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  • drudgy
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    When are we getting goodies for my Galaxy-X! I sooooo want some saucer separation shotgun lance of doom!
  • ds9fan81
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    - Can we please get options to have any Dual Weapon to fire from one fire point
    This is already kinda present with dual beam banks on the galor. This would allow you to make the cannons launch from the proper spot on vorcha's ect.

    - Can the non C store ships please be put back to EC for unlock, it does not encorage tryign out new thigns and possible buying new ships if its so expensive (dilithium)
  • baloq
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    Having just recently acquired one (and quickly falling in love with it), I was wondering if there could be an update on the interior of the D'Kora Marauder? It just seems a tad TRIBBLE together, and with the wonderful artists at work a simple facelift mightn't be too much to ask.
    The reputation system got nerfed to prevent "power creep"; it's called an investment in time and money, and I think I should get a little something for my time and money like being able to stomp the TRIBBLE out of a new guy since I've been playing for three years now! :D
  • sharev
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    Will the lonely mission which is Terradome get some love soon? Possibly to resolve the Undine story thread? Also, will the fate of the Enterprise-E be revealed in game?
  • keppoch1
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    When will we be getting a new C-store KDF ship? Any indications on what it will be?

  • dareau
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    jam062307 wrote: »
    Will we see a T5 Connie or variant in 2013?

    With the recent "relaxation" of one of CBS's regulations - not all players owning a "non-faction" ship - all participants of the winter wonderland races now own a Breen Faction Cruiser, has the stance against a "combat worthy" T5 Connie been relaxed?
    Understandably, there may be issues with slotting the Connie as a full-bore cruiser, therefore retrofitting her into a science build (3/3 guns, sensor analysis, subsystem targetting, etc.) and using CBS's choice of 60's era or TMP skin would placate a large number of TOS fans. At the same time, re-skinning and inverting the nacelles on an Akira-class escort can provide a T5 worthy NX-Enterprise (ENT era) homage/entrant, so that all 6 major eras have T5 representation (NX = Ent, Connie = TOS, Excelsior = TMP, Defiant = DS9, Intrepid = Voy, Galaxy = TNG).

    While we're at the "upgrading older ships" discussion, is it even possible that the Oberth and Miranda might be retrofitted into "tugs", aka military-grade Tuffli freighters?
    Detecting big-time "anti-old-school" bias here. NX? Lobi. TOS/TMP Connie? Super-promotion-box. (aka the two hardest ways to get ships) Excelsior & all 3 TNG "big hero" ships? C-Store. Please Equalize...

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  • cowkiller75
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    hello I have a few questions

    1 It was said in the beginning year of the game the was talk of mini game's in the game. With in that we ask for POKER.. It was said it would take along time to do it. and it was a side job for the devs ... is there a update for poker. I would love to sit in ds9 or out fleet starbase and play some real poker for gold pressed lattnium.

    2. At the start of season seven you said you wanted to put more dilithium in the hands of the players. I have lots of unrefined dilithium on 4 toons. With no way to refine it. Will the 8000 refine cap ever be rasied.. I would pay zen for cap rasie.

    3 I'm one of the players who likes to pay zen for dilithium. since season 6 the dilithium has been way out of balance. I personly wont pay zen for dilithium unless I feel I'm getting my money worth out of it. Are you guys plan on rebalancing the dilithium exchange? 90 is way to low in my humble opinon.

    thank you and my i say POKER........maverick
  • thegreendragoon1
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    Will the Chimera and Odyssey ever see fleet stats? Right now a fleet escort carrier has more hull and a better turn rate than the Chimera. The Odyssey has a weaker hull than a fleet excelsior.
  • mountainmd
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    Are there any plans for Delta Quadrant content such as story lines and maybe Doffs like talaxians, kazon etc. also is there anything in the works for docking animations at starbases?
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  • idrona
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    Can we please get more payment options, that doesn't require a credit card?


    As it is now, the only way to add game time without buying the lifetime subscription is to get a valid game time code/card.

    I've recently been in contact with CS / PWE Customer Support and learned that since the game is now "free to play", you no longer manufacture copies of the game or game time cards.

    So we will have to find a retailer which still has game time cards in stock, and the only one that still seems to have them is which only accepts credit card (they offer other payment options that seems way too complicated to bother with), besides those aren't gonna last forever.

    (Repeated question from December's Ask Cryptic.)

    EDIT: Seeing some of the others excellent questions I don't blame you if you choose to not answer mine.
    Just make it so will suffice though. :P
  • drennun
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    Are there currently any plans in the works to allow players to further customize ship interiors and/or purchase upgrades that would allow more shipboard functions? The idea that you can explore your ship is GREAT, and would only be better by being able to showcase a creative lounge, or invite captains to a private dabo table.
  • sumghai
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    1) Will we see more BOff species in the future, such as the possible addition of tri-career Reman BOffs to the New Romulus Fleet Embassy stores, or Cardassians?

    2) Are there plans to make the standard range of Starfleet and KDF uniforms available to the special rewards BOffs? (e.g. Romulan, Reman, Breen, Jem'hadar)

    3) What plans does Cryptic have regarding functional and customisable ship interiors, including canon ones (e.g. Intrepid for Voyager), as per the following discussion?

    4) Will Cryptic consider allowing players to pay for reconfiguring their BOff station slots for their ships?

    5) Will we be able to get additional BOff costume slots?
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  • cabalsvk1
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    cause these two gives doesnt work at All. GaOr you kill the enemy and accolade dont reflect that. Tau dewa - - it counts even when you dont destroy enemy.
  • tk79
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    1) Would it be possible for the Account Bank to count for items that you have "available" in your logged-in character? For example, when turning contraband in, if you have none in your inventory and some in bank, the ones in bank get used. Same for regenerators when you're injured, crafting, etc. Could this functionality be extended to the Account Bank too? It would make me buy more account bank slots for sure.

    2) Why is the Omega Force Antiproton Autocarbine -- a weapon designed to fight the Borg -- so inefficient in practice? It fires small bursts so the Borg adapt to it faster. Are there any plans to make it a viable weapon against the Borg, as advertised?
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  • hippiejon
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    What potential reputation tracks have been discussed and which are most likely for us to see in the future ?
    PVP ?
    Foundry ?
    Dominion ?
    Temporal (with all those Wells showing up in Tau Dewa) ?
    brigadooom wrote: »
    Would you consider making a special feature episode starring T'TRIBBLE and Handsome Phaser Guy? :P

    If they don't, see my current sig :)
  • jkidd82
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    1. Would it be possible to have a reputation system so we can enhance the interiors of our ships, like we do for Fleet Starbases and Embassy's? Ex. constructing a Holodeck, Shuttle Bay, Armory, Phaser Range or picking NPC uniforms.

    2. Are any new content in development or ready to be release concerning the Iconians?

    3. Seeing that the Federation-Klingon War is becoming non-existence, are there any plans of reestablishing the alliance between the two powers?

    4. Any plans on adding more daily missions, such as more patrol missions or even escort duty for individual players and/or Fleets?

    5. Some of the doff missions would make excellent new PvE or PvP content for the game, has there been any thought to using some of those missions for players to do?

    6. How far into the future can we expect for the Delta or Gamma Quadrant to be add to the game?
  • nvek
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    Will there ever be a chance to have Playable Characters from The Klingon Empire playable in The Federation! I would love to Play a Gorn Federation Character!:D
  • lewstelamon01
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    One of my chief complaints about STO is the ease to reach the current level cap. When can we possibly see a raise to this? And will the ship selection be adjusted to reflect the change in levels? (e.g. new ships or enhanced versions of existing ones).

  • flazizlle0
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    Do you have any plans to fix the season 7 glitches? Such as when you character log you can lose fleet chat but can still read it, even when that char isn't in that fleet? And I had a fleet member who accidentally started a project because his client was lagfging before crashing. Any word on fixing the lag and the high occurence of crashing?
  • kirksplat
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    Q: If the look of the game is a high priority, why can't better Foundry props also be a high priority? A lot of our sets look ugly because we're missing vital things like ceilings. Our missions and the game itself would look better with a dozen long requested props.

    Rest of this isn't part of the question, but meant to clarify:

    We have no transporter pad prop, so we have to make transporters out of klingon barrels and all kinds of other things that don't really look good. This is the best I can do, and it took me 2 hours. It looks corny. I'd prefer to use one of STO's pads, instead of this one made with barrels, lamps, lights and KDF walls.

    We have no ceiling or floors so many of our custom builds are dark and ugly. We have one thing to use for starship floors, as seen in the pic. Or, we only have 1 or 2 walls that even look good together. Most don't fit together.

    1 new prop a week would make us happy, especially if it's something that we've needed and requested for a long time. And most of our requests are for things that a. are already made and in sto or. b. the example of a primitive with a seamless texture.

    We've been asking for 2 years for things like a flat primitive textured with a seamless carpet.
  • kingdoxy
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    Will GPL ever be useable for something besides holoemiters and trophies?

    Besides ships, can you tell us of any new items for sale soon in the Cstore?
  • crypticarmsman
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    When (if ever) is the Red Alert content going to be fixed so that a player doesn't end up in an empty instance even when the "RED ALERT" notification just popped on the screen? (This is VERY prevalent with the Tholian Red Alert content.)
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  • diogene0
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    Any plans on a linux version of our favourite game?
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  • cheroj
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    Q: Anatomically correct Caitians? Gorn get their own reptile feet, when will Caitians get feline feet? Not to mention they are missing their manes and have an incorrect number of busts.
  • pharhaun
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    1 - Any chance of seen Q costume or an Q NPC on the Foundry?

    2 - It is possible to add dynamics objects information in UI Lobi store (or others UI store) to avoid the risk of buying the same object twice? (Ex: "Already unlocked costume" on the outfit box before buying).

    3 - Any chance of seen Lobi Crystals in the Zen Store? Or seen Lobi vanity objects in the Zen Store? Having two ways to obtain this vanity objects will be nice and don't menace the sell of the keys...

    4 - is it possible to set up a special inventory for pets? Many Epohhs and vanity pets... Too many for the normal inventory (I have unlock all the inventory slots in C-Store but it is not enough ^^')

  • lordhavelock
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    Hello Dan,

    Happy New Year! Thanks for answering our questions. We appreciate your time!
    1) How did you spend your Holiday Vacation? I hope they were lovely. Did you go anywhere or otherwise do anything special/unusual? Did Santa (or your Gift Giver of Choice) bring you everything you wanted (or were you on the Naughty List :P)?

    2) STO is getting more and more pets (Lobi store, Epohhs, etc.), which is great. Unfortunately these fun-to-collect critters are a strain on bank/inventory space. Will you please remove our pets as "things" and move them instead to the UI? This would function simimlar to how Action Figures work in Champions Online. The pets are items that can be sold, saved, traded, etc. until they are used, then the item disappears. Using the item unlocks the pet, and it appears as an option on the (currently non-existant) Pet Menu from which it can be summoned. This is discussed in detail here.

    3) Will you please make a Tribble Terrarium (or other dedicated tribble "bank")? With bank/inventory space getting more and more scarce, we need some place to safely store and breed our tribbles, especially now that we are getting special tribbles that can no longer be stored on our BOffs. A Terrarium was brought up (and even recognized by you) years ago, and is being discussed again in this thread.

    4) What (if any) is the status of a (Combat) Targ Breeding Mini-Game (for the KDF)?

    5) What (if any) is the status of a Poker Mini-Game?

    6) Will you please make Lobi account-bound, instead of character bound? Or at least make all items in the Lobi bank tradeable within a given account? One of the things stopping me from buying lock-box keys or buying Lobi-containing DOff packs, is my indecision over which character should get the Lobi.

    7) When will the GPL Store get new stock? Cryptic has recieved some negative feedback about how so many cosmetic items (costumes, pets, etc.) are ending up in the Lobi (Cash) Store, when that was the original intent behind the GPL Store. A while back you commented that you heard our cries and would see to it the GPL Store got some love...

    8) Will the 700-Day Android issue ever become Officially Assigned to a Dev and be completed?

    9) How much money will it take for CBS to let you guys offer a T5 Connie? Cuz, I'm thinking we could Kickstart that project... :D

    10) Will you please share your Change Character tech with Champions Online? I would love it if I could swap toons in CO without logging off like I can in STO. :cool:

    Anyway, thanks again for the Q&A. Live Long and Prosper.

    You can find/contact me in game as @PatricianVetinari. Playing STO since Feb 2010.
  • meurik
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    1. Any plans of "remastering" the rest of the Episodes (both FED and KDF), to bring them up to the same standard set forth by the "Feature Episodes" as well as the remastered S.S. Asura and Doomsday Machine episodes?

    2. If remastering the older episodes, has there been any thought into providing an audio intro (Captain's log style) to each episode, with the episode's title, in a similar fashion to what you'd expect from a Star Trek television episode? This would have the added benefit, of episode authors being able to add specific stardates to episodes, and provide players with a general sense of where and when the story is headed.

    3. It's been 2409 for 3 years now. Don't you think we should see some actual progression out of this Federation-Klingon War?

    4. Any thoughts into ripping out the current "player interiors" and totally redesigning them from the ground up, to allow more flexibility and customization by the players?

    5. Star Trek takes place primarily on the "Bridge" of your ship. Any chance we'll start to see some real activities that happen on your player bridge, and not just have it as an "Interior you occasionally visit" ?

    6. Season 8's "Adventure Zone" that has been hinted; Will it be space or ground-based? I'm sure it's no secret, that STO's "space game" far exceeds the quality and gaming experience of the "ground game". More people seem to enjoy flying around in ships, rather than running around on the ground.

    7. It's been hinted at a new UI for Season 8. Any chance we can get some previews, or even a "beta-version" before Season 8?
  • okamiko83
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    The other day I got bored and decided to dig into the engine And to my surprise found physics for the characters. And I found that it would be really easy to even set up a simple yet fun surfing system for say Risa. Would take about 2 or 3 hours to do.

    ( I don't think I broke a rule peeking into the engine if I have forgive please)

    Q; So my question is this. Have you thought of letting us freelance game designers who love playing but not hired to work for cyrptic do some side work on small projects? OR is that more work to go threw all the items before release?

    Q; Are there plans to redo bridges more to scale like the ToS bridge?

    Q; Are there plans to let player design what there security team looks like for tactical? or to find way to pic how your ship uniforms look? If not have the named Duty officers run around the ship some place?

    Q; And last one are there plans to at last just combine off duty and fancy wear uniforms sets with uniforms so we can design more combinations?
  • unclespanky
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    Will we be able to customize our characters more in the future? At present, all the characters look related because the facial customization doesn't allow for greater variation. It would also be nice if there were some off duty fashion options for KDF characters, especially Orion females who really should have a lot more options in their wardrobes.
  • burstdragon323
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    When the Vesta was released, I was content. But then I noticed it had no unique bridge. Will this change soon? and with the upcoming Andorian and (presumably) Ambassador/K'Vort classes, will they have unique bridges?
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