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Star Trek Online: Lord English Index

zidanetribalzidanetribal Member Posts: 218 Arc User
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In order to organize my LCs so I don't have to keep clicking into the LC index, I'm making a new thread. With the change to the forums, links now will be in two forms, an original in-forum link to the original thread and a direct external link to fanfiction.net for immediate access to stories.
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  • zidanetribalzidanetribal Member Posts: 218 Arc User
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    LC01: Heritor/Alternate Link
    LC02: Department Head-aches/AL
    LC03: Natural 20/AL
    LC04: Testing Positive/AL
    LC05: Glass Spider/AL
    LC06: The Sound of Cats/AL
    LC07: Lord English Sketch/AL
    LC08: A Prize in Deep Space/AL
    LC09: Super Cruise Ship Level Detective /AL
    LC10: Stopped Cold/AL
    LC11: <REDACTED>
    LC12: <REDACTED>
    LC13: <REDACTED>
    LC14: <REDACTED>
    LC15: <REDACTED>
    LC16: <REDACTED>
    LC17: <REDACTED>
    LC18: <REDACTED>
    LC19: <REDACTED>
    LC20: <REDACTED>
    LC21: <REDACTED>
    LC22: <REDACTED>
    LC23: <REDACTED>
    LC24: <REDACTED>
    LC25: <REDACTED>
    LC26: <REDACTED>
    LC27: <REDACTED>
    LC28: <REDACTED>
    LC29: <REDACTED>
    LC30: <REDACTED>
    LC31: <REDACTED>
    LC32: <REDACTED>
    LC33: <REDACTED>
    LC34: <REDACTED>
    LC35: <REDACTED>
    LC36: ONE/AL
    LC37: <REDACTED>
    LC38: <REDACTED>
    LC39: Drone Alone/AL
    LC41: Necrohol/AL
    LC42: Sleeping Set'leth/AL
    LC43: <REDACTED>
    LC44: Out of the Dragon's Den/AL
    LC45: <REDACTED>
    LC46: How to Tame Your Dragon
    LC47: 47/50
    LC48: Heroes of Vega
    LC49: Companion
    LC50: <REDACTED>
    LC51: Vulcan Isolation
    LC52: Victory is Q
    LC53: Blood on the Doorposts
    LC54: Sombra Negra
    LC55: Buzz
    LC56: Imagine the Audience Naked
    LC57: Huntress
    LC58: Data Archive 185132119
    LC59: <REDACTED>
    LC60: <REDACTED>
    LC61: A Rather Crude but Generally Decent Man Goes to War
    LC62: Part of a Balanced Breakfast
    LC63: Unholy Water
    LC64: <REDACTED>
    LC65: <REDACTED>
    LC66: <REDACTED>
    LC67: <REDACTED>
    LC68: Cultural Comparisons, and Free Candy Besides
    LC69: A Kot'baval Carol
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  • zidanetribalzidanetribal Member Posts: 218 Arc User
    Dramatis Personae

    Crew Members of the Odyssey-class USS Lord English, NCC-99413-A

    Command Officers
    Fleet Admiral Remus Yue-chung Lee
    Role: Commanding Officer
    Species: Human
    Age: 24
    The ship captain of USS Lord English. A talented, if immature, officer who earned his command fighting the Borg at Vega IX and has risen through the ranks since. Although his unprofessional manner concerns his superiors, his willingness to push the envelope for other's sakes endears him to both Starfleet Command and his crew.

    Commander Kay Jasmine Taylor
    Role: Executive Officer
    Species: Human
    Age: 22
    Rational and composed, Kay and Remus have served together for the majority of the latter's captaincy. She commands the Lord English whenever Remus is away from the ship, and serves in a "Team Mom" role to the English's crew. Her predecessor died in the line of duty, so she feels an added need to ensure the lives of those aboard Lord English.

    Tactical Department
    Commander Drevis Indoril Nethri
    Role: Chief Tactical Officer
    Species: Dunmer
    Age: 27
    A mysterious alien from way beyond Federation borders, Drevis has a very easy-going attitude and makes friends among the ship's crew easily. However, underneath his sparkling appearance is a whole mess of contradictory stories and impressions which makes pinning down his true past very hard to do.

    Commander Aranea Serket
    Role: Security Chief
    Species: Orion
    Age: 24
    A defector from the Mirror Universe, Aranea is the mirror counterpart of an Orion crime lord. Her sweet demeanor belies an incredibly tragic past and a sadistic streak which frightens even hardened warriors. She maintains a professional relationship with the rest of English's senior crew, but would like a companion to keep her company on a cold night.

    Commander Vorat'kax
    Role: Assault Squad Chief
    Species: Jem'Hadar
    Age: 9 months
    Gruff and taciturn like the rest of his species, Vorat'kax finds himself at odds with the less disciplined and more relaxed atmosphere of the Federation. When he's not fighting, he's always seen tweaking something military-related in order to make him a more efficient fighter. The closest thing he has to leisure is talking combat philosophies with Thot, the Breen deserter.

    Commander Thot
    Role: Chief Ground Warfare Specialist
    Species: Breen
    Age: 15
    Among the myriad aliens serving aboard Lord English, Thot is the most reclusive member of the crew. Thot is reluctant to reveal his non-duty activities or strike up conversations with the non-Breen on the English, with his closest non-Breen friend being the Jem'Hadar Vorat'kax.

    Engineering Department
    Commander T'Shaanat
    Role: Chief Engineer
    Species: Vulcan
    Age: 21
    A typical Vulcan with the typical Vulcan flair for logical thought and emotionless interactions, T'Shannat exemplifies the miracle worker engineer with her no-nonsense efficient engineering prowess. She is the go-to girl for all things engineering or logic-based, and sometimes joins the occasional girls' night out organized by Kay.

    Commander Kovat Vystan
    Role: Chief of Operations
    Species: Cardassian
    Age: 21
    Moody, dour, and a little unsettling, the Cardassian Chief of Operations of Lord English is a wunderkind amongst the post-Dominion War Cardassian generation. He is more comfortable hacking into a database than hobnobbing with superior officers, though he will help the Lord English out of sticky situations.

    Commander Ten of Twenty-Five
    Role: Chief Sensors Officer
    Species: Liberated Borg Human
    Age: 18
    Formerly Sabrina Honda, Ten of Twenty-Five is haunted by her relatively brief imprisonment in the Borg Collective, showing the occasional bout of self-doubt and fear. However, she is still capable of acting decisively and confidently in her duties, particularly in the company of her friends.

    Commander Prometheus R-66Y
    Role: Chief Systems Engineer
    Species: Android
    Age: 301
    An android first activated ninety years into the future, R-66Y served in the 29th century Temporal Starfleet before time shenanigans put him on the Lord English in 2409. He is programmed to follow the Temporal Prime Directive and Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, but he still finds time to interact with the crew on a friendly basis, despite lacking developed emotional programming.

    Commander Newa
    Role: Chief Technician
    Species: Caitian
    Age: 18
    The only sane cat amongst the English's crew, relatively speaking, Newa tolerates Remus' unprofessionalism the least, but she acknowledges his investment in the survival of his crew. She and other members of the senior crew her age get together often for shindigs.

    Sciences Department
    Commander Kira
    Role: Chief Science Officer
    Species: Klingon
    Age: 18
    Kira is a member of a Klingon family on the Federation side of the Klingon border, and thus less sympathetic to the Klingon Empire than many Klingons her age. She possesses a fiery temperament and is not above using verbal abuse to get her point across. She has a profound loyalty to the ship and its crew, which leads to very frank words when she believes their well-being is being affected.

    Commander Four of Thirteen
    Role: Chief Medical Officer
    Species: Liberated Borg Human
    Age: 72
    The drone formerly known as Edmund Tadakatsu Honda was a survivor of the Federation massacre at Wolf 359. He still has an aura of Borg assimilation hanging around him like an albatross, but sometimes he is able to warm up emotionally, especially in proximity to his granddaughter, Sabrina Honda.

    Commander Twimek
    Role: Senior Biochemist
    Species: Reman
    Age: 20
    Twimek is a former resistance fighter who has a debt to pay to Remus and is paying it off by serving aboard Lord English. He is a trustworthy and dependable person who can be counted on to offer medical knowledge on the many species which inhabit the regions of space in and around the Federation.

    Commander Liviana
    Role: Senior Research Lab Scientist
    Species: Romulan
    Age: 20
    Described by her colleagues at the Romulan Ministry of Science as "bubbly" and "perky", Liviana is one of the foremost scientific minds in the service of the Romulans. She is serving aboard the Lord English as part of an effort to improve relations between the Romulans and the Federation.

    Commander Jhamyn Othisi
    Role: Senior Counselor
    Species: Aenar
    Age: 19
    A demure and unassuming member of the English crew, Jhamyn is nonetheless essential in her role of healing the emotional wounds which the crew often encounters, and sometimes even inflicts on each other. She is someone that even enemies of the Federation consider a calming presence.

    Commander Nelen Exil
    Role: Senior Geologist
    Species: Voth
    Age: 60
    Considered young by Voth standards, Nelen is a Voth defector who now serves on the Lord English. He is an idealistic and open-minded scientist who believes the pursuit of knowledge should benefit all species. His greatest challenge is adapting to the less advanced systems of the Federation, but he does enjoy the challenge.

    Academy Abroad Cadets
    Cadet 2nd Year Juno Poplar Inselart
    Role: Science School Cadet
    Species: Human
    Age: 15
    Hailing from the Human Lunar colony of New Berlin, Juno is a 2nd year Cadet in the science track who is on the Lord English as part of Starfleet Academy's Academy Abroad program. She is a very reserved, weak-willed cadet who nonetheless has many talents that are brought out by the encouragement of her friends and superior officers. She is currently looking for a misplaced pair of X hairpins...

    Cadet 2nd Year Garaze Rela
    Role: Tactical School Cadet
    Species: Bajoran
    Age: 16
    Rela is the first member of her family to be born after the Cardassian Occupation and the first to leave Bajor. She is a very gregarious cadet who makes friends easily and obliviously draws the eyes of male cadets. She is a relatively simple person with great initiative and loyalty to her friends.

    Cadet 3rd Year Idouna Stadi
    Role: Science School Cadet
    Species: Betazoid
    Age: 17
    A well-mannered Betazoid cadet with a history of good grades and good citizenship, Idouna is an epitome of femininity whose only failing, so to speak, is an excess of empathy. She is very well liked and well regarded by everyone and would make a good wife and mother to some fortunate soul in the future if she wasn't involved in Starfleet.

    Cadet 3rd Year Salin
    Role: Engineering School Cadet
    Species: Saurian
    Age: 17
    A Saurian cadet who is a bit nerdy and boyish, almost the exact opposite of her roommate, Idouna. Nonetheless, she is a skilled engineer and a trustworthy cadet. She likes to dabble in the arts when she is not studying.
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