Richard was a bit surprised at the offer, but was curious. "Sure. Anything I should know about?"

    The blond man sighed a couple of times, then cupped his chin in his hand. "Actually...maybe I should give you an easier one."

    "No...I'm up for it," Richard said, a bit too eagerly.

    "Hmmph. If you're sure. Ah...why not. Ok...the Bonaventure is currently transporting something of great value from a place she shouldn't ever go near to a place she definitely should never get close to."

    Richard smirked, saying, "That's a bit of cryptic answer."

    The blond man smiled, saying, "Maybe...but it's accurate. The Bonaventure's crew has been a real pain in the six for a few months. A lot of temporal incursions, voyages to the Prime Mirror Universe, and caused a whole bunch of paradoxes. The Captain and XO are practically nuts, but somehow keep it together." He motioned once more to the DTI office. "Drives them absolutely crazy....which may be one reason I used them for this particular mission."

    "Why use a ship with too many variables for disaster? A command staff that's unstable? Not the best thing to have when we have operatives at risk."

    "You're right. But this time it's the ship's doctor who is on our payroll."

    Richard tapped away at a panel, calling up the Bonaventure's roster. "Doc Irve?" he asked, incredulous.

    "I take it from your expression you know him."

    "Not personally...but know of him." Richard motioned to his right abdomen, wincing reflexively as he pointed out a spot. "Doc Irve talked my doctor through the procedure that saved my life. I feel like I owe him one." Richard scrolled through the mission briefing, mouth agape at the details. "You simulated the loss of the Bonaventure just so they can make a delivery?"

    The blond man slumped his shoulders, looking a bit dejected. "First off...practically everybody in Starfleet owes Doc Irve in some way or another. That's why his...eccentricities...are overlooked. As is his smuggling."

    Richard looked shocked. "Smuggling?"

    "Not for personal gain. Well...not anymore. Now it's just to make sure the sick get the right type of treatment. And he doesn't give a damn about lines on a map. So he guilts whomever he needs to in order to accomplish his...er...secondary activities: moving from one place to another, bringing items from the origin to the destination, no questions asked."

    "But what is he doing with Section 31? We're hardly a humanitarian organization."

    "He isn't. The person he's picking up the package from is one of us."

    Richard zoomed out the main display, searching for where the Bonaventure really was. When he couldn't find it, he asked.

    The blond man answered bluntly, "The question isn't "where is the Bonaventure." The question you should be asking is, "when is the Bonaventure?"

    Richard raised his hands to his temples, rubbing them hard. "I'm getting a headache from all this."

    The blond man gave a small, sad smile. "You'll get a lot more. Sandy jumped down here because the Bonaventure is going to create a problem the DTI will have to clear up."

    "If they know the problem, why don't they just take proactive measures to fix it?" Richard asked.

    "Because you'll have to look at the map a bit closer. Check the double line from where the Bonaventure was reported lost."

    Richard zoomed in again, and traced a broken red line from the B'Tran Cluster to DS9. A red blip was docked at the station, ID listing her as the USS Honolulu. "Captain Sotek's ship, is it not?"

    The blond man nodded. "Correct. A variable that is making this a problem that could have been avoided." He pulled out a chair and sat down, motioning for Richard to do the same. "Sotek and Garret are good friends from way back. And if something happens to one, you'll be sure the other will come to investigate. And Sotek and his crew are going around asking questions." He sighed deeply. "Bonaventure was supposed to have disappeared for a moment...pick up the item, make the delivery, and be back without damaging the timeline. But a Ferengi trader was in the wrong place at the wrong time...so we had to improvise."

    "You improvised a wrecked ship? A press release stating no survivors? You think that their families would accept that?"

    The blond man smiled again. "We didn't do the press release. The Ferengi was 'encouraged' to spread some vague rumors at the bars he frequented...and at DS9 there was a hot little Federation Newsnet Reporter who the Ferengi wanted to impress with tales of lost treasure. And with that boast the floodwaters broke. We got Starfleet to send the USS Serenity out for appearances...but then multiple ships were tasked there once rumor of an emergency beacon was reported. As for the last question, no...I don't accept that the families wouldn't ask questions. That was part of the plan. And one of the answers that would arise would be to point the fingers at the Cardassians, True Way, and the Terran Empire. We grabbed one of their standard Odysseys, scraped off the gold paint, and stenciledBonaventure on a few panels. At the proper time, the real Bonaventure would return with data showing that the Terran Empire was more of a threat than we thought. And we'd have more resources thrown our way to ensure the security of the Federation."

    Richard frowned at this news. "I don't like playing with the lives of innocents just to get a budget increase."

    The blond man asked, "You don't have to like it. You just have to do it. But would you do it if it caused deaths? Would you have ordered the destruction of the Ferengi ship to keep secret?"

    Richard practically jumped out of his seat. "Never!" he shouted, causing the other techs to look his way. "There are certain lines you don't cross. Lives for money is one of them."

    The blond man smiled. "Right answer. Section 31 does things that, in the end, are beneficial to the Federation. Blood money isn't one of them...and if you said it was acceptable, then you'd be off to a rehabilitation center. Sometimes sacrifice is necessary...but never for as petty a reason as resource allocation." He stood up, placing his hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Richard, one of my duties is looking for the right candidate to take over my position when I leave. I need to make sure that they'll do the right things...even if the right thing is doing the wrong thing for the right reason. Someday you may have to give a kill order to maintain secrecy...but that order must occur because the Federation is in grave danger. Where taking a life could save other lives. Never because it could save some latinum."

    Richard got up as well, facing the blond man. "I'm not entirely comfortable with all the things Section 31 does. For a moment...you had me thinking I made a huge mistake joining an organization that would kill for petty reasons."

    "We do what we have to do for the good of the Federation. If that meant that we killed for latinum...then we don't deserve to exist as the Federation. My job is to make sure those who do what must be done understand exactly what is being asked of them, and they act in the manner we expect them to act in."

    Richard gave a small grin. "I think I'm more confused by your explanation. Every question you answer just brings on more questions."

    "Not the first time I've heard that. I think that's enough for your first day...let me show you to your room. By the way...you can call me Jacob."
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    To: Franklin Drake
    Re: Quarterly Report

    Morale is high, despite the death of Captain Palmer on New Romulus. Captain t'Kazanak has been readily accepted by the crew, and her long-standing friendship with executive officer Mayer has undoubtably eased her integration with the senior officers and bridge crew. As you are no doubt aware, despite her Romulan birth, Captain t'Kazanak holds full Federation citizenship. Although I have not yet had much chance to observe her off duty, she seems to have little time for either Romulan culture, or the political landscape of either the Romulan Republic or Hegemony of Bresar, and she Is clearly a fully assimilated emigre. Her loyalty to the Federation is above reproach, and I believe that, while she would reject any direct attempts to recruit her into Section 31, she would be sympathetic to any mission parameters or scenarios which would require your intervention. Caution is advised in contacting her in proximity to Lieutenant Commander Pok Raban, who clearly holds the captain in high regard.

    A recent addition to the crew has struck me as being worthy of further observation, and possible future recruitment. Cadet Benn ch'Rmann has expressed certain views which would suggest not only a strong loyalty to the Federation, but also a willingness to defend it under any circumstances. His friendship with Cadet I'K'rR'h c'r'nai could pose a threat of outside concepts influencing his judgement. Cadet I'K'rR'h poses another problem. Her competence and unwavering dedication to duty makes maintaining communications problematic. Her area of dedication is ship's operations, and her competence is above reproach. She has already isolated several monitoring subroutines I had installed, and while I do not believe she is aware of my connection to them, her earnest dedication is challenging to circumvent. In a decade, I am sure she will make a fine commanding officer, and being from one of the Pentaxian colony worlds, has little interest in the machinations of the Dynasty.

    This brings me to the most potentially relevant aspect of my report. Ambassador S'rR's has been returned to the Vanguard by the time traveller known as the Doctor. There was nothing sinister about her disappearance, other than a minor malfunction in the temporal discriminator of the TARDIS, which caused her delay in what was intended to be a simple journey. However. The ambassador was nearly killed by a Sa'n'd'r H''n'n h'lL'r who was operating under orders to locate, then assassinate the ambassador. Unfortunately, cranial injuries to the sa'n'd'r during their struggle, has resulted in memory loss rendering her incapable of revealing who had ordered the ambassadors death. In a display of kindness, ambassador S'rR's has arranged for sa'n'd'r H''n'n to be taken in by the family of her security escort, giving her a new life away from the militia.


    Lieutenant Elyse Fisher, Strategic Operations Officer USS Vanguard

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    The Briefing Hall was large, but sparse. The grey walls were totally bare, the room was designed for function, not style, in every facet. In the seating itself, black uniformed figures took their seats, small whispers of hushed conversation between the newer recruits cropping up intermittently. Before long, the seating was filled as another black-clad figure stepped out from the front of the hall, standing in front of the now silent crowd.

    "Welcome everyone, for those who don't know, my name is Cunningham and I have been selected to lead the briefing process on one of our main Persons of Interest. Namely the man known as Vice Admiral Krovennan Darksabre, Commanding Officer of the U.S.S. Blacksabre-E and a perpetual pain in the backside for Section 31.

    In this briefing, I will attempt to bring everyone up to speed on the man himself, as well as his close associates within his crew and his ship. I'm sure some of you have heard of his individual accomplishments over the civilian news reports, so I'll restrain myself from going into too much detail whenever possible. So without further, lets start with the man himself.

    Cunningham pressed a few buttons on the Speaker's Pedestal, activating the holo-emitters to draw up a 3D render of the Vice Admiral. Cunningham stepped out in front of the slowly rotating image in order to address the crowd better.

    "Krovennan Darksabre. Species: Vilscaran. Selected by the Vilscaran Empire to act as an intermediary between them and the Federation under the dual-citizenship program. His previous rank in the Vilscaran military as Sergeant, as well as his skill in and out of combat, his ties to Vilscaran Diplomats and a little political manoeuvring, has afforded him his position as Vice Admiral while simultaneously keeping command of a ship and crew.

    Personality wise, Krovennan is normally very charismatic and displays a generosity and willingness to help when his allies are in trouble, talking on a friendly basis to peers and subordinates alike to learn about and aid in their problems.

    However, as is so with his species, Krovennan's temper is explosive when agitated, ranging from blatant sarcasm and disdain, to unchecked rage and brutal violence that poses a deadly threat when combined with his tall stature and near-Herculean physical strength. This may suggest ease of manipulation to our whims, but, as I shall explain momentarily, all attempts at covert manipulation have ended in disaster.

    Krovennan is unpredictable when angered, but also highly intelligent, ruthlessly cunning, and unabashedly sadistic when it comes to playing mind games with our agents. It has proven to be quite difficult to deduce his plans in previous attempts, keeping his inner thoughts restricted to his Cabinet of high-ranking officers, often establishing meetings with these individuals, keeping all knowledge of this secret from the rest of the crew.

    The agents who attempted to gather intelligence on Krovennan before have largely all been discovered, many of which were killed attempting to escape or self-terminated themselves during incarceration. The information we have is from the few who have managed to return alive, so be advised that there may be large gaps in the information.

    As far as weaknesses go, Krovennan's meticulous nature has stopped us from finding any conclusive evidence of something we can use to reign him in. While his disdain for the responsibilities of his high rank and the repeated tribunals he has attended to answer for his actions in the field has driven him to drinking, we find the effect this has on his acuteness of mind insufficient to be of use to us.

    Homesickness and job stress, as well as his caring attitude towards all his crew have been explored, but insufficient data has been gathered to pursue these options as of yet.

    I think we've heard enough about Krovennan for now. So now, we'll talk more about some of Krovennan's "Cabinet". The high-ranking officers on-board his ship and what we know of them so far."

    Cunningham returned to the Speaker's Pedestal, typing into the console again as the image of Krovennan began to shimmer and blur as a new image was loaded.
    Krovennan Darksabre: Commanding officer of the U.S.S. Blacksabre-E NX-973484-E

    I earned my Vet rewards with commitment, not cash.
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    Section 31 Threat Assessment: U.S.S. Sphinx, Caitian Atrox Carrier

    Commanding Officer: George William Aubrey
    Crew Complement: 3000
    Auxiliary Craft: Caitian Stalker Fighters/Yellowstone-class Runabouts

    Threat Assessment Results: Moderate Risk - Is known to have multiple non-Federation species among
    his senior staff, most notably the former Reman soldier T'Kek, the former Jem'Hadar soldier Arat'Iklan
    and the Liberated Borg Four of Thirty. Approach with extreme caution. Do not engage subject unless absolutely necessary.
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    Asset: USS Stradivarius
    Registry: NX-164292
    Class: Stradivarius
    Type: Deep Space Science Vessel
    Commissioned: Stardate 90084.9, Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

    CO: Farron, M., Rear Admiral. Saffi (BSD: 5660). Celes II.
    Admiral Farron is from the native species of Celes II; few of her species survived the Borg attack on the Celes system in 2381. First and foremost, Farron is a scientist. She was prompted to seek a commission in Starfleet because of the Borg assault on her homeworld, before such point she was attending a Federation science academy in the Sol system, Jupiter station. It was another attack by the Borg, this time on the Vega Colony in 2409, that propelled Farron to command of the USS Minerva, which she served on as Chief Science Officer. Since Vega, she has shown an aptitude for command aboard both the research vessel USS Janeway and the tactical escort USS Bracer. Her crowning achievements, and incidentally her most useful time to Section 31, was her time with the Intrepid-inspired USS Andromeda.
    While expressing a distaste for the clandestine nature of Section 31, she has worked with Operative Drake on numerous occasions for what she believes to be 'missions of noble purpose'. Positioning Farron lateral to a Section 31 goal is ideal. If played properly, Farron can handle impediments to Section 31 objectives, like Tal Shiar outposts or listening stations. However, approach with caution - she is part of the more moralistic wing of Starfleet and will prove oppositional if not handled appropriately. Her desire to help others and her animus toward the Borg are useful tools for using her to our advantage.

    XO: Sinclair, C., Commander. Human (BSD: 5618). Kappa Fornacis III.
    Three of Twelve, Primary Adjunct of Unimatrix 521. Assimilated in the Borg attack on her home world, Deneva in the Borg advance of 2381, at which time she served on the USS Elbron as a technician under the name Ensign Sinclair, C. (a dossier on her former identity exists, please merge it with this one). She was captured by the crew of the USS Minerva and liberated following the techniques established by Voyager's EMH in 2376. Other than scattered memories and the knowledge of the Collective, Sinclair does not retain memories prior to her liberation. Only Section 31 has attained data revealing her identity.
    Though seriously tempting, engaging Sinclair on her own should be avoided. The Borg knowledge at her disposal is greater than what we've been able to mine and her loyalty to Farron is profound. She has followed Farron from posting to posting and has refused promotions to her own command. Presumably she has decided Farron is responsible for her liberation and thusly any attempt to sow betrayal will, as the Borg say, be futile. Should she cease proving useful, forcible extraction of her neural net might reveal useful intel.

    Helm: Zidas, T., Commander. Andorian (BSD: 5621). Procyon VIII, Andor.
    One of the early pilots trained on Delta Flyer-class shuttlecraft, Zidas fancies herself a fighter pilot. She served on the USS Hammond before a falling out with the first officer, Commander Collins, D., prompted reassignment to the USS Janeway under Farron's command. She was then reassigned to be the starship's Chief Helmsman after piloting the Flyer-class shuttle Alacrity through the Bajoran Wormhole during the Dominion Siege of 2412.
    Zidas is a typical pilot; brash and self-aggrandizing. Odds are good that she wouldn't be offered her own command because of these traits, so she's likely reached the pinnacle of her career advancement. She would make an excellent candidate to approach. While likely of similar loyalty to the rest of the Stradivarius' crew, Zidas likely also proves the most corruptible. The Andorian love of the noble clandestine service would likely be useful in approaching her.

    Engineering: Hyhr, S., Lieutenant Commander. Andorian (BSD 5621). Procyon VIII, Andor.
    Only recently commissioned, Hyhr joined on the Farron bandwagon on the USS Andromeda as the Chief Engineer. Given this was the first long-range vessel Farron commanded, her former engineer simply wasn't up to the job, and was replaced by this long-time technician on Intrepid-class vessels. He served on the USS Bellerophon in the Dominion War under Operative Ross as a Petty Officer.
    His history with Section 31 commanders might make him more approachable, but his psychological profile suggests he would be a challenge to persuade to action. For everyday work, her is likely too unmotivated to be useful or effective. Given his work refitting the Andromeda with Dominion technology, he might be useful at integration of some of or Borg components into our vessels with minimal exposure, but he is unfit for espionage.

    Medical: Blanchimont, I., Lieutenant. Human (BSD 5618). Sol III.
    Her tour on the Stradivarius is almost up, it remains to be seen if she will continue to serve under Farron. She served as a medical researcher on the USS Janeway, and went on the away team to uncover what happened to Romulus. Upon the ship's christening, she was later scouted out to serve on the Stradivarius by Farron, who seems to enjoy familiar faces. Blanchimont has been seeking a posting to Starfleet Medical for some time, however.
    It might be easiest to drive a wedge with Blanchimont. She has complained three times to Starfleet Command about administering Kertacel White to the Jem'Hadar crew, claiming it to be a violation of her Hippocratic Oath. She might not poison the drugs, but she might feed us information under the guise of seeking a cure from the Jem'Hadar's genetic dependency. She wants to believe that lie, it shouldn't be hard to convince her.

    Operations: Romana, E., Lieutenant Junoir Grade. Trill, Joined (BSD: 2138 and 319). Trill IV
    Ninth host of the Romana symbiont, host for less than one year. Previous incarnation served aboard the USS Minerva during the Borg attack on Vega Colony and was killed shortly thereafter in Romulan space. Despite taboo against reassociation, the symbiont serves under Farron again, likely more an accident of assignments than intent. Though, adding this to the Dax case study, it is apparent that they symbionts have a fondness for nostalgia that Trill law makes little room for.
    Despite being relatively low-ranked, Romana is potentially the most troubling asset on this crew. In the past, dating back to the founding of the Federation, Romana, L. was a problem for Section 31's efforts to assert a strong human role in the Federation charter, serving as an ambassador from Trillus Prime schooled clearly in subterfuge. Romana has, across incarnations, shown extreme distrust and hostility toward Section 31. Its new body looks cute, but presume her to be extremely hostile.

    Science: Pierce, A. Ensign. Human (BSD: 5618). Sol III, Luna.
    By far the youngest member of the crew in age and in the odd familial loyalty this ship seems to share, she replaces former science officer Sen A.. Pierce seems to idolize the Captain and particularly requested this assignment, and managed to get it despite her low rank. Pierce's distinction comes from service to Red Squad, making her a prime candidate for Section 31 recruitment, though idealizing Farron could make retention an issue.
    Her only other posting was to the USS Dyson. Her transfer from that vessel to the Stradivarious was quickly authorized by the Joint Command. Priority: Discover why they were willing to let her go so easily. Section 31 has had trouble obtaining Dyson-related technologies, recruitment of Pierce should be an objective for our field operatives.

    Security: Lamak'tax, Chief Petty Officer. Jem'Hadar (BSD: 7923). Devos II.
    SIGNIFICANT SECURITY RISK. Farron's pet Jem'Hadar are led by First Lamak'tax, who is in turn overseen by the Vorta on Stradivarius' crew. Dominion crew has served under Farron for over a year following the attack on Deep Space Nine in 2412. This "gesture of peace" is almost certainly a ploy to attain control of a taskforce flagship during the next incursion into Federation space. We must find a way to neutralize this contingent, or alternatively make sure Farron cannot lead troops through the Bajoran wormhole. Lamak'tax must be constantly observed, and genetic samples we acquire from Blanchimont should be used to create an aerosolized biological agent. Direct confrontation is not recommended.
    Vice Admiral Meria Farron
    USS Stradivarius

    Author of Reprise
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    Cunningham stood to the side from the Speaker's Pedestal as the image of a female Andorian appeared, clad in a similar black and grey uniform as Krovennan, her long white hair was tied into a long ponytail, the left side of her face covered in a similar tattoo to Krovennan's. Cunningham cleared his throat quietly before speaking.

    "Commander Tallasa. Krovennan's First Officer aboard the U.S.S. Blacksabre-E. So far as we can tell, Tallasa is the crew member Krovennan is most familiar with owing to their shared time at the Academy both in and out of classes. Tallasa is a skilled combatant on the ground and operates on a similar wavelength to Krovennan. The two seem to always be in almost perfect sync with each other, especially when it comes to sniffing out our agents.

    The obvious elephant in the room I must address is that Tallasa has the same facial tattoo as Krovennan. While we know this tattoo is a sign of adulthood in Vilscaran culture, so far as we can gather, this tattoo is found on most of Krovennan's senior officers as a shared sign of respect towards him, possibly due to his personal involvement with each of their lives. What prompted them to take this course of action is still to be determined."

    Cunningham reached over and changed the image again, this time a male Andorian, short hair and beard adorning his face. Once again, wearing the same tattoo.

    "This is Gyzit Yvoli. Chief Engineer and Third in Command aboard the Blacksabre-E. Gyzit's career before meeting Krovennan was mixed. Showing great aptitude but having severe problems with authority, known to openly question a superior's orders and expressing frustration at restrictions placed upon his attempts to improve systems he was assigned to.

    Krovennan seemingly recruited Gyzit for these very qualities, citing a desire for someone who will stop him from making a bad decision and showing great interest in Gyzit's ability to develop new and improved technologies, which we'll discuss later. Gyzit has been observed as a moderate perfectionist, constantly training those under him in new ways to maximise efficiency and productivity without pushing them to straining point."

    Cuningham changed the image again, this time, the person seemed to be a Human female, bright ginger hair flowing freely and her eyes obscured by a large visor.

    "Drehera Hipon, Betazoid and Chief Medical Officer aboard the Blacksabre. Drehera originally was assigned as a nurse aboard a Science Vessel known as the U.S.S. Paladin, but was treated with minor mistrust from the ship's overwhelmingly Human crew due to her mental abilities. Intel suggests the Paladin was attacked by raiders, and Krovennan was assigned as the Paladin's escort in an earlier Blacksabre, which one exactly we don't know. The Paladin was crippled beyond repair in the battle and Drehera sought a new position on Krovennan's more diverse ship.

    Drehera was born blind, but fitted with ocular implants at a young age, the large visor she wears is apparently there of her own volition, using the bulk to fit tech to see in all possible spectrums. Personality wise, she is generous and renowned for her bedside manner, but intel has suggested some emotional weakness after undergoing physical torture during the little-known "Far Flown Incident". Use as leverage requires further analysis."

    Cunningham returned to the Pedestal, typing in new commands as the image of Drehera faded to nothing

    "I would continue, but I fear for time, so for this briefing, I will restrict myself to these three, the highest ranking officers on the Blacksabre in Tactical, Engineering, and Medical/Science fields. You all should have access to the records of the other senior officers on your own time, I highly recommend looking at them all should any move against Krovennan be considered.

    Now then, owing to the unique nature of the Blacksabre-E itself, I reckon she is worth a look at herself. So to rush things along, we'll get straight into the Blacksabre-E."
    Krovennan Darksabre: Commanding officer of the U.S.S. Blacksabre-E NX-973484-E

    I earned my Vet rewards with commitment, not cash.
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    It didn't take long for Cunningham to put up the final image. A ship vaguely resembling a Prometheus-Class Vessel, but the structure had been heavily modified, with small, pushed forward bottom nacelles, and longer top nacelles placed further back. The most striking feature was that the hull was totally different to normal Federation standards.

    The hull was mostly black with sections of the hull, as well as the Deflector and Nacelles all glowing a bluish-green instead of the normal red and blue glows of Federation vessels. Across the nose of the vessel, those close enough could make out the ship's name as well as the registry: NX-973484-E

    "As I'm sure you've all noticed, the Blacksabre-E is not your average vessel. In fact, she is an NX-designated vessel, which of course means she is burdened with being a testbed for experimental technologies. As I mentioned before, Chief Engineer Gyzit enjoys tinkering with standard tech, resulting in some interesting alterations.

    The ship itself is in fact loaded with Vilscaran technology Krovennan has been able to inegrate into a Federation frame with the aid of Gyzit. Among the Vilscaran improvements include a reinforced, heavily shielded inner structure, making breaches far more difficult. Also present is a Vilscaran Warp Core, Far bulkier than the Federation standard and requires more frequent refuelling of Ionized Deuterium encased within steel bars to power the reaction necessary for the vessel's systems.

    In terms of combat systems, the Blacksabre is well suited to it's main task as a Deep Space Warship. Primarily armed with Vilscaran Antiproton weaponry, using Magnetic Resonance Coils at different wavelengths to allow them to fire Antiproton energy at the enemy. While nothing like the amount or purity of Antiproton energy used by the infamous "Planet Killer", this weaponry is still effective and highly dangerous.

    Armament itself consist of two triple-barrelled cannon arrays in the industry standard areas on a Prometheus-Class Saucer section and a double-beam array located below the aforementioned cannon system. Also present is a singular Beam array that can target at any angle, taking advantage of weapon areas on both the front and back of the vessel to gain a full 360 degree attack angle.

    On the subject of 360 degree weaponry, the Blacksabre is in position of a retrofitted Borg Cutting Beam, able to attack at all angles and especially potent at dissecting ships to cripple their ability to fight back. The rear of the ship also houses a Torpedo Launcher, usually used to fire Plasma Torpedoes, but can be used to fire any similar sized Torpedo the situation calls for, including the highly secretive Vilscaran "Violet Witch Torpedoes".

    Straying into less conventional weaponry, the Blacksabre possesses the ability to charge the outer layer of it's Vilscaran hull with a magnetically polarised Plasma charge, making an effective Point Defense System against anything that gets too close, including Torpedoes, Mines, and Fighters.

    There is a lot more to this vessel, especially when it comes to it's computerised systems, but I feel as though that will do for today. All agents specialising in Covert Ops please note we will be running drills and simulations within the next three days. I encourage you to look up further information on what has been explained today. This ship is one of the most rewarding in terms of intel, but also one of the most risky. Thank you, dismissed."

    The agents slowly started to get out from their chairs, squeezing past each other to leave the lecture. Cunningham turned off the holo-emitters, letting the image of the Blacksabre-E distort and fade into nothing. Picking up his PADD he had brought with him, he began making notes for his schedule for the rest of the week. Before he realised it, he was the last person in the room.

    Putting his PADD into his pocket, Cunningham thought of the subject of the lecture, Krovennan was currently on duty in the Sphere, a temporary override of his previous prerogative to hunt down Facility 4028 refugees. Krovennan had clashed with Section 31 on multiple occasions, and occasionally helped when he deemed it necessary, but never hid his disdain for Section 31 and it's ideals.

    Cunningham saw it as a pity, Krovennan's strong moral compass was a liability to Section 31's work. It was obvious that eventually, Krovennan would have to be eliminated, pin the blame on an enemy of the Federation, and hopefully avoid diplomatic backlash from the Vilscaran Empire. Cunningham had come close to being caught by Krovennan once, he was determined to make sure that when the time came to end Krovennan, he would repay the favour and be there when it happened.

    Shaking his musings from his head, Cunningham walked out of the hall, shutting down the lighting in the room and leaving it in pitch blackness

    Meanwhile, deep within Allied space within the Sphere. the Blacksabre-E was restocking on supplies for an extended operation against the Voth. On the Bridge, Krovennan was taking notes of the orders, Requisitions was almost fanatical in making sure everything was recorded perfectly, and a mostly empty Bridge, helped Krovennan to think.

    Krovennan ticked off another item when he heard the doors behind him open, seeing Tallasa step through the doorway and approach him.

    "Engineering reports that the damage we took to the lower Starboard Nacelle is completely repaired. Our power flow is at 100% efficiency and we are at full combat readiness. Once everything has been loaded on we can leave at your command Sir."

    "Thank you Tallasa, tell Drehera to keep an eye on our medical supplies, this is going to be an extended operation and we'll need to get as much use out of our Sickbay as we can. We may have to ration anaesthetics and rely on alternative methods of treatment if push comes to shove."

    Tallasa was about to turn to go when it clicked in her head that Krovennan seemed distracted when he responded. The Requisitions orders didn't take that much concentration, and Krovennan was usually good at focusing on who is speaking to him. Tallasa walked back to him, deciding to address him more inoformally than most would. Partially to show her concern, and partially because she knew how he disliked the title of Vice Admiral.

    "Krovennan, is everything alright? You seem distracted all of a sudden."

    "Do I? Sorry, just thinking."

    "Thinking? About anything in particular?"

    "Well, we've been making progress here, but there are a lot of enemies waiting or us, even if we drive the Voth out of here completely we'll have a lot of people on our backs who have had a lot of time to prepare without our intervention."

    "We've had a lot of close scrapes, some closer than others. If we are sufficiently prepared we can figure something out, right?"

    "That's just it, some of these enemies I'm not sure we can prepare for. Like Section 31."

    "They wouldn't dare go after you directly, they know it would risk diplomatic suicide with the Vilscaran Empire. After all the effort to get them to be sympathetic with the Federation, I don't think it would be smart to kill the man making sure things stay good."

    "Probably, but indirect is their specialty. Just recently they came into my mind a lot, as if they are thinking the same thing right this instant."

    "Maybe so, but dwelling on them won't help. Best thing we can do now is make sure we're in a good position if and when they actually try something."

    "You're right. On your way to Drehera, get in touch with Security and see what we can do about finding agents easier. See if we can't find any common factor in their backgrounds or mannerisms that we can't use to identify suspects. And remind the Research Lab that we need a way to stop them from activating their suicide implants before we can question one of them."

    Tallasa simply nodded and left the Bridge quietly, Krovennan returned to the Requisitions PADD, still thinking hard about what he would do should Section 31 go after him. He had every confidence in his crew's loyalty and ability. What worried him was that, when the time came, would he be able to hold Section 31 back?
    Krovennan Darksabre: Commanding officer of the U.S.S. Blacksabre-E NX-973484-E

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    Admiral Bryan Valot

    U.S.S. Athena

    First Assault Fleet

    Technical Specification of the U.S.S. Athena NX-92753-A (Odyssey Class Block 2)

    Defensive systems:

    Enhanced M.A.C.O. pattern Resilient shield array with secondary shield capacitors
    Polarized Neutronium armor
    Point-Defense Phaser turrets (12 in total)
    Reinforced Tritanium hull

    Offensive systems:

    10 multi-fire capable Mark XII Phaser arrays
    4 triple-helix loaded Quantum torpedo tubes
    1 axial dual Mark XII Phaser beam bank
    Deflector-fired heavy Graviton beam
    Aquarius class escort (deployed from rear mission pod)

    Propulsion systems:

    M.A.C.O. pattern impulse engines
    Auxiliary impulse engines
    RCS accelerator system
    Asynchronous Warp-field projector
    Enhanced Quantum Slipstream drive
    Stablized Warp Core

    Auxiliary systems:
    M.A.C.O. pattern Graviton deflector array
    Redundant life-support systems
    Hull-repairing nanite system
    Ship-wide holographic projection suite
    Shipboard senitent Artifical Intelligence systems management unit (Name: Athena)

    The Athena was, from the moment she was laid down in Utopia Planitia, designed to be one of the most advanced vessels in Starfleet. Designed to serve as a testbed for several new technological advances (which will be explained in more detail later in the report) to see if they would be suitable to put into widespread use on all starships. The Athena is the second ship to bear the name, with the first being a Star Cruiser that was also captained by Bryan Mitchel Valot (then a Rear Admiral), before she was crippled by a superior Klingon force and scrapped for parts. The details of the innovations on the Athena are as follows:

    For her defensive systems, the M.A.C.O. pattern shielding gives the Athena's shields incredible strength while reducing bleedthrough damage to the hull. In addition, the shields have a second layer of shielding projected on top of the first, with the second layer refracting incoming fire, having the effect of reducing incoming shield damage. The Emergency secondary shield capacitors offer the ability to quickly regenerate shielding in case of an emergency. The polarized Neutronium armor was designed to allow the ship to survive damage in the event the shields fail by way of running an electromagnetic field through the already strong Neutronium armoring to make it even more durable. The defensive turrets were added to the design when the Klingons began putting carriers into widespread use to help engage enemy fighters. Targeting and firing of the turrets is handled by the AI rather than the ship tactical officer.

    Offensively, the Athena's combat systems give her an advantage unequaled by any other Starfleet vessel. Her phaser beam arrays have been modified so that each array can sustain multiple beams with no reduction in the power of each individual beam. Her Quantum torpedo tubes feature a unique system where the three torpedoes are loaded in a rotating chamber, which is then loaded into the torpedo tube, allowing for up to three torpedoes to be launched in a fraction of the time manual reloading would take. The Athena also has an axial fire-linked dual phaser beam bank designed to give the ship additional forward firepower. The Graviton beam mounted in the deflector array allows the ship to quickly and easily disable a hostile ship for a brief period of time. Lastly, the Aquarius class escort, one of the upgrades added to the block 2 Odyssey class that never made it into the block 1, allows the ship to launch a small auxiliary craft that is heavily armed with Quad phaser cannons as well as a rapid-fire phaser turret.

    The propulsion systems of the Athena are another key advantage the Athena enjoys. The M.A.C.O. pattern impulse engines are designed to be, fast, efficient (even at low power), and still maintain a good turn rate. The Auxiliary impulse engines (which were an upgrade that was included with the M.A.C.O. systems) engage in the event the primary impulse drive fails for any reason, allowing the ship to maintain at least 25% impulse. The RCS system was designed to allow the ship to increased turn rate over the standard variants of the Odyssey class. The Athena (in addition of many of the combat ships within the First Assault fleet) had her warp field generator upgraded to generate an Asynchronus warp field to allow the ship to simply slip through the eddies and fluctuations of subspace with little trouble, giving the ship the ability to break the Warp 10 barrier. The Quantum Slipstream Drive on the Athena operates along the same principles of the standard SSD. It was, however, stabilized to allow for increased travel time with the Drive engaged. Finally, the warp core of the Athena has a unique stabilizing field to reduce the likelihood of a warp core breach while further reinforcing the Athena's shield systems.

    The Athena's Auxiliary systems are all designed to compliment all of the other systems on the Athena while still being state-of-the-art. The M.A.C.O. pattern Deflector was designed to improve all of the Defensive systems of the Athena along with speeding up power transfer rates between systems. The redundant life support system allows the Athena to maintain minimal life support for a full crew even after ship-wide power loss. The hull repairing nanite system allows the Athena to maintain hull integrity by repairing major structural damage. It cannot preform full repairs, however it can keep the ship together long enough to find a drydock. The holographic projection system was added to give the Athena A.I. (to be detailed next) the ability to interact on a more "personal" level with the crew members, as opposed to a voice over the intercom.

    The last, and perhaps the most major, innovation on the Athena is the prototype Artificial Intelligence that was installed during construction. Athena (the name the A.I. shares with the ship itself) was designed to supplement the crew of the ship, handling things that require more precision or speed than an organic crew member can preform. Athena handles the parsing of sensor data, power transfer between systems, the point defense turrets, the electronic warfare suite, and can have any function that an organic crewmember would ordinarily handle slaved to her control by order of the ship's commanding officer. The A.I. core is housed in the engineering deck, approximately 12 meters to the stern of the Warp Core, and is encased in solid Neutronium plating. In the event of an abandon ship order, the A.I. core is ejected to be retrieved by a specialized team. As for Athena's avatar, she appears as a blonde woman with blue-grey eyes, to model the Ancient Greek goddess she was named for. The programming of the A.I. relies on a self-adapting and self-replicating source code, allowing Athena to literally learn and adapt the longer she is operational, and quickly recover in the event malicious code makes it into her program. This is made possible by the Quantum computer that the files for the A.I. are stored in. If you were to take the files and transfer them to another A.I. core, you would get a completely different personality due to the innate random factors of quantum computing.
    End of data file

    Personnel file:
    Admiral Valot

    Full name: Bryan Mitchel Valot
    Rank: Admiral
    Height: 5' 11"
    Hair color: Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Age: 26 Earth Standard Years


    Admiral Valot's career as a Starfleet officer began aboard the ShiKhar class U.S.S. Nemesis. He was in the last graduating class of the year 2408, and was assigned to the same ship he served his training cruise on. In January of 2409, the Vega system was attacked by the Borg, and the Nemesis was one of the first ships to respond. The Noble class ship Khitomer had been crippled and boarded by the Borg. The Nemesis, given that the ShiKhar class is in a similar class as the Miranda class, was assigned to aid the Khitomer, given that there was little chance the Nemesis would be able to do much against the Borg. Captain Taggart, the Captain of the Nemesis at the time, assigned the then-Ensign to aid aboard the Khitomer while the Nemesis defended the Khitomer from further Borg ships. Ensign Valot managed to save the Khitomer, though the Nemesis had been boarded and all of the senior staff, including the Captain, had been killed, leaving Ensign Valot in command of the crippled vessel. Bryan took the Nemesis and aided in the rescue of several crippled Starfleet vessels in the region. He and the crew of the Nemesis later destroyed several Borg probe vessels, and aided in the destruction of a damaged Cube. They later as their last act in the Vega system, aided in the evacuation of the colony. In the Aftermath, Bryan was given a promotion to Lieutenant, and was permitted to keep command of the Nemesis.

    Bryan surged through the ranks, primarily due to his actions and his keen sense of tactics and strategy. He currently commands the U.S.S. Athena, an Odyssey class ship. He currently leads a task force of ship assigned to Dyson Joint Command. His task force, though relatively small has enjoyed a high rate of success against the Voth, scoring victories in approximately 97.5% of their engagements, versus the typical success rate of approximately 75%. He is often described by other commanders as being the greatest tactician that Starfleet has ever seen, and he is often able to defeat odds that make the Kobayashi Maru exam look fair. Whenever he takes an action, he is already sure of the outcome, and he is nearly always correct about said outcome. Of particular note is his ability to completely dissect an enemy's plan of battle before the battle officially begins. He is not without his flaws, however, as he can take a long time devising the perfect, unbeatable plan, and he often can be more aggressive than many other officers when the shooting actually starts. Furthermore, though he is very capable in ground combat as well, he is not physically very strong, and more relies on his firearm or other weapon to overcome his foes.

    Bryan is married to his First Officer, a recently Joined Trill woman named Ibalei, who is the fourth host of the Zizania Symbiont. Furthermore, he maintains warm relations with his Romulan half-sister, Romulan Republic Admiral Selana Da'is.

    Personal assesment:

    Given their close relations, Section 31 believes that Valot's and Da'is' contact should be monitored at all times to ensure that Valot does not divulge critical Starfleet intelligence to his sister. Furthermore, he consistently manages to root out our operatives that we attempt to embed within his crew, given his near sixth-sense ability to read tactics. His abilities are useful to us, though recruitment has thus far proven ineffective. Valot has displayed a tendency to go to lengths most Starfleet officers would not, though he constantly rebuffs our attempts to recruit him. Never attempt to bait Valot into joining S31, as he has been consistently able to defeat even our best tricks to bring him into our fold. In addition, due to the A.I. installed on his ship, we have never succeeded in injecting monitoring programs into his ship's computers for more than a few minutes, and we rarely get anything of use to our organization. Finally, though he does realize the usefulness of our organization, he should be considered a moderate threat, as he is regarded (correctly) as a loose cannon by other Starfleet Admirals, and he would not have a difficult time being able to root out our operations.
    Vice Admiral Bryan Mitchel Valot
    Commanding officer: Odyssey class U.S.S. Athena
    Admiral of the 1st Assault Fleet
    Join date: Some time in Closed Beta
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    Asset: Calypso
    Registry: 08
    Class: Lohlunat Corvette
    Type: Fast Defence Corvette
    Commissioned: Stardate 97821.5, Risa Orbital Shipyards

    One of the first Lohlunat-class corvettes to be built for a private buyer rather than the Risian Defence Fleet, the construction of the Calypso was contracted by Armin Durand.
    Later, it was discovered that Durand was a front for the Orion Syndicate, who began deploying the Calypso in raids against non-aligned systems. including attacks on vessels of the Ferengi Alliance and the Fost Coalition. One of the individuals taken as a slave during these raids was the sister of it's current captain, who eliminated 'Durand' and his crew, and claimed the ship as her own, before joining the forces of the Romulan Republic as an independent auxiliary.

    The Calypso has been heavily modified by both Syndicate and Republic personnel to carry heavier weapons and armour than standard independent or Risian Defence Fleet vessels of its class, whilst retaining most of its speed.
    If engagement is required, the engines are to be targeted first - if given the chance to flee, the Calypso can outfight the ships that can catch up to it, and outrun the ships that can outfight it. Despite its current allegiance, the vessel is not equipped with a cloaking device.


    Commanding Officer: [NAME EXPUNGED], ; nickname: 'Daring'
    Species: Chrysaori
    Age: 38
    Affiliations: Romulan Republic Auxilia (volunteer captain)
    Early life: Little of [NAME EXPUNGED]'s early life is known - the Chrysaori permit very few outsiders onto their planet, and are highly isolationist and reclusive. The operatives we have managed to infiltrate onto the planet were unable to discover any information about [NAME EXPUNGED].
    NOTE: They were, however, able to get their equipment infected with a rather sophisticated worm that managed to get into our less sensitive files, replacing a number of Chyrsaori names with 'name expunged' before we contained it. Recommend all field agents get a reminder about avoiding compromising their equipment.

    Training: According to information obtained from the Chrysaori Defence Force, 'Daring' was trained as a technical specialist, although her exact specialty was not included in the data we could obtain. Her training appears to have been mostly technical in nature, with only a minimum of combat training.

    Physical: Falls within standard Chrysaori limits. Strength and endurance is less than the human baseline, but reaction speed, dexterity and agility are significantly higher. Posses four arms - the lower two, while capable of fine manipulation, are significantly weaker and more fragile than the upper pair. Also posses a thin membrane of skin that joins the upper and lower pairs of arms. In Chrysaori-standard gravity (0.62 Earth), this membrane allows for short distance gliding. In Earth-standard gravity, such an attempt will likely lead to severe damage to the membrane along with broken bones in all four arms.

    Mental: Highly intelligent and analytical. Skilled with computer and mechanic systems. According to reports obtained from Tal Shiar databanks, has likely received some form of mental conditioning that interferes with interrogation attempts.

    Emotional: Restrained, with one exception: Any threats or attacks made against her sister provoke an immediate emotional reaction. Examples include:
    - Willing permanent exile from homeworld to retrieve sister from 'Durand'.
    - Honour duel (and death) of Klingon Lieutenant Karis following an insult directed at her sister.

    May be coerced by indirect manipulation of her sister.
    Threatening said sister is unlikely to provide any beneficial results.
    Although fast, is at a disadvantage in standard gravity conditions.
    May be possible to compromise loyalty to Romulan Republic.
    Unknown mental conditioning.
    Has had access to unknown information classified by Chrysaori Defence Force.

    Sister: Derrin-ger-do. Current second in command/science officer, Romulan Republic Auxilia vessel Calypso
    "The halfling way of battle is simple: You jump on their face and keep stabbing until the screaming stops."
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    --Situation Report
    --Operative:Profiler #9045 (Deep Cover; Assignment CLASSIFIED)
    --Subject: Kelvena Amalise Hasegawa, Human, Tactical Operations Command, Vice Admiral (Acting)
    --Current Assignment: Task Force 42 (Commonly referred to as 'Spacebattles Fleet'); Commander of Patrol Group 18
    --Current Command: Elohim (Breen Confederacy Chel Grett class)
    --Other Commands: Cherubim (Breen Confederacy Plesh Brek class); Exodia (Solanae Sphere Obelisk carrier); U.S.S. Nephilim (Starfleet Defiant class)

    --Commencing Report

    After several encounters with Section 31 operatives and service in operations conducted by the Section, it was deemed necessary to follow the actions of one Kelvena Hasegawa. Rising through the ranks of Starfleet at an accelerated rate, during a time of crisis, Kelvena has faced off against innumerable, dire threats to not only the Federation, but the Alpha Quadrant itself, dating as far back as the Vega Colony incident prior to the discovery of the Solanae Dyson Sphere.
      The Vice Admiral shows exceptional loyalty to the Federation, though, perhaps, some choices made on past missions, known associations, and commentary on fellow Starfleet commanders may be considered questionable. [File appended; Subject-
    Whose bright idea was it to give Va'Kel Shon command of the Enterprise? ] Attitude towards Section 31 after associating with Operative Franklin Drake cool at best. [File appended; Subject-If I ever see Drake in person again, I am going to punch him. Several times if possible. ]

    Though possessing a level of great pride, and despite successes and inordinate power given to one of her rank, shows a heretofore unheard of level of modesty. Indicative of understanding that she is one of many, not one above others.

    Recommendation- Continue watch. Keep in contact as per past situations. Possibly avoid a personal meeting between Drake and Hasegawa.

    --Known Associates
    -Duneczan, Alien, Corps of Engineers, Captain [::dossier appended::U.S.S. Soul Rhapsody, Ambassador class]
    -Tolone Emeralda van Houten, Science Ops, Captain [::dossier appended::U.S.S. Zebulun, Nebula class] [WARNING-possible security risk due to her and her crew being refugees from the Terran Empire...from some 150 years ago. Department of Temporal Investigations under notice
    -Orgulla Nerim, Romulan, Republic Sciences Command, Commander [::dossier appended::I.R.W. Maleus Aquilonis, Haakona class]
    -Samantha Kelvena Dylandy (relative?), Human, Corps of Engineers, Captain [::dossier appended::U.S.S. Siege Perilous, Ambassador class]

    Despite loyalty to the Federation, (Acting) Vice Admiral Hasegawa has known, possibly dangerous, relations to forces who are known to serve the Klingon Defense Force, though since none of them are Klingons themselves, their loyalty to the Empire is unknown. All attempts at gathering intelligence on the mysterious 'House of Kier' have so far failed, as the location of this so-called 'House' is currently unknown.

    -Nasaera Ishalla Olaraen, Orion, Tactical Control, Lieutenant General (Career path seems to mirror that of (Acting) Vice Admiral Hasegawa. Association beginning prior to both of them entering service? Known to command the I.K.S. Weltall-Id, one of the prototype Bortas class that saw limited run before production of the Bortasqu' itself).
    -Victus Nerim, Romulan, Republic Combat Engineers, Commander (Twin of Orgulla Nerim, known associate of Hasegawa. Siblings separated upon Elachi invasion and subsequent annihilation of Virinat colony, reunited during foundation of New Romulus. Perhaps ordered to join both sides? Commands the I.R.W. Andvari, Haakona class).
    -Ssithra, Gorn, Corps of Engineers, Captain (Not much is known of this one, though his desire to tinker seems to be well known among engineers and technicians. Also known to have drinking contests with Captain Duneczan. Commands the I.K.S. Kortul, Negh'var class).

    --Summation: Watch closely, but avoid.

    --Secondary Note: Off the record, she has Horta on her crew. HORTA. And a Breen. And a Jem'Hadar soldier. And a Borg drone! Where does she get these people, and why have we allowed her to keep them?

    --End of File

    --Additional Transmission
    --Source...Elohim, Kelvena Amalise Hasegawa, Vice Admiral (Acting)

    To whom it may concern, I appreciate your keeping an eye on me, but I ask that you stop. If you want to know something or need something from me, ask me directly, I am more than happy to assist you in any way, excepting, of course, any action that endangers my crew, my ship, or the Federation as a whole.

    Oh, if you're wondering how I know, it's not as bad as you might think. No, I am not a spy myself nor am I all that intelligent. And please do not blame whoever it was you had disguised on my ship, this is all just happenstance. Recent combat with the Voth had caused damage to certain subsystems that, without proper maintenance, could have grown critical and possibly deadly. However, they were in areas that were flood with radiation that would otherwise kill any of my crew. Fortunately, one of my horta crew (a uniquely interesting species, I might add) came forward to assist. And also found a communications device attached to a subspace transceiver. I told him to leave it as it was and just complete repairs.

    Also, if you happen to see Mr. Drake, tell him I owe him a few things.

    Also, my friend Nasaera asked me to do something strange the other day, but it now doesn't seem so strange at all. She told me to tell you "K'men says 'hello'."
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    Section 31 Files: Threat Assessment

    Subject: U.S.S. Oregon
    Odyssey-Class, NX-101772-F
    Crew Compliment: , Consisting of mainly Federation Species

    Captain Gregs Sharvan Son'aire
    Threat/Interest Level: Delta
    Species: Unidentified, Classified Hybrid and Genetic Augment
    Base D.N.A appears to be Ocampa, modified by 23% Vulcanoid D.N.A, 2% Romulan that was introduced post birth, and can withstand extreme temperatures, while also enhancing telepathic abilities innate to Ocampan Species.
    Home System: Delta Quadrant, Destroyed by Planet Killer
    Estimated Age:27

    His escape craft arrived into the Alpha Quadrant in the early 23rd century, where intercepted Tal Shiar files report that he was experimented on for years, before escaping, while enough genetic material was left for cloning by later Tal Shiar scientists. Escaping to the Azure Nebula, he was exposed to temporal anomalies, and was lost in times unknown, only to later appear unharmed cryogenically frozen once more.
    The ship eventually reached the Klingon-Federation border in 2385. Both occupants awakened to a joint Klingon-Federation boarding party. Gregs and Berg, wanting to give knowledge to both parties, decide to part ways and become liaisons of their own homeworlds, as well as add to the knowledge of the Delta Quadrant.
    Gregs joined the Federation, choosing to spend fifteen years abroad learning from multiple species, such as the Tholian Ambassador to DS9, the Bajoran people, the Klingons, and other lesser Alpha Quadrant powers.

    Previous interactions with Section 31 means he is willing to work with the Section only in interest with the Federation, such as the Drozana incident.

    Know Past Associations: KDF, Dominion, Bajor, DS9, possibly Caretaker
    Known Active Associations: DTI agent, possible Aegis member aboard the crew.

    Active Species as Crew: Andorian, Human, Bajoran, Cardassian, Vulcan, Romulan, Tholian, Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Deltan, Deferi, Bolian, Ferengi, Gorn, Photonic lifeforms, Horta, Klingon, Nausicaan, Orion, Reman, Rigelian, Saurian, Tellarite, Trill, even Voth and Hirogen crewmen.

    Active Ship: U.S.S. Oregon
    Secondary Ships: I.S.S. Oregon (Mirror Assault Cruiser-class, NX-96302-B), Andromeda (Solanae/Obelisk-Class, NX-101772-G).

    Senior Crew of the Oregon and their Head Position:
    First Officer: Zinuzee
    Second Officer: Sharvan Son'aire
    Head Science: Verran Kodo
    Chief Medical: Ten of Ten
    Head of Engineering: Deiso
    Lead Operations Officer: Chassidy
    Head Tactical: Nar
    Head of Security: Gar

    Threat/Interest Level Key:

    Deiso Fraulni Rosne, Orion.
    Estimated Age: 29

    This Orion Female is in fact a refugee from the Orion Syndicate. Her sister is an authority figure within the organization, and has branded Deiso a traitor and offered a 100,000 strips of Latinum to the person who could deliver her dead or alive. Potential to turn: Possible, but unlikely, as an Orion she has unique and potentially dangerous mind altering pheromones, which would make turning her hard for any agent approaching her.

    Verran Kodo, Voth.
    Estimated Age: 60

    Branded a Heretic by his people, Verran is actually a counterpart to Nelen Exil from another timeline, rescued from a dying timeline, he is now quantum entangled in this universe, and therefore owed his life to the crew and captain of the Oregon Given a position on the Oregon by Captain Son'aire under the Science Division, his unique perspective on reality is appreciated by the crew. Potential to turn: Negative, his honor is important to him, and Agent 35 says that his Loyalty to the Oregon eclipses his loyalty to the Voth or the Federation. His alien phsyiology makes him a dangerous foe in battle, and should be kept in Section 31's view of potential threats.

    Ani'Tara Ros'luk Sovor (Anitara), Romulan, Refugee
    Estimated Age:21

    An ambassador to the Romulan Republic, Anitara is a young refugee and reunificationist who had joined Gregs in his journey through the stars when he helped in the construction of New Romulus. She has had a great position and reputation among the crew, and has earned the trust of Gregs many times over. Potential to turn: Negative, due to her intense dislike of Tal Shiar officers, she would view Section 31 in the same light.

    Chassidy Zula Ondrea, Augmented Human
    Estimated A4ge: 26, 15 when First Arrived

    Human from another parallel Earth, DTI agents have helped us to learn that she is incredibly smart and gifted in mechanics because of a genetic anomaly that enhances her brain functionality to extreme measures when under intense pressure. While her intelligence is highly above average to our timeline, in her Earth she would be considered the 27th smartest person in the world. Apparently her arrival to our Earth was accidental, but unable to return she etched out a life in the Federation before joining Starfleet Academy. In her own home universe she used he gift in mechanics to help others, so by joining Starfleet, she figured she could continue her life as normally as possible, she was posted to the Blazing Ion in 2409, where she and Gregs met as Ensigns, and was the only other surviving Bridge officer besides Gregs, when he took command. Knowledge of Section 31 makes her a threat to be watched over.
    Likelihood in turning: Negative, Ethics and Morality are high, previous attempts in the Academy were turned down, unlikely to ever be a danger to Section 31, as her own code keeps her from interfering.

    'Gar' Gar'Atadar Gea, Jem'Hadar
    Estimated Age: 3

    Typical Jem'Hadar, authorized by Odo to join the crew of the Oregon; his counterparts are Kurak'Agar of the KDF ship Dodo, piloted by Berg Eria'nos (Son'aire), and Kag'dar of the Romulan Republic ship A.R.W. Car'dover, piloted by Ace Chernok. Allowed to join as representatives of the Dominion, they have been altered to accept any commands from their respective leaders. Any attempt to turn these Jem'Hadar would likely restart the Dominion War; action to terminate these individuals should they go rouge is advisable.

    Lexis Zinuzee Zidire, Trill
    Estimated Age: Physical 26, Mentally 226

    Stardate:72787.87 Lexis Zidire was a normal Trill host, unjoined, who had worked for DTI as a civilian transport operator independent from Federation influence. After an unsuccessful infiltration by an unnatural rip in Space Time, a young Terran Trill symbiote was in critical condition, Lexis being the only unjoined host, chose to willingly join with the symbiote. Unfortunately, the procedure was unfinished, and an form of dissociative identity disorder occurred leaving both Symbiote and Host as separate entities. Later action taken on the Oregon allowed both Host and Symbiote proper control of their shared body. Now split as of <REDACTED> both personalities have blended well together in their new bodies, Lexis being the original body has been reduced to her proper age when she was first joined. Chance to Turn: Unlikely to turn, loyalty and friendship with Gregs and her Doppleganger Zinuzee make it hard.

    Nar Dar Fune Rex, Breen
    Estimated Age: Unknown

    His knowledge of Breen weaponry, tactics, and security, makes this officer a chief role as head of security to the Oregon. This shows a great deal of trust on Gregs part, as most Breen are untrustworthy due to the duplicious nature of the Breen Confederacy. Mere speculation for joining the Oregon ranges from a blood debt to a senior officer, to being a renegade from the Breen Confederacy, even to owing his life to Gregs after being rescued from death after his own ship was attacked. He is in a position of great control over the ship, as well as enhancing the Oregon's security in the process, he is still a threat to Section 31 operations on the Oregon. Chance of Turning: Unlikely, Breen physiology is indistinguishable under his cold-suit, making him harder to turn, though a bribe could be possible.

    Seven of Seven (Soria Daria), Liberated Borg Human
    Estimated Age:28

    Recently Liberated from the collective, Soria Daria, was once an engineer aboard the U.S.S. Grey Star, before it was assimilated by the Borg. She was an accomplished engineer and bright mind. Limited no longer by the organic mind, but enhanced with the Borg knowledge and understanding of the universe, she has become an even better engineer, though limits herself in trying to retain her humanity. Chance to turn: Possible, again unlikely as her drive to pursue her humanity would lead her to view Section 31 in a negative view.

    Sharvan (Gregs Sharvan Son'aire of 22nd Century Mirror Universe)
    Estimated Age: 25

    Refer to Captains Profile for history and planet of reference. Only discrepancy is artificial black hole instead of Planet Killer. Secondary Engineer within the U.S.S. Oregon, Primary when active board the I.S.S. Oregon. Chance in turning: Unnecessary.

    Ten of Ten, Liberated Borg Human
    Estimated Age: 35

    Agent 35, the secondary personality Section 31 had programmed into Ten of Ten when he was first liberated, has proven to be loyal to Section 31 when necessary. Of course there have been times when Agent 35 has proven to be undermined by Ten of Ten, though Agent 35 has been able to remove all memory of it's being found by Ten. Ten being unaware of his past as an Agent of Section 31, has used his knowledge gained by being a Borg to be the chief medical officer of the Oregon. An unsuspecting, yet important position within a ship, and important if control of the Oregon was ever needed to be exercised. So far, the captain is none the wiser of our deed.

    Zinuzee Lexis Zidire, Trill
    Estimated Age:23, Symbiote: 200

    Refer to Lexis Zidire file. Zinuzee is the base Terran Trill Symbiote given form and a new freedom. No longer hampered by DID, she has mellowed out from the more primal Terran Empire society she came from, adjusting well. Chance to turn: Not likely, her personal affection towards Gregs, as well as loyalty towards the Oregon's Crew, she would probably refrain from the cloak-and-dagger methods of Section 31.

    UPDATE Stardate: 91108.11

    M'aei Kin K'roth, Caitian
    Estimated age: 22

    This young Lieutenant has just transferred to the Oregon, after it's refit at the <REDACTED> Fleet Starbase. This fresh Ensign was quickly promoted to lieutenant when she realized that the power couplings in the engineering section weren't properly aligned, earning her the respect of Deiso, who used it as a test for the new transfers. She now is the fledgling apprentice to Deiso, and has a bright future ahead for her. Chance to Turn: High, as she is new to the Oregon, she would be perfect to turn as a spare operative if ever the case Agent 35 is exposed.

    End Files: Pi, Gamma, Delta, Omega, One, Two, Zulu, Drake.


    Excerpt from TRIBBLE Transmssion from Mars Shipyards:

    "..'ll be assignng the new Dyson Destroyer to Captain Gregs Sharvan Son'aire to use in the Dyson Sphere against the Voth; so far it's predesseor the U.S.S. Dyson has been a valuable asset, and mass production of these ships has begun, though this is one of the many Dyson ships that have been already produced and given to worthy captains. Strangely enough, Gregs wished to change the original name and registry, and we agreed, so the U.S.S. Evergreen, is now the U.S.S. Star Breaker, NX-168331-S. As well as the fact Starfleet.."
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    Section 31 Threat Assessment and Evaluation

    Subject: U.S.S. Canada
    Registration Number: NCC-171867
    Type: Sovereign-Class (Flight IIC Variant)
    Classification: Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit
    Original Commissioning: August 23, 2413 / Stardate 91187.69
    Location of Assembly: Saint John Fleet Yard, Over New Brunswick, Canada, Earth
    Fleet Refit Completion: [REDACTED]

    U.S.S. Canada is one of the latest Sovereign-Class starship to be commissioned by Starfleet. Built with the latest in Federation Technology, she has proven to be a very effective part of Starfleet, and has seen action against the Klingons, Breen, Tal Shiar, the Borg, among others. The Canada is crewed by 800 Officers and Enlisted, as well as a Company of 80 MACOs. The crew is of major concern for Section 31, as it includes Klingons, Orions, Gorn, Hirogen, Voth, Jem'Hadar, as well as at least one known associate of the enigmatic figure known as "The Doctor" (Subject: "Martha Jones-Smith").

    However of greater concern are reports of non-standard technology used aboard the Canada. While the exterior is devoid of any evidence of non-Starfleet technology, one agent that attempted to infiltrate the crew briefly reported the presence of Mark XII Fleet-issued neutronium armour, an experimental zero point module from New Romulus, as well as possibly the use of Anti-proton weaponry before contact was lost. It is believed the Canada is also equipped with technology derived from the Borg, as well as a plasmonic leech device.

    Subject: Michael Li
    Rank: Vice-Admiral
    Positions: Commanding officer, U.S.S. Canada; Commander, Foxtrot Squadron, Canadian Starfleet Regiment
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'11"
    Date of Birth: July 2, 2376
    Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth, Sol System
    Decorations: Starfleet Medal of Honour, Legion of Honour, Star Cross, Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry, Starfleet Purple Heart

    Background: Born and Raised in Greater Vancouver, Li entered Starfleet Academy after completing a undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. His records indicate high proficiency in tactical analysis, robotics, and temporal mechanics. During his final year, his was assigned to U.S.S. Resilience (Miranda-class, NCC-90166) when the ship became involved in the Vega Colony Crisis in 2409. During the crisis, he was forced to take command due to a Borg attack that killed most of the crew and all senior staff of the vessel.

    (SNIP) Recently, he was involved in the rediscovery of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, where he had to mediate a dispute between the increasingly agitated Captain Koren and Romulan Republic Commander Tiaru Jarok over control of the massive structure.

    Threat Assessment: Extremely High. While he has cooperated with Agent Franklin Drake on several occasions in the past, he had steadfastly refused to enter our organization, and has repeatedly led operations against Section 31 Operations. Repeated attempts to infiltrate the U.S.S. Canada has led to at least 17 operatives being arrested or disappeared.

    He is known to have a calm, almost placid, temperament which belies his
    ruthlessness and cunning. He also has very good leadership and is an expert tactician. He commands immense respect from his crew, and believes firmly in the core principles of the Federation. However, on several occasions, he has shown himself to be willing to break all Federation regulations and principles aside from the Prime Directive to "do what is right". He is also proud of his Canadian identity, and is suspected to have called in many favours to assign many Canadian-descended or Canadian-raised officers and enlisted to join his crew. On formal ceremonies during long term expeditions, he is known to wear the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force from the early 21st century instead of a Starfleet-Issued Dress uniform, a habit that has spread among the crew, with many wearing the uniforms of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, and even a number of Security Officers wearing the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during formal ceremonies. His only possible weakness is his devoted relationship to the Chief Medical Officer, his spouse of eight years, with whom he has two children (see below).

    However, By Order of Section 31, Li is not to be engaged without sufficient manpower or resources. He is constantly armed with what appeared to be a Tsunkatse Falchion, as well as either a MACO Battle Rifle or a Mark XII anti-proton split beam rifle. In addition, Li has armed himself with other non-standard weaponry. One S31 assassin sent to kill Li was returned dead with what appeared to be multiple wounds inflicted by a kinetic projectile weapon.

    It is also noted that Li has earned the respect of the Romulan Republic and is considered a trustworthy ally of D'Tan, which led to a strengthening of Romulan Republic-Federation relations. Additionally, his actions and service have earned the respect of Captain Shon of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Commander Tiaru Jarok of the R.R.W. Lleiset.

    Subject: Tarah Ovlam
    Rank: Captain
    Positions: Executive Officer, U.S.S. Canada
    Race: Andorian
    Date of Birth: October 4, 2282
    Place of Birth: Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, Earth, Sol System
    Decorations: Starfleet Medal of Honour, Star Cross, Starfleet Silver Palm, Starfleet Purple Heart

    Background: Born to Andorian migrants in Canada, Ovlam is a good friend of Vice-Admiral Li, having taken courses together at UBC and the Academy, and very briefly had a romantic relationship before they broke off amicably. Ovlam had been assigned to U.S.S. Khitomer during the Vega Colony Crisis, and was transferred with Li back to the Resilience following the successful defeat of Borg Boarding Teams aboard the Khitomer. Suibsequently, Ovlam has been Li's Executive Officer (and was Tactical Officer for several months) up to the present.

    Threat Assessment: Very High. Ovlam is extremely loyal to Vice-Admiral Li and on several away missions had risked her life to revive Li after he was knocked out in combat. She is known to be very stubborn and emotional. Despite this, she has proven to be an excellent administrator. As XO, Ovlam's record is very respectable. Like her superior officer, she commands the loyalty and respect of the crew. However, she tends to be more radical than Li when it comes to stretching Starfleet Regulations.

    Subject: Dr. T'Pal
    Rank: Commander
    Position, Chief Science Officer
    Race: Vulcan
    Date of Birth: February 20, 2253
    Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Earth, Sol System
    Background: Raised in Atlantic Canada among Vulcans and non-Vulcans alike, T'Pal is rather emotional for her species. Despite this, she had exemplary academics and was the Valedictorian during her graduation year at Starfleet Academy. She served aboard the U.S.S. Galaxy during the final battle of the Dominion War, and was aboard the Galaxy during the Reman Crisis. Having served aboard the U.S.S. Endeavour, U.S.S. Alaska, U.S.S. Soval, and service aboard the I.G.V. Shras, one of the few Vulcan officers ever to be posted with the Andorian Imperial Guard. She is reportedly very loyal to her commander and crew, and serves the Federation with excellence.
    Threat Assessment: High...

    Subject: Joseph Carl Mackenzie
    Rank: Commander
    Position, Chief Engineer
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: September 24, 2285
    Place of Birth: Garneau City, New Canada Colony, Polaris Sector
    Background: One of the few senior officers not born on Earth, Commander Mackenzie is nevertheless proud of his Canadian heritage, and had directly requested his transfer to the Canada.
    Threat Assessment: Pending

    Subject: Dr. Daphne Jennifer Li-Walters
    Rank: Commander
    Position, Chief Medical Officer
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: February 20, 2283
    Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Sol System
    Background: Daphne Li-Walters is the spouse of Vice-Admiral Li, having met at UBC during their undergraduate studies. They were married prior to Li's entry into the Academy, with Walters furthering her studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Following her completion of her doctorate, Walters entered Starfleet Medical, and was eventually assigned to her Husband's vessel. With recent deregulation of fraternization, she is permitted to continue her service under her Husband's command.
    Threat Level: Very High. Despite her medical background, Walters has proven to be extremely adept at combat and weapons training. Additionally, her Husband is fanatically devoted and will likely [DATA EXPUNGDED] operatives attempting to use Dr. Walters or their two children as hostages or leverage.

    Subject: George Everett Ross
    Rank: Major
    Position, CO, C Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd MACO Regiment.
    Race: Human
    Date of Birth: October 4, 2268
    Place of Birth: Cambridge, England, Great Britain, Earth, Sol System
    Decorations: MACO Medal of Honour, MACO Silver Palm, Starfleet Purple Heart

    Background: A longtime veteran of MACO, Major Ross has seen action against the Borg and Klingons, as well as supporting the efforts to defeat Hakeev and the Tal Shiar at Brea III. During the battle, Major Ross was separated from his team, and single-handedly fought over 30 Tal Shiar soldiers and officers, earning him his Medal of Honour.

    Threat Level: Extreme. He has personally killed at least 16 S31 Operatives during several anti-Section 31 Operations by MACO. Do not engage unless we have superior numbers and weaponry. He is considered a "One Man Army" and typically accompanied by at least two or more MACOs. He is cold, borderline sociopath, with extreme devotion towards his men.

    Subject: Adria Tigan
    Rank: Commander
    Position, Senior Combat Engineer
    Race: Trill
    Date of Birth: February 20, 2283
    Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sol System
    Background: Frequently involved in Away missions, Tigan is known to be a very professional officer in combat, and typically equipped with MACO Adapted combat armour and shielding, as well as an adapted pulsewave assault rifle.
    Threat Assessment: High. Very devoted to her crew and senior officers, Commander Tigan is highly trained and has had extensive training with the ship's MACO contingent.

    Subject: Eunice Skillicorn
    Rank: Lieutenant Commander
    Position, Chief of Security
    Race: Mostly Human (unconfirmed Xenexian and Deltan ancestry)
    Date of Birth: January 10, 2285
    Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Sol System
    Background: Frequently involved in Away missions, Skillicorn is known to be a very professional officer in combat. Recent reports suggests that following a joint operation with the Romulan Republic, she was given an experimental plasma "Flamethrower" which she typically carries on away missions.
    Threat Assessment: Very high. Skillicorn is an extremely paranoid officer, who regularly orders sweeps of the Canada for bugs and signs of infiltration. In co-ordination with Major Ross, she has captured several S31 assets and handed them over to Starfleet Command.

    Subject: Nalla Thira
    Rank: Unknown
    Position: Operations Officer
    Race: Orion
    Date of Birth: Unknown
    Place of Birth: Orion Homeworld
    Background: Few details are known of this officer. Evidence suggests this female Orion had defected to the Federation following the destruction of her clan by that of Hassan the Undying. According to Thira, she was talented in computer hacking and was the target of kidnapping for her abilities to access Klingon and Federation systems. There are significant concerns over her possible influence over the crew and the CO and her reasons for defection are under investigation. Due to her pheromones, all personnel are inoculated with anti-pheromone agent.

    Threat Assessment: Extreme. Several of our assets were exposed due to the effects of Thira's pheromones. She has reportedly become extremely loyal to the crew, and has applied for political asylum.
    USS Canada
    N.C.C. 171867
    Sovereign Class
    Saint John Fleet Yard
    "A Mari Usque Ad Mare"
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    Section 31
    Classification Level: Alpha

    Casefile: NX-93207

    Ship Name: U.S.S. Geist

    Captain: James Donovan

    Length: 415m
    Width: 170m
    Height: 64m
    Decks: 15
    Crew: 175
    Class: Prometheus

    Officially, the U.S.S. Geist is an experimental weapons platform based on a heavily modified Prometheus class vessel. The Prometheus' Multi-Vector Assault capabilities give the ship a unique modular design that makes it perfect for constant retrofitting. When not testing new technologies, the ship is normally equipped with the cutting edge gear usually reserved for M.A.C.O. assault teams. Utilizing three smaller warp cores, each segment is warp capable as well as heavily armed, usually with heavy antiproton cannons, routing all excess power straight to the weapons for extra firepower.

    With a crew compliment of one seventy-five, the normal accommodations were removed for more short term arrangements like you would find in the Defiant class ships. This leaves more space for extra workspace for things like weapons labs, hydroponics, and a few special medical facilities to cater to any needs of the missions at hand. When not directly working under Section authority or testing systems, the crew of the Geist is normally placed on high priority escort missions, heavy combat situations, an occasionally as a show of force for new enemies such as the Voth. Even in between missions however, the ship and its crew seem to have a habit of getting into an assortment of trouble all on their own, often involving things like rogue anomalies, Q, and even multiple run-ins with alternate universe counterparts.

    The crew itself is mostly highly trained and assault ready, with only a small assortment of trained medical staff and researchers. The medical staff is headed by Dr. Tala E'Sau-

    Psychological Evaluation

    Name: James Charles Donovan
    Rank: Captain

    James Donovan has always been a difficult man to read, even before the death of his wife, and even more so after the death of his son Thomas. He's always been a man of business first, but losing the only family he had proved to only drive him deeper into his work. From an early age, it's clear Donovan is not a fan of authority, his educational records are entirely uninspiring, and it is my personal opinion that he shouldn't be acting under Section 31 of the Starfleet Charter.

    He speaks plainly and is honest, almost to a fault. While he is a respectful man, he has no problems dropping all formalities, even with Admiralty. When I originally questioned his involvement, I was told by Admiral Aviess "He's the kind of person that can keep us honest." Initially I believed that his involvement was strictly due to how close he is to the Admiral, but going over the undisclosed files and it would seem that his educational assessments might have been entirely inaccurate. He seems to have a highly keen tactical mind, allowing him to size up opponents and situations making him an excellent asset on the front lines.

    He is of a high yet questionable morality, having chosen what he deems as "right" over his oath to the Federation and Starfleet. There are several times he has destroyed technology that could have advanced the Federation well beyond its enemies, in one case, bombing a small planetoid into oblivion to do so. When debriefed, he was quoted as saying "That kind of tech is dangerous in any hand, even the one that thinks it's doing what's right." From the records, it would seem that most of his questionable actions are met with such bravado and arrogance. I can only imagine that it is the Admiral herself that keeps him on the "Payroll" so to speak.

    Part of what I find most interesting however is how he has been more willing to open up after the last year or two. Usually he sees these mandatory evaluations as a waste of time, hence part of the reasoning to wall himself off, but lately he seems to be coming out of his work a little more and back to what his people refer to as "Humanity". When asked about the reasoning, he only told me that my clearance level wasn't high enough. Oddly enough, when I asked the Admiral (as she is the closest thing he has to a friend) she made the same joke. The thing is though, the way they both said it, kind of made me think twice about it.

    Over the few years that I've been doing his psych evalu-

    She's smarter than me and she knows it, but she's a cheeky one alright. Anytime she comes in, she's constantly trying to psychoanalyze me. They keep telling me that she's some kind of religious nut, but they also tell me that she can move things without touching them. I'd almost brushed it off, but she's sarcastic, the kind of sarcasm that you wouldn't expect from a bloody Vulcan. I've always been told they're a high and mighty group, but this one almost seems like she enjoys messing with me.

    How Tala E'Saul has stayed on board any ship is well beyond me. I'd assume she would have been disbarred by now, but her files deem her at the top of her class in every field she studied. I find it hard that she had been a Vulcan Priestess for almost 15 years, but I guess, when you live twice as long as a Human, it is just a drop in the bucket. I've never been one for the snarky responses but-

    [Maint. log Cont.]

    Going over the engines, I could hardly believe it. There was nothing wrong with them. Usually, experimental ships like this aren't fit to go out for long distances, plus when you push the engines as hard as they can with testing, they tend to show the wear and tear it takes a regular ship months to acquire. Here though, not a single issue. Testing them actually puts their efficiency at higher levels than this station, which is impressive given that this station is second only to McKinley when it comes to repairing other ships, so it's not often I get to spend so much time around something of such beauty. The only thing more beautiful was the engineer herself. I know there's a bit of a taboo about the people that have been rescued from the collective, but I was honestly expecting something... well... something more mechanical. Other than a few smaller implants along the the side of her face, and her unusually pale complexion, you'd never know.

    I hate to admit this, but she was quite the distraction, so I had a hard time following her when when she started talking about the modifications she had been using to enhance the power output of each of the Cores. A lot of what she had applied was things she'd brought back with her from the Borg, so of course it was all beyond me, but really, she could have been telling me I was on fire, but with that voice, I would have been just as blind to it. I must have been staring, but I managed to completely miss the console when I went to lean, because I slipped and landed on my TRIBBLE. Needless to say Jenkins, who was running diagnostics on the plasma relays was practically rolling on the floor with laughter.

    Follow-up Examination VI

    Patient: Commander David Keating
    Stardate: 88777.617

    It has been four months since the Commanders injury at the hands of an alternate universe of version of our own Captain Donovan. The injuries sustained to his shoulder have been healing, though had we been able to treat them sooner, this would not have been such an issue. I must add to the commendation I gave to Nurse Pruz though as she was the one to give him initial treatment afterward. Had it not been for her the injury would have required a more invasive surgery, resulting in the loss of both sensation and dexterity.

    The scarring at the end of his subcromial bursa will be permanent, but the coracoid process replacement is showing no signs of rejection. The deltoid and infraspinatus are still showing slight scarring, which would explain Keatings discomfort when attempting to sleep. I will adjust his physical therapy accordingly, but I worry that he is developing a slight dependence on chemical aid, when it comes to sleeping.

    I suppose, that I cannot blame him though. A good portion of the crew seems to be scheduling my services as a counselor lately. David himself is showing clear signs of post traumatic stress, to which I've assigned a little extra time in the holodeck for him. At the end of his examination, he had made the inquiry as to whether or not he would be able to play the piano again. When I told him he could not play in the first place, he boasted about several years of training his parents had arranged. When I commented that it was such a shame that he still couldn't play, He looked both surprised and indignant as his face went red with embarrassment. Nurse Pruz couldn't help but giggle, which intern had the Commander smiling before he left.

    Captain's Log: Stardate 88003.1

    I woke up in a cold sweat again. It was the same dream, as real as if I were there, the same dream I always seem to have around the holidays. I've gone over it so many times with Dr. E'Saul yet every time she just tells me that it's a natural feeling of guilt.... Guilt I've never earned nor deserved yet I can never escape. I was there on Vega Colony when the Borg invaded, I could hear the people screaming as the defenses failed, I... I could see the people, the researchers, their families, the children... all being assimilated. Then as I turn to run I'm stopped dead in my tracks by the very thing that has haunted me for so many years, my own son, Thomas. His face growing pale and dead as the nanoprobes make their way through his system, assimilating every cell in his body as he stares me in the eye with a look of confusion and pain and all I could think is "Why weren't you here for me?"

    Sometimes I wake in a cold sweat, once or twice I've even woken up shouting. The last time I managed to put my fist through the glass on my nightstand. The guilt kills me every time. It's been a few years since Thomas' death and I haven't been home since. He left shortly after his mother passed and shortly after I'd sold the house and all but what would fit in my quarters, I'm a career officer so I didn't need much that my commission didn't provide. Things were good between us and I was so proud that he'd been accepted at Vega Colony as part of the engineering crew, but how could any one have known the tragedy that would befall the colony shortly after his arrival. I suppose that in reality perhaps it was better that the Borg at Vega Colony weren't interested assimilation.

    The poor colony never stood a chance, but I can't help but wonder which was the better outcome, whether it would be destruction or the living death that is assimilation. While the Federation has made tremendous strides in counter assimilation, it is still an imperfect process that many individuals never fully recover, some of which are serving on my ship. My heart sank when I received orders to assist and defend Vega Colony but it shattered when I found my son's name on the list of casualties. We were able to assist Commander Kelly in rescuing as many people as we could, but I was still too late to save him. I've spent many restless nights over this feeling of guilt and I began to worry that it might start affecting my abilities as Captain.

    "Commander. Have you found what you were looking for?"

    "Indeed I have Sub-Commander... Indeed I have. Has your team finished?"

    "Yes Ma'am, but may I ask why the waste reserves of the warp core?"

    "The Trilithium resin?"

    "Yes Ma'am. We have many more ways to handle this that would be less obvious."

    "Ahhh, but that is the point Sub-Commander. I wish to leave a calling card of sorts."

    "Calling card Ma'am?"

    "An old Human expression. Make sure your people are done having their fun with the crew and their looting with in ten minutes.

    Computer: Transfer all relevant Section files regarding the U.S.S. Geist to the Nexem. Afterward, place the warp core on a ten minute countdown to its sanitation cycle."
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    Section 31
    NCC 94608 USS Qotsa [Captain Allen]
    Current starship technical manifest
    Captain Ta'an

    It was my honor to speak and interview with Captain Allen. Although I regularly inspect manifests, I do not always expect to either engineer all current Borg related upgrades or to write any particular ship's manifest. After studying the Qotsa, and realizing it was not yet listed I submitted a request to Captain Allen personally. My specialty is trans-xeno-mechanics, in engineering this refers to technological solutions that are derived by way of combining technologies from that of many species to produce the best or most effective design methodology for any given mechanical construct. Our goal is to create and share knowledges in technology as the Borg have in order to beat them at their own game.
    As it turns out I have read many more of these manifests than most Captains, even many Captains in Section 31. [Trans-xeno-mechanics is in Section 32, it should be noted. However, with special permissions as I have previously described, it is my honor to claim reportage at this time.] The first notation other than personal considerations by any author is usually the starship namesake description. The Incessant, for example was named by Admiral Janeway via her description of the Borg and her first impressions of Defiant Class and similar small warships. She found out that the True Way, had been the main motivation behind the smaller warships and had maintained that there was no need for wonder, the Cardassians had always been as incessant as the Borg, or other enemies Starfleet has had, there was no mystery as to why honor them with such a war device.
    I had to look to the history of Captain Allen to discover the origins of the name Qotsa. At first I thought it to be an obscure reference to a species in the Gamma, or Delta quadrant, such as the Wadi. I had assumed so much, it had seemed logical, as Allen has exploration credits and trans-xeno-miscegenation is not a foreign diplomatic or scientific resolution for him. During one of my initial interviews with him I discovered that he was astounded that I understood so much about early Terran sub-cultural music formations. Apparently he thought I was making trans-referential comparisons between the species Qotsa and a vague Terran reference.
    "Whatever do you mean?" I inquired.
    "That was an interesting analogy about Gamma Quadrant integral relationships and The Queens of the Stone Age." I was to discover that this was a musical rock band hailing from the late 20th and early 21st centuries of Earth history, and Captain Allen was a connoisseur of esoteric and primitive eviscerations in audio-philism. Now that was a fascinating discover! I had heard of Zefram Cochrane's musical proclivities, and I believed that understanding his musical tastes might induce a more concrete exemplification of his philo-engineering design constructs, motivations, or intentions. The human passion for their ancient culture is strikingly similar to that of Vulcan in so many various ways, it is better to examine Balgron Zude's analysis on ambient xeno-psychology to this regard, as his considerations on the subject are factual and the most non-biased. Allen understood completely.
    "Ship namesakes, there is a lot of double talk, plain references, and after all Section 31 is like the Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, I suppose everyone should know that I'm completely excited about my musical inspirations, even if there is an ancient Wadi - seemingly related tribal species and archeological considerations thereof in the Gamma Quadrant with a similar sounding name. I'm sure when we destroy the Borg, we will finally have time to complete a historical analysis of our own galaxy." Allen's creative outlook must indeed coincide with his musical tastes, however, again, we leave that up to Scientists such as Zude.
    The Qotsa is a star cruiser with a modest compliment of 1000. She functions as a serviceable weapon and defense mechanism for Starfleet. To deter a variation of enemies she has various beam arrays to offer a wider range of tactical offense. She is equipped with two forward photon torpedoes, both are retrofitted augmentations, one retrofitted quantum torpedo, and one tricobalt mine torpedo. Her weapon systems average at Mark X and a half, yet her engineered warp and defense capabilities are closer to Mark XII, currently. Her plating offers as much defense as she offers a variety of offense.
    She has greatly improved turn radius, shield adaptations, and offensive systems. This improved cruiser is formidable. In science she lacks in various areas. I recommend a level 3 upgrade to systems in transporter technologies in order to accommodate large scale emergency beam outs, such as the recently deborgified, and vessels in distress. There are two large storage facilities near the medical bay of the Qotsa, and like her shuttle port these areas can be advanced with transporter configurations for more massive transporter beam activity. I would recommend she upgrade her weapon systems as soon as she is able, although she is a barracuda in space, larger fish still rule our galaxy, to use a Terran figure of speech.
    Her socio-dynamics include public parkways, promenade hallway structures in certain areas, a forward and aft space view congregation hall for dining and public events, a theater space, a gymnasium, several holodecks, five diplomatic conference rooms, and several sectional crew cafeterias which similarly function as social spaces. This also includes educational services, and subsequent infrastructure, day care for the very young, an arbortorium, and an adjoining parkway with an aquarium and promenade.
    I had thirty-six hours on board to service her for a double shift maintenance overview to see how her augmentations via Borg protocol standardizations were sizing up. I saw one late night theatrical photographic-motion display from early Terran history, I enjoyed a special luncheon with a special desert plate, which, apparently is Allen's favorite, there was a jubilant bar-fight between onboard holo-sport enthusiasts after a holo-game, which was apparently not staged, I read in the parkway near the aquarium, enjoying the light and the simulated breeze, after which the sectional cafe near my guest quarters had held a poker tournament, and there was also a discoteq in holodeck-three every second Thursday of the month which has a full wet bar and coincided with the tournament in an after poker party, during which I was invited to play on the Spacy Acey soccer team should I have had a longer tour of duty aboard. The opposing team is MBS1 Coaxials [Mars Base Sara One.] Half of the [in this specific instance mostly human,] Federation members aboard the Qotsa are indeed from Mars, or attended the Martian Federation Starfleet Academy, which initially specialized in quantified science and engineering prior to newer mid-23rd century standardizations. Just the same one third of the crew is Terran, another third is proto-humanoid, and yet another third of the crew has more complex proto-humanoid physiology. Allen believes that xeno-miscegenation is the key to equality in the universe. Allen recruited in known Marque controlled space-ports with the intension of creating onboard cultural variety. Allen also recruited in Deep Space Nine, Eta Eridani, and theTau Dewa sectors for this purpose, alliancing with known Klingon / Federation sympathizers to ensure a cultural cross training program, especially keeping in mind current standards in Borg, Elachi, and Tholian emergency diplomatic protocols.
    The Qotsa has been in all standardized sectors related to Starfleet operations in the galaxy. I look forward to updating her file as she continues to be a new exemplification in the fleet.
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    Section 31 Report

    Personnel name: Voporak
    Rank: Federation Admiral
    Specializations: Weapons, battle strategies and tactics, temporal mechanics
    Ship under command: U.S.S. Black Phantom, Sao Paulo class, registry NX-92976-A
    Danger level: Extreme

    ...my advice is, avoid Voporak at all costs.

    Warning: All other information has been wiped from computer memory by [REDACTED], access code Epsilon-Zeta-Gamma-1-1-9-0-3-2-5-7-Alpha-6-1-7-Sigma-Delta-3-2-5-7-1-6-Omega.
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    File 007001 - Melati Kusumu

    -What: Admiral Melati Kusumu is a Starfleet engineer officer. She usually flies an Odyssey(USS Doom Serpent), but occasionally flies a Galaxy-X(USS Norman).

    -Who: Admiral Kusumu is a an Orion/Kriosian hybrid. She's a refugee for political reasons, but loyal to the Federation.

    -Threat: She's more of an asset than a threat. Like most Orions, she's not one to let principles get in the way of what needs to be done.

    File 007002 - Beltran

    -What: General Beltran is an Orion tactical officer who has been seen commanding the IKS Dlasoh(a Chel Grett) and the IKS SovwI Zoey(a Vorcha).

    -Who: Beltran is an Orion marauder. He does what the Empire asks, as long as he gets to pillage from it's enemies.

    -Threat: While he poses a threat to the Federation, that threat is marginalized by his ambivalence to who he pillages from.

    File 007003 - Meghan Eridian

    -What: Admiral Eridian is a science officer who flies the USS Rachel-B(Nebula).

    -Who: Eridian is a Vorta from the Mirror universe. However, in some ways she seems to be similar to a Vorta Augment. Apparently she was experimented on by the Terran Empire, and thus has certain abilities, such as Telepathy, that other Vorta lack. She seems to be a capable officer, if a bit blood thirsty at times.

    -Threat: As a being of partially unknown origin, it's hard to be sure of her loyaties, but she hasn't displayed any sort of alternate loyalties. She has an active dislike for the Terran Empire, evne though in some wys she acts like them.

    traits: Accurate, Conservation of energy, Elusive, Resilient, Sturdy, Techie, Telekinesis, Telepathic, Photonic Capacitor

    File 007004 - Tetin

    -What: Tetin is an Andorian science officer who flies an Ambassador class ship.

    -Who: Little is known about this enigmatic figure. We have verified reports of her having visited almost everywhere in the Federation and beyond. But only rarely has she actually been SEEN in any of those places.

    -Threat: While she seems to be loyal to the Federation, her nebulous nature makes her untrustworthy. Also I'd love to know how she can go in public without being seen... ever. Apparently she once walked right past an operative who didn't even notice her presence.

    File 007005 - Chuft

    -What: Chuft is a tactical officer who flies the USS Traitor's Fangs, an MVAE.

    -Who: While his official record claims he's a Caitian, Chuft is actually a Kzinti. It's not clear exactly why he hates Klingons, but he hates them enough to be willing to join Starfleet so that he can make their lives miserable..... and short. Chuft is apparently fond of eating his enemies.

    -Threat: Chuft is a potential loose cannon. He does what he's supposed to.... for now. But it's hard to say how long this situation will last.

    File 007006 - Drexela

    -What: Drexela is a Starfleet engineer who flies the D'kyr class VSS Moldavian.

    -Who: Drexela is a rare case of a Trill becoming Joined after being removed from the Collective. Aside from that, she's not particularly interesting.

    -Threat: An alternate timeline version of her known as "Drexela Tilo" was a mercenary who merely worked for Starfleet instead of being a proper Starfleet officer. The exact specifics of that situation are unknown, but the main version ahs not displayed similar tendancies.

    File 007007 - 7 of 13

    -What: 7 of 13 is a Starfleet tactical officer and the commander of the USS Breen is Futile(a Chel Grett).

    -Who: The official record mentions that he is a Liberated Borg, but doesn't go into detail on the race. Most assume he's human simply because he looks like one. However he is actually an advanced cyborg called a "Terminator".

    -Threat: I'm not sure whether it's good or bad that his original programming was corrupted beyond repair... However the "restoration" of his programming left him loyal to the Federation. While curious about his origin, I'm not looking forward to meeting whoever built him.

    File 007008 - Monica Rappaccini

    -What: Admiral Rappaccini is a human Starfleet engineer who flies the U.S.S. L.A.N.L.(a Chimera).

    -Who: Her family has a history of wierd scientific endeavors, and she's no exception. She has done experiments in cybernetically enhancing herself. The results are somewhat unimpressive, but safer than use of Borg tech.

    -Threat: she could be realistically called a mad scientist. It's possible that she got a commision only because the admiralty was worried about what she might do if she didn't find a productive use for her talents....

    File 007009 - Carnlan Rixx

    -What: Admiral Rixx is a Bolian science officer who commands the USS Friesland(a Chel Grett).

    -Who: Aside from a fondness for exotic technology, he's a pretty typical Starfleet officer.

    -Threat: none, unless he tries something that backfires....

    File 007010 - Sekkoth

    -What: Admiral Sekkoth is a Starfleet tactical officer who flies the Congo(an Obelisk).

    -Who: The official record only mentions his Vulcan parentage, but some of Sekkoth's recent ancestors were Romulans. But aside from that he's a rather typical officer.

    -Threat: Aside from the obvious, none.

    File 007011 - Emani

    -What: The only thing know for sure about this figure is that she's a Liberated Borg Klingon engineer. There are unconfirmable reports that she flies an Orion carrier.

    -Who: Emani apparently works in the applied theoretical physics department of the Klingon Empire in a parallel timeline.

    -Threat: If she ever turns up in our timeline, she could pose a serious problem. In her timeline, she masterminded an attack on Vulcan that began with hijacking the Transwarp relay in orbit of Pluto. I still haven't managed to wrap my head around HOW she did it... all the explanations start with "it's impossible unless...." and end with something that goes over my head. Anyone that smart would be a serious threat to the security of the Federation if she existed in this timeline.

    File 007012 - Diaula

    -What: Diaula is a Romulan science officer who commands the RRW Vassam(a T'Varo)

    -Who: Diaula is apparently one of those Romulans who took the loss of Romulus very badly. She has a giant tattoo that covers most of her face.

    -Threat: She's more of an ally than a threat.

    File 007013 - Emani

    -What: Emani is a Liberated Borg Romulan engineer who flies a D'Deridex named RRW G'Anohok.

    -Who: Liberated Borg Romulans are surprisingly common, but this one has proven herself in combat many times over.

    -Threat: Emani is an ally of the Empire. As such she's a threat, but only when the Empire's interests conflict with ours.

    File 007014 - Soheth

    -What: Admiral Soheth is a tactical officer in the Romulan Republic who flies a Mogai named RRW Rovaren.

    -Who: Not much is known about this individual. There is some evidence that Soheth might be at least part Garidian, but her precise origin is unknown. It is known that she has psionic powers though.

    -Threat: Minor. While she is largely an unknown, Soheth has not demonstrated any hostility to the Federation as yet.
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    S31 > Material > Fleet Assets > Starfleet > Prize Vessels > Terran Empire > Recommissioned > U.S.S. Shimmering > History and Status

    Service with the Terran Empire

    Construction: The data is incomplete, but records retrieved from the vessels' computers indicate that the Shimmering was the fourth in a series of five advanced Imperial reconnaissance vessels built between 2401-2407.

    Known sister vessels include: ISS Radiant (destroyed), ISS Lustrous, ISS Iridescent (destroyed), ISS Glorious

    Original Role: The vessels was originally constructed with advanced, long-range passive sensor suites that allow it to monitor wide areas of space without giving its position away. Additional computing power and what appears to have been specialized cryptography and information warfare software were included. The ship seems to have been designed to operate for long periods of time in Federation space, monitoring signals traffic, and occasionally posing as a Federation vessel in order to antagonize and sour Starfleet relations with the Romulans on behalf of the Tholian Assembly

    Original Capabilities: Functionally identical to a Luna-class vessel in terms of combat performance, shield capacity, and maneuverability.

    Contact with the Romulan Empire:

    24011-2412: The Shimmering has been provsionally identified as one of the vessels involved in several hit-and-run strikes on Romulan shipping. Though the diplomatic fallout was minimal, it did stir up some resentment towards the Federation in the Romulan populace in the area.

    Ha'Zhad Incident: The Shimmering attempted to blockade the Romulan breakaway colony at Ha'Zhad near the end of 2012. A freighter was destroyed and the ship's powerful information warfare capabilities prevented the colonists from calling for help. A small, two-man trading vessel managed to send a distress signal, however, before fleeing the system.

    Contact with the Federation

    Battle at Ha'Zhad:

    Federation Assets (overview): The USS Bride of Quiet, commanded by the Arkathian Commander Khas Ke'rat, was originally a test-bed vessel and not intended for combat. It was, nevertheless, pressed into duty as a second-line patrol ship following the Dominion war. It's power distribution systems were considered unreliable, high-maintenance affairs and the vessel was unable to exceed Warp 8.2. The Bride of Quiet was armed with a high-capacity mine-transport system in a converted cargo-bays to make up for the fact that the Bride of Quiet was never fitted with photon torpedo launchers.

    Imperial Assets (overview): The ISS Shimmering, commanded by the Terran Captain Tycho Murphy. It was operating within normal parameters for a vessel of its class and was, in terms of speed, armament, and shielding, more than a match for the smaller Bride.

    Resolution: After several exchanges of fire, in which the Bride fared poorly, Commander Ke'rat opted to play dead. The Bride's unorthodox, patched-together power exchange systems were able to spoof the Shimmering's sensors, appearing to be on the verge of total catastrophic collapse. Commander Ke'rat sent a communication throwing himself at the mercy of the Terran Captain Murphy and offered to surrender his ship. Murphy accepted and brought the Shimmering into transporter range. As the Shimmering's boarding details started transporting over, the Bride of Quiet emitted a subspace burst that temporarily brought the Shimmering's systems offline at the cost of setting its own warp-core into melt-down. Commander Ke'rat took advantage of his own vessels high-capacity mine transporter systems and quickly transferred most of his crew to the Shimmering. Remaining crew on the Bride of Quiet evacuated via escape pods while the Imperial boarding parties remained trapped on the Bride. After a bloody engagement, Command Ke'rat managed to capture the Shimmering mostly intact. The Bride of Quiet self-destructed and was lost.

    History with the Federation:

    Recovery and Evaluation: The ISS Shimmering was brought to the Varna shipyards for evaluation, where Starfleet Intelligence recovered a great deal of information on the Terran Empire's activities as of late, along with the ship's more esoteric systems. The ship's weapons and shields were left-intact, however, and Starfleet soon found a suitable use for the vessel.

    Aiding the Remans: The ISS Shimmering, operating again under the recently promoted Captain Khas Ke'rat was dispatched to quietly assist the Reman separatists operating against the Tal Shiar. The vessel's transponder codes were left in-tact and the vessel itself appeared, for all intents and purposes, to be an Imperial ship. This gave the Federation some degree of plausible deniability should the vessel be discovered by the Tal Shiar. The vessel would be engaged in several minor skirmishes over the next year and a half.

    Battle at Zorba: The ISS Shimmering was operating near Zorba when the Reman outpost there was attacked by pair of Romulan Warbirds. The Shimmering responded to the outpost's distress call and it, along with the outpost's compliment of 3 old T'varo-class ships, engaged the much more powerful Tal Shiar ships. The Shimmering's arrival caught the Romulan ships off-guard and it managed to destroy one of the Warbirds in a fierce, short-range engagement. The second Warbird now-outmatched, retreated. The Shimmering, badly damaged in the engagement, was repaired by the Remans out of gratitude and to keep the ship nearby.

    Reman Refit: The Remans made a few minor modifications to the vessel, most of which are cosmetic. The outer hull was layered in a Reman-manufactured ablative coating and the ship's damaged weapons systems were replaced with their Reman equivalents. Starfleet intelligence authorized the modifications as they would further remove the vessel from its apparent service to Starfleet.

    Romulan Republic: Given the ship's role in assisting the Remans, it seemed natural for the vessel to continue its semi-diplomatic role by aiding the Romulan Republic. It, along with several other Federation vessels are are currently seconded to the Romulan Republic as a good-will gesture. The commander of the Republic fleet has allowed the Shimmering to maintain its Romulan and Reman-derived technology for the time being.

    Current Status:

    The Shimmering, recommissioned as the USS Shimmering, operates more-or-less on permanent patrol of the Tau Dewa sector under a limited command agreement with the Romulan Republic. As part of the agreement made with Republic High Command, the vessel maintains several dozen Romulan and Reman officers as part of its regular crew compliment, but is largely commanded by Starfleet personnel. To avoid diplomatic incidents, the ship is limited to good-will missions aiding Republic colonies against incursions by other powers and occasional investigations into Tholian activities.

    Should relations with the Republic turn sour, the ship is considered a diplomatic incident waiting to happen. Section 31 would rather keep the vessel's hybrid technology in-tact, so several plans have been made to secure it.

    It is currently commanded by Shanda V'ral, who had serviced as the ship's first officer under Khas Ke'rat's command. She seems unaware of our infiltration of the ship's crew.
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    The light was intense. Agent Corin Plys was not only sweating from the heat of the lamp, but also from the gaze of his superior officer standing to his right. The metal table where Corin sat was slowly radiating heat from the lap as well, making his palms wet. His mind was racing with many thoughts as the temperature was distracting him from the mental exercise. He thought about taking off his shirt and splashing into a cool waters of some perfect lagoon somewhere else but here. The idea of standing under a frigid waterfall in an arctic area while naked quickly replaced the lagoon. Then the image of an Excelsior-Retrofit class starship burst through the waterfall as Corin forced himself back into the present. It didn't make the discomfort any better and he licked the perspiration from his top lip.

    "USS Solaris, Excelsior Retrofit, commission date 2399, Deneb V shipyards ... current command by ... Kathleen Beringer." Corin looked at the PADD on the table. He could see data was available on the subject of his 'interrogation', but the angle of the screen made the PADD useless. he rubbed the bruise on his right hand from his last attempt to use it.

    "False! Try again." The superior officer wore the black of Section 31. A patch covered his left eye and a scar ran across his chin from ear to ear. He was leaning close to Corin's ear and smiled as he chided the agent.

    Corin licked his lip again. Which part?! His lips trembled slightly as he tried to recall what he studied, then it came to him like a phaser pulse. "Kathryn! Kathryn Beringer."

    "Good." He stood and took a few steps around the other side of Corin's chair. "Tactical threat assessment."

    The agent's confidence surged through the discomfort. He enjoyed learning about starships more than people: there was more order in service records and history in his mind. Corin smiled a little as he recalled what he planned to say. "The hull of Solaris is relatively new and the Retrofit required Duranium reinforcement due to the extra stresses placed on the ship. The four Scarbak IX mass driver impulse engines are made specifically for the Excelsior-type ... " Corin realized he was off track after looking up to his superior and noticed a frown forming.

    "Er, the Solaris has been fitted with rare Federation-syle Spiral Wave Beam Arrays. Captain Beringer was authorized to replaced the standard Akira-type photon torpedo launchers with a missile launcher system. Although forward firing only, the wide arc of fire adds to the destructive potential of the ship. She is also favoring the use of mines. Both auxiliary weapons provides a non-traditional offense profile."

    "Well done Agent Plys. What of her Captain?"

    "Him, sir. Beringer refers to her ships in the masculine tense."

    The superior raised an eyebrow. "Impressive note, Plys." He picked up the PADD and scrolled through information. After a few seconds he said, "proceed."

    Corin cleared his throat and looked at the PADD. His confidence wavered but he sensed he was on a roll. Somehow the heat was not as intense as before, yet it didn't stop the bead of sweat rolling down his chest. "Kathryn Selena Beringer, 32 years old. Six feet tall, burgundy hair, grey eyes. Born in Las Vegas, Western Corridor. Her family was on the SS Triantar en route to the Hesperus II colony when it was attacked by Orion Syndicate ships. She was the only survivor from her family and sent to the Dilithium mines on Nurga Prime."

    The superior did not look away from the PADD. With his frown in-place he only nodded as Corin spoke. "Her record of her time at the mines is incomplete. Why."

    The agent shrugged and then quickly looked to the superior hoping he did not see the action. Seeing the superior's back was to him, Corin mentally relaxed. "Even during the entrance assessment at the Academy, Beringer was not forthcoming. In my report is an attachment from a mind-meld session with one Counselor A'Mand. It is her recommendation that Beringer's record be reviewed periodically due to deep-rooted anger against the Syndicate specifically and the slave-trade generally. There are a few records of Beringer taking unusual personal risks or even not follow protocol to satisfy her vendetta. She has been absolved of all action so far because of her otherwise exemplary service record."

    The superior turned on his heel and placed the PADD on the table, then leaned in toward the agent. "Threat Assessment?"

    Corin forced himself not too look away. Licking his lips, he hoped this process was ending soon. "Beringer has a personal agenda but it can be considered to be aligned within acceptable parameters. She is a risk-taker but also within acceptable parameters and is demonstrably well-versed with Starfleet regulations and protocols as befits her rank. My contact on board Solaris says she is well-liked and popular with the crew. I am still researching a potential romantic involvement with another Captain ..."

    The superior's eyebrow raised as Corin paused.

    "Daniker. Daiker. Daikar! Of the ..." Corin started snapping his fingers trying to recall the name of a starship; an old habit until the words came to him. "U.S.S. Cordorba!

    Standing straight, the superior asked, 'so that is not confirmed." It was not a question.

    Corin shook his head, a drop of sweat landed on one hand. "So far there is nothing to substantiate the rumor." Logically, it is not fact."

    The superior nodded his head. Corin cleared his throat and continued.

    "Based on official and anecdotal records, it is my estimation that if backed into a corner, Beringer would not only stay on Starfleet's side, she would do it out of a personal sense of honor, conviction and duty. If any action or orders provide her an opportunity to take action against the Syndicate she would complete the mission with verve."


    Corin blushed under the harsh light and gaze from his superior. 'Yes, sir."
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    Literary Challenge #58: REDACTED

    LC58: Data Archive 185132119
    Captain's Log, Stardate 91700.4. The Federation's negotiations with the Sheliak have succeeded marvelously; the Sheliak are now on speaking terms with the Republic and the Federation has improved relations with both parties. Now I just have to explain to Starfleet Intelligence where I left the Sheliak expert they assigned to the Lord English, because she was in the brig one moment, and the next moment, she was not. The English will be at Earth Spacedock until I finish.


    Junior Inquisitor Odala Venna was quite unhappy with her lot in life. As a member of the Ministry of Catechisms, she was supposed to be rooting out Heresy aboard the many Voth city-ships that plied the Delta Quadrant, slowly climbing the corporate companionway until she reached a cushy High Inquisitor job, complete with unrestricted travel privileges and her very own Dacentrus-class Exosuit. Instead, she was assigned to Colonel Ral'zzek's long-range penetration mission deep into mammalian space. She opened her log and started recording for the day.

    "To: the Ministry of Catechisms. Our mission into mammalian space continues to go well. However, the mission commander has deemed the standard inquisitorial staff superfluous and has reassigned everyone except Senior Inquisitor Faluk to menial duties. I would like him and his entire command monitored for Heresy. From Junior Inquisitor Odala Venna."

    Once she returned to Voth space, Odala intended for everyone who sent her on this coprolitic mission to be denounced for Heresy; that will show them not to mess with her. In the meantime, the colonel assigned her to data mining duties, a job well suited to inquisitors whose duties back home included monitoring the information of Voth citizens. Today she would be dissecting a data core from a Federation mammal ship, the USS Weeping Angel...


    X units of time ago...


    Franklin Drake was in the secret Section 31 room of the secret Section 31 ship USS Weeping Angel in the Otha system. Once he finished updating the file, he was going to return to Klingon space to do Section 31 things.

    "Access Section 31 data archive 185132119, authorization Drake-6-4-Foxtrot-Delta-Record. This is an update on the S31 file of Remus Lee, commanding officer of the USS Lord English, following the events of Delta Solanae and the rediscovery of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere."

    In the middle of the secret room, a hologram began forming.

    "Data archive 185132119 active. Please state command."

    In the middle of the room, a holographic representation of Admiral Remus Lee of the USS Lord English materialized. The hologram saw Drake and genuflected.

    "What is thy bidding, my master?" the hologram declared.

    Drake frowned. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't get rid of the hologram's glib sense of humor. The programmers at the Section 31 Fleet starbase suggested that the uploading of Lee's psychological profile to the archive caused the hologram's quirks.

    "It's archive updating time again. We have Voth commanders, Undine infiltrators, and Iconian gateways in this batch," Drake said, holding up a combadge. "The badge recorded a lot of information this time, so you'll be shut down much longer."
    "I hate updating," Holo-Lee replied. "I always wake up with a headache after learning so much in a short period of time. It feels like Rectyne monopods dancing on my cerebellum, or so the saying goes."
    "It's what you've been programmed to do," Drake replied. "By analyzing every bit of information we get from Lee, you will be able to predict his movements and check for anomalies in his behavior, which will pay off if he ever gets replaced by an Undine. Now go to sleep."
    "To sleep, perchance to dreeeeaaaaammmmm..." Holo-Lee replied as he dematerialized.

    Drake opened a console and took out an optronic data core, then inserted the combadge into a slot on the core. He put the core in a satchel before leaving the secret room of the Weeping Angel. There was much for him to do before he could return to Klingon space, but he figured confirming reports of Voth activity in the Otha system wouldn't take long. Just a quick shuttlehop to meet with planetside agents.


    When it came to cracking mammalian digital security, Odala wasn't exceptionally good, but she was skilled enough to be able to work without oversight from other inquisitors. The assorted mammals from the organization called "Federation" created more complex security algorithms than the "Klingon" mammals, but they were still vulnerable to infiltration by the sort of synaptic interface that the Voth commonly use to pilot vehicles. Such simple creatures, mammals.

    "Odala, Faluk wants to know when you'll be done," a Voth medic told her. "The Colonel wants to go on another reconnaissance mission and needs an available inquisitor to be on hand in case a Ceratopsid breaks down."
    "Tell Faluk I'm still in the middle of mining data from the mammalian core Spec Ops recovered from the crashed shuttle earlier today," she replied irately. "If he wants an inquisitor, why doesn't he ask Tova? I'm sure he's got nothing better to do."
    "Tova's on a long-term assignment tracking the movements of the mammals," the medic replied. "It's hard enough that all the mammals on this planet are always in stealth like angry ghosts until they attack, and none of the crew wants an invisible mammal to stumble upon our cloaked base."
    "Well, I'm busy," Odala replied. "Find someone else, and I won't put your intrusion into my work in my report to the Ministry of Catechisms."

    The Voth medic backed off and left Odala alone. She turned back to the core she was performing a synaptic net dive on.

    "Bosses, am I right? They want everything right now and they want it their way, as the saying goes."

    Odala looked at the data core. Coming out of the tech cube on top was a tiny head of a "Human" mammal. Her eyes widened as she kept staring at the head. Slowly her hand reached for an alarm button.

    "Wait!" the head cried as he materialized the rest of his body. "Don't do anything rash. I don't want your boss to find me, and you don't want to go yomping with your angry colonel, right? We can work something out that benefits both of us."

    Odala did hate having to go on excursions with the colonel. Her fingers left the call button and placed themselves on the cybernetic nodes on the data core.

    Who are you? she asked through her synaptic interface. What can you do for me that would keep me from disassembling you byte by byte?
    "I'm a Federation hologram," the small Human replied. "My template is based off of one of Starfleet's most decorated Admirals, Remus Lee of the USS Lord English. My handlers call me Holo-Lee."

    Odala was familiar with the name; she read it multiple times in the messages of the Voth traitor Nelen Exil, spouting Heresies about the dangers of the Omega particle sphere to this admiral.

    What skills does a mammalian hologram have to offer that would even be close to half a Voth program's skills? she challenged.
    "Not to brag, but I am a copy of a highly-decorated Starfleet officer with commendations in the six major starship operations, an ambassador in the highly competitive world of Federation diplomacy, and recipient of the highest military honors in the Federation Starfleet," Holo-Lee replied. "Why don't I show you first-hand? I can show you the world of Lee, shining, shimmering, splendid, as the saying goes."

    With that, Holo-Lee dematerialized again. Odala keeled over in her chair and entered Voth suspended hibernation.


    On the bridge of the Lord English, Admiral Remus Lee commanded his crew as they flew through the interior of a Voth Fortress ship. All around him, crew members were working at fever pitch on consoles attempting to keep the English from being atomized by Voth weapons fire. Outside the viewports, a glowing Voth power core absorbed heavy amounts of fire from the Lord English and allied ships. Odala was dismayed to see the mighty Voth power core shatter from the mammalian assault.

    "Isn't it ironic? Twenty million years of adherence to Doctrine and the Voth still can't defend themselves from species which have spent 1/100000th as much time in space. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, or so the saying goes."

    Odala turned to the voice behind her. It was the same person as was sitting in the captain's seat- or not. She quickly realized that nobody on the bridge could see her except for Holo-Lee behind her.

    "This was only a minor setback," she replied. "If the Voth really wanted to exterminate you mammals, the Ministry of Elders would have driven you back to your holes in the ground. All these actions do is needlessly waste lives on both sides in a fruitless effort to stifle the evolution of Voth culture."

    Odala turned around and saw a battlezone in the interior of the Omega particle sphere. There, she saw Admiral Lee directing an assault on a Viriosaurus Rex, which crumpled under the blistering fire of multiple squads of allied mammals. Odala could see that contrary to the official statements of the Ministry of Elders, these mammals were extremely dangerous and powerfully armed.

    "What is your purpose in showing me all these images?" Odala asked. "Do you think that showing off your minor triumphs will show the Voth that mammals are to be respected?"
    "Well, actually, I thought that showing you skills that beat Voth would convince you that I'm the perfect guy to help you, y'know, beat your superiors and get you where you want to go," Holo-Lee replied from the corpse of the dead V-Rex.
    "This shows me nothing save the brute force tactics of mammals. Show me that a mammal's brain is even half as complex as a Voth's, if you hope to outwit the inquisitors."
    "Outwitting the enemy, eh? Well, the customer is always right, as the saying goes. Let's find something for you," Holo-Lee replied. The scenery changed again as Holo-Lee delved deeper into Lee's experiences.


    Time passed, although how much time actually passed Odala could not tell. She continued to experience Admiral Lee's missions as an observer. In one instance she saw him breach a space station and take on its occupying force single-handedly (These "Jem'Hadar" must not be that good, she thought). In another instance she saw him guide his ship into battle against the cybernetically-enhanced abductor mammals known as the Borg (The Borg might be a match for a lone Voth ship in space but even their largest ships are small compared to ours, she noted).

    "So, what do you think?" Holo-Lee asked Odala from the viewscreen of the Lord English. "Don't count us mammals out when it comes to adaptability. We can handle anything thrown at us, and I can handle anything you need me to do."
    "The Voth have spent the last twenty million years honing their craft; programs which have been in place before your ancestors even learned how to stand upright will stop you before you even have a chance to upload yourself to another server," Odala replied. "I see now that you offer nothing that can benefit me other than the data you store on the mammals themselves, and even that benefits my superiors more than it does me. It's time to end your pitiful grandstanding."

    Odala attempted to bring herself out of her suspended hibernation, but to her concern, she found herself still stuck in her cybernetic matrix. The environment changed to a green-tinted space station. The mental facsimile of Admiral Lee was standing over a dead mammal Odala learned was called "Romulan" as a dark-skinned hairless mammal turned to look at her.

    "Going so soon?" the hairless mammal asked Odala with the voice of Holo-Lee. "You haven't even begun to see how deep Lee's actions go in fighting his enemies. Here you see one of his nadirs, a mission to Vendor Station where he personally slaughtered a Romulan research crew only to find out it was a plot by an extragalactic power to cause strife and disorder."

    Holo-Lee's visage began to contort horribly, becoming more and more unsightly until it changed into a three-legged grotesquery. For the first time in her life, Odala began feeling dread at the sight of a mammal. She tapped at her synaptic interface in a vain attempt to wake up.

    "It's quite interesting, really," Holo-Lee continued. "Reading from his logs after this incident, Lee shows less concern about the deaths of the more-or-less innocent Romulans he put to death and more concern about the fact that they died to further someone else's agenda. His entire career is marked with mass killings and shadowy missions. To him, every foe he kills is just another statistic for him in his quest to collect accolades for himself."

    The grotesque Holo-Lee moved on Odala.

    "Did you know he killed one thousand Voth in the Dyson Sphere battlezone in the space of three days? What's one more Voth to him? A single death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic, or so the saying goes."


    "Odala, five minutes have passed. Have you gotten anywhere with that data core? Faluk really wants you on patrol with the Colonel."

    The same Voth medic from before popped his head into Odala's work area. Odala turned around in her seat, holding the data core.

    "I've just finished. The data inside was too heavily damaged for me to salvage, so it's the end of that."

    Odala threw the data core aside and stood up.

    "So, where does the big boss want us?" she asked.
    "Well," the medic responded. "The colonel is still waiting for Faluk to send him an inquisitor to carry spare parts; I assume they're still waiting in the launch bay."
    "Alright then, I'll head for the launch bay as soon as I finish cleaning up," Odala replied.
    "You seem to be much more amiable after you started hooking up to that mammalian data core. Should I check you over?" the medic asked.
    "Oh no, I just feel much better now that I'm done scanning," she replied. "I think it's time to go out, get some fresh air, smell the thunder leeks, or so the saying goes."
    "That's a saying?" the medic inquired quizzically.
    "Well, I can make it one if you want to help me spread it," she conceded.

    Section 31 Security Log, Stardate 91702.2. The infiltration of the Voth presence in the Otha system has succeeded. Data archive 185132119 was able to take control of one of the Voth stationed on Otha and as a result we have detailed scans of the 277 Voth infiltrators currently on the planet. I have decided to leave the Voth to their own devices and to the whims of the "angry ghosts" that prowl the planet, at least until we can discover the amount of cooperation the Voth have with other powers in the Alpha Quadrant. Computer, file log under archive Drake 4181115.
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