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EV suit slot issues

westmetalswestmetals Member Posts: 7,565 Arc User
edited November 2021 in Controls and User Interface
At the present time, with the separate EV suit slots...

if a player wishes to override the standard selection and use their EV suit (for statistics) in a non-EV area, they are forced to use the visuals also, AND their BOFFs are forced into EV suits as well, negating their non-EV armors.

In my opinion, this lack of cosmetic options and lack of BOFF armor stats, renders EV suits previously used in place of armor as no longer tenable. Players that were previously doing this strategy - and I will note here that some EV suits have above-average "armor stats", and/or some high prices (lobi, reputation, etc.)....

...now must choose between going to the expense of buying brand new replacement armor, OR suffering with no cosmetic options and BOFFs made of paper (or re-equipping said BOFFs).

I have been asking for over a week now if there would be any changes (even a "disable visuals" as we used to have, would be an improvement)... but so far...

@ambassadorkael#6946 and @chrian#9670 have refused to even address these issues whatsoever, WHILE answering plenty of other threads in the forums on other issues.

As far as I am concerned, right now you have lost a customer. You have rendered over half of my prior lobi-store purchases as effectively unusable (I was using the 2293 EV suits on all of my non-tactical characters) and refuse to even address questions on the issue? What kind of customer service is that?
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