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Critical bug

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I just had the BSOD, and I have no idea why. I was in a mission (patrol Kei sector I think), had been dieing twice already and was kiting and running away to escape the full force arrayed against me, I had finally destroyed all corvettes and only got a battleship left, I turn to go for it, and BSOD. I wasn't in range yet so it wasn't a result of weapons fire. Maybe it was because I took some time in that system?

There was something on the BSOD about a Page handler not having a page handle or something.

Sorry I can't be more exact.
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    BSODs tend to be an OS-related event. Based on your desciption, it sounds like there was a problem a with your page file (swap file). When the computer's memory fills up, it writes out to the hard drive the information that it does not need. This is called a page. When that information is needed for processing by the application, it goes out to the page file and reads that information back into RAM. There it can be processed.

    Something definitely happened in your Windows. You can try and look at the "Event Viewer" logs to see if you can get more information, but I doubt it will prove anything other than your computer had a major hiccup. Reboot and try again.

    Good luck friend - sorry it happened! :(
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    Ah ok thanks, I guess that it doesn't have much to do with the game then.

    EDIT: Well at least I seem to have brought the server down with me :(
    or it must be coincidence that it goes down in the 1 minute it takes me to reboot...
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