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TTRPG STO podcast in video form, inspired by the Foundry

duncanidaho11duncanidaho11 Member Posts: 7,867 Arc User
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Hey all,
As I've started editing our most recent campaign together on youtube I figured I'd give a shout out to Star Trek Reliant here. It's a table top role playing group started in the covid area around foundry authors and players. We've been going for four years now having adventures in the STO universe and started into a big recreation of one of my top foundry missions (Trident). Below is a youtube link to Trident part 1. We record every other Wednesday with audio versions of the show going up on all major podcast platforms. I'm shooting to have video versions available within a week of those recordings.

Trident: Part 1

Star Trek Reliant website
Bipedal mammal and senior Foundry author.
Notable missions: Apex [AEI], Gemini [SSF], Trident [AEI], Evolution's Smile [SSF], Transcendence
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