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GM says they don't forward bugs to the Dev and Community team. What?

archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
Hey, can the Developers and Community team please resolve this?

The forum description here: "This forum is for reporting and discussing PC in-game bugs amongst the community. Please also file an in-game bug report." (Emphasis mine.)

However, a GM told me...
GM> While I appreciate your efforts in reporting the issue to us, the best way for this to get addressed is for you submit a bug report on the official bug report forum. All game issues are gathered there so our QA and Development team can easily review them and make the necessary adjustments. This would also increase the issue's visibility and chance to get a workaround. Please provide all the details that you can about the issue to help with the investigation. I've provided the forums link below for your convenience.

Me> So reporting bugs in-game does NOT get them forwarded to the dev team?

GM>I am afraid that the old in-game Bug Report submission feature was already removed due to some issues. The current Support feature will direct you to us. I truly am sorry for the confusion and inconvenience this may have caused you.

Me> Please clarify: if I report a bug, does Support NOT send that bug on to the dev team? Is there NO contact between Support and the programmers?

GM> We do forward bug reports from time to time, but the most effective way for the issue to get addressed and as standard policy, players are encouraged to post their reports on the official forum page. There, the Developers and Community team sometimes reach out to players directly to help with their investigation.

Please, can the D&C team here please clarify whether GMs should be forwarding low-priority tailor/visual bugs (which I confirmed with screenshots) for eventual fixing, and if so, can you please inform your GM team of this?

If filing in-game bug reports is worthless, can the in-game "bug report" window please just bounce me the thing to email with a forum-link so I can paste it into the forums? Thanks.


  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,296 Bug Hunter
    edited July 23
    I mean they identified something similar, they claim to do it from time to time, seems kind of odd though!

    You can attach images to forum posts though using IMGUR to upload them with your account, then post the image URL in the picture icon so it includes the BBCODE tags to show the picture as in example below--between the lines.

    Still the best way to file bug reports is click on > Forums > Home > Support

    ╘ You'll see this graphic if you clicked on Forums from above you can click; this aligns per link above.

    Then click on the category that best matches what your having problems with, so others can confirm bug or offer suggestions.


    Start a new thread in one of those categories, using best brief description of Bug your having and hope they read it; often they will without responding. Still they will need to prioritize and action it. So can take a few months, sometimes longer, a few issues can resolve in weeks, just depends how many others report or confirm it as well...
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  • archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
    (My issues with getting images to the forums are based on my gaming set-up: the gaming computer talks to nothing but STO & a couple other games. I snap pics with my phone, but uploading pics to the computer-that-talks-to-forums is a pain, and the forums interface is buggy on the phone – no search field available!)

    I would still like to know what the official word is, about if GMs are supposed to forward stuff or not, because I've had conflicting statements from different GMs now! Which GMs are being misinformed/lazy/lying/awesome-above-and-beyond?!
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