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They moved Shipyards away from Praxis, yet beam to Shipyards (missing)...

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,270 Bug Hunter
edited May 16 in PC Gameplay Bug Reports
Technically if you go to Praxis where the Moon is cracked, where the Ship Yards used to be there's still a Beam to Ship Yards option but go to fly slow since the Starbase isn't there.

Problem: Where there appears to be a Starbase or Ship Yards there's no Beam to option.

Makes finding it very difficult, or several having to beam down just to beam right back up. Hopefully they FIX this soon. <3
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  • acker#7170 acker Member Posts: 42 Arc User
    Happened before in a previous patch. On warp-in I look left and spot the 2 npc ships, fly above them for the shipyard clicky
  • strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,270 Bug Hunter
    Yea the beam in button is where the Shipyard's used to be, yet the Shipyards don't seem to be displayed there.

    Makes it very difficult, I just try to go close and slow to praxis till I see 'beam in' with no Ship Yards present. I see 1-2 NPC ships flying about 12-20 km away, which isn't very obvious where you really need to be.

  • baucoinbaucoin Member Posts: 115 Arc User
    edited May 16
    Use the lines on your map if you go to the 4th heavy line from the left and 3 1/2 from the bottom you should be where the Beam to Qo'nos Shipyard interact is located. At least for now on PC and console.
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