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ESD Attack 3rd May 2021 General Feedback

midniteshadow7midniteshadow7 Member Posts: 782 Arc User
Absolutely loved this - I really hope that we can have events like this on Holodeck.

The only issues I had were long loading time and disconnects, especially when map moving and logging in. Once in, I generally did not have issues, even with lag.

I had my Tardigrade that would not attack, but dino could.
I could not place kit turrets etc - but I know there are some options to disable those in some maps, so not sure if it is a bug or not (hence not on bug report section).

I loved seeing the huge T-Rex too.

As I said, if we can get huge invasions like that on Holodeck, that would be fantastic.
Even if it is another option to beam into (like old Risa and new Risa).

Thanks for an enjoyable time.


  • giliongilion Member Posts: 686 Arc User
    Agreed, no idea what they were trying to test, but they way to did was a lot of fun. Not sure what they're proper handles are but Brian and Mercy were great hosts.
    Anyone want to give me a Temporal Heavy Dreadnought pack? I'll be your friend :D
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