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new romulus makes me disconnect

dradymdradym Member Posts: 38 Arc User
after playing quite a bit today, i went back to new romulus (which ive been having issues there in the past) and it kicked my network adapter (a wired lan motherboard connection) off and i have to reset it. this has been happening and i have been thinking its on my end-which it can still be, BUT after playing for hours running aroung in tau dewa and running stfs, i decided theres something fishy, and am now posting on here about it.

this has been happening A LOT, and i get to play for about 5 or 10 minutes on new romulus, and i get disconnected(with a WIRED connection)i have to alt tab and reset my adapter to reconnect and keep playing. which means i cannot do the tagging daily quest and doing the missions is rough.

i havent done a lot of troubleshooting (its prolly a setting or something, or my motherboard is breaking-if its on my end), whatever the fix, it would bug me not to know why it happens in the first place
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  • grouchyotakugrouchyotaku Member Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    If its the network interface thats going down, its most likely something thats local. (after all, you're not directly connected to the STO Servers...)

    You may have a mismatch between what ever router you're connected to, and your own system as far as speed (10baseT, 100baseT, Gigabit) and duplex settings go. You may have to change the interface settings from 'auto-detect' to a hard coded manual setting. A bad cable or cable connection, (or even too long a cable length) can also cause these symptoms....
  • dradymdradym Member Posts: 38 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    thanks, ill check, its just really odd its such a specific occurance-only on new romulus, only in sto(but thats the only network intensive game im playing right now)

    i was having some other issues today, fixed them, so maybe its fixed too, im about to check
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