Inventory management request.

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These are some ideas I've had.
    [*] Salvage Tab: Works like the Recycle Tab. We crafters would really appreciate this. Just found out there is such a feature. It's in the Item Upgrade. There are three tabs to the left of the window. Yes, it is a weird location. They barely mention it in a thread. It's not even in the wiki.

    [*] R&D Tab: Add a option to set it protectable. This would prevent those items from being discarded by mistake.
    [*] Gear Tab: Give us a Gear Tab within the Inventory so we could separate our gear, heals, and any devices we use from the loot. Let us choose how many slots we wish to allocate between the Gear Tab and General Tab. This way you wouldn't need to add more slots.
    [*] Elite Marks: Could you please track them the same way Rep Marks are being done. This is such a waste of space.

    Thank you for your consideration.
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