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Just a few too many Admiralty missions, a bit too low in a few things...

strathkinstrathkin Member Posts: 2,270 Bug Hunter
Well I welcome the 2 week long 2x Dilithium. So hopefully this 2x Dilithium 2 Week Event, comes around every 4-6 weeks to keep people engaged, cause many have felt a reduction from Ore in Admiralty the last several months, perhaps it's a feeling some have noticed--including myself.

Perhaps it could be we'll maybe we more of these longer 2x two week Dilithium Events running more often as well?

One other small note:

It be nice if they just made one last minor adjustment, more Admiralty should upgrade all the 50 Ore to 100/125/150/250/500 Ore depending on the Mission; I think there is only one that offers 500 'Knock an Asteroid into Stable Orbit' or have you. It just be a bit nice to see a few more offering Ore. The other thing that feels like there's more Admiralty giving 90 or 562 experience a bit too frequently. I don't think any of those is too drastic, yet often I notice my DOFF do better than my Admiralty does for Ore during this 2x Event. Yet normally DOFF do far worst, and Admiralty doesn't do too well for Ore (sometimes) and understand why some run it 2-3x on several characters.

Just trying to provide some constructive criticism; my asks are mostly subtle changes to rethink to just give it a little extra something...

Thank You, and Kind Regards.

Now off to acquire the Mirror Bundle, hopefully ThomasTC (cat) will have a word with him and ask him to consider the Type 7A Material for that as well; mine will be using the Federation NCC and Type 7 currently.

Just hope they find the right balance to keep everyone engaged, giving a bit more Ore &/or Experience to a few Admiralty Projects.


Tried to shorten this to the key points.
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