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Indecision on which build

onem4nfunnyfarmonem4nfunnyfarm Member Posts: 0 Arc User
edited November 2013 in Federation Discussion
So I've been meaning to go after one of the C-store ships. So I was going to go for the Atrox Carrier line and try for a carrier build as an engineering captain. But then I see the wicked sweet Vesta line that was released the other day which also has a hangar (albeit only 1 to the atrox's 2).

So I'm now looking at whether I should go for a carrier build and get the atrox, or take up the vesta line and figure out another engineer build that compliments the hybrid versatility that the ship entails (tank or healing).

Addendum: Going PvE.
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  • baudlbaudl Member Posts: 3,979 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    most people that got the atrox carrier regret it...the free obelisk is simply better anyway, if you want to play carrier style. (which isn't really a style of play, just has hangar pets to play with)

    nobody ever regrets the vesta bundle, no matter what class. One of the best ships for feds anyway.
    atrox, not so much.
    Go pro or go home
  • cepholapoidcepholapoid Member Posts: 284 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    Just fwi, the vesta has been out for a long time now.
    But it really depends on your play style when it comes to ships. The Atrox is a bit lackluster, but its getting a fleet upgrade which could be nice. The Vesta would be more of a sci dogfighter of sorts when compared to the atrox
  • coffeemikecoffeemike Member Posts: 942 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    Get the free carrier to try out. Then get the Vesta if you don't like an engineering heavy carrier
  • reginamala78reginamala78 Member Posts: 4,593 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    If you want to do a carrier, do it with a Klingon alt. They get the Vo'quv for free, or the Mirror Vo'quv for cheap, and both are superior to the Atrox (largely because of superior Klingon carrier pets). Vesta is a nice ship, either very science heavy or if you want to do a sort of science-escort hybrid. The hangar is more an supplemental bonus than a lead weapon though, not so much a carrier as a science ship that also has pets.

    What you using now?
  • onem4nfunnyfarmonem4nfunnyfarm Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    What you using now?

    Using a tal-shiar adapted destroyer with dual plasma cannons and a plasma + tetyron torpedo at fore with turret and breen cluster torpedo mounted on aft (used to be mines but those don't work very well when your more focused on torpedo and cannon fire).

    It's not a well made build (especially since I'm a returning player), and I miss using my beam cruiser tbh. But I figured if I'm going PvE or STF I should go for a support role and use a versatile craft.
  • reginamala78reginamala78 Member Posts: 4,593 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    Powerful and versatile ship. With those universals you could turn it easily into a half-sci ship, or dual engineering and do some A2B-FAW nastiness, or lots of things besides straight up destroyer. It also makes me say, even more, try an alt in a different faction, see what else they have to offer.
  • warmaker001bwarmaker001b Member Posts: 9,062 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    If you like heavy Science usage and Carrier play, the Atrox will fit the bill but I'm not impressed with the Stalker fighters and most of the Fed hangar units. For firepower, it's the weakest of all the carriers in the game. It can however take tremendous pounding even in PVP.

    The Vesta is wildly popular and is very flexible. Not my cup of tea for my Fed SCI because it's so blatantly powerful and all-encompassing in what it can do, but it is a powerful ship.

    Also, if you really want to see the full spectrum of useful Carrier play, you need to go KDF. Excluding lockbox ship specific hangar units, KDF hangar units are more useful and nice all around. There are 2 KDF dedicated Carriers, the original Carrier of the game, the Vo'Quv (and later Mirror version), and Kar'Fi (8 turn rate, offensive carrier), and their unique frigates are very good (BOP and Fer'Jai, respectively). The KDF carrier play is much more fleshed out because the KDF was the original carrier faction, and the only one with a carrier for quite a stretch in this game.
  • amincielbleuamincielbleu Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited November 2013
    Using a tal-shiar adapted destroyer with dual plasma cannons [...]

    If you already own one of those wonderful destroyer, you probably don't want tbe worse-off in a Fed carrier. As the previous comment states, the Klingon carriers are good. The same cannot be said about the Fed carriers, unless you want to spend as much as for your destroyer again and buy a Jem'Hadar Dreadnought.

    As an engineer, you will enjoy "pseudo-tanking" in a destroyer if you equip your ship in a meaningful way. The dual cannons and turrets are fine, but torpedoes are likely to take precious points away from the engineering department (you will find useful to put 6 points out of nine almost everywhere) and to occupy precious tactical B-Off slots (instead of tactical team, cannon scatter volley, two attack patterns including omega 3... much better than any torpedo skill because you only have ten B-Off slots !).
    You will need two Lt engineers with defensive skills (Emergency Power to Shields should be one of them) and twice Auxilliary power to Batteries (in order to cut the cooldown of your other skills, embark Technician Duty Officers and activate Aux2Batt as often as possible). Your scientific Lt-Cmd B-Off will heal your hull with Hazard Emitter ; I recommend Tractor Beam Repulsor and maybe Gravity Well 1 as your other science abilities (yet be careful not to use GW1 at the start of a fight against a Voth cruiser, it would reflect the damage upon you).

    With such a setup and your captain abilities, you will have an extremely durable ship, taking advantage of an engineer captain to make a lot of damage without endangering the survival of its team ! In the current state of the game, it's probably more effective than any cruiser (and certainly more effective and fun than Fed carriers), because the cruisers suffer from the "wasted commander" problem in PvE (no engineer commander skill can remotely match Attack Pattern Omega 3 or some scientific commander skills ; PvP is of course another story).

    If you really like a slow-turning cruiser and are willing to spend some energy credits on it, I would advise you to choose the Tal Shiar Battle Cruiser. Since you already have the Tal Shiar Destroyer, you could use the full Tal Shiar space set. It's not a carrier, but it's the only cruiser with a universal commander slot. It's expensive and it's not more effective than what you already have, but it's a cruiser.

    In all cases have fun !
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