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Boot Camp Important Links to Remember!

drkfrontiersdrkfrontiers Member Posts: 2,477 Arc User
edited September 2014 in PvP Boot Camp
Welcome to Boot Camp Cadet!

To help you orientate yourself in your career we recommend that you keep a close eye on the following:

Your instructors do not only teach. They are constantly at work to help you optimize your build! Pay close attention to the PvP Boot Camp site which will assist you on all your future endeavors.

- Boot Camp NEEDS YOU! -

On the home tab of the site click on the "COMMS" Link, and take a few minutes to register on the site.

There is also the PUBLIC LIBRARY site - where you can find all sorts of useful information pertaining to ships etc.

How to find out about what's hot?

1.) The sub-forum is ALWAYS the number one source of information.

2.) The "COMMS" site is basically a duplication of what happens on the sub-forum, but it remains uncluttered of other forum items, so if ever you need to find something quickly, head on over. This is also a platform for communication, so that @Kolln, our VA Administration & Registrar can effectively communicate with all of you. That is why your registration on this site is so important.

Wishing you all well, and setting a course for tomorrow!
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