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Give Dark matter torpedo wide angle(180 degree arc). Wide angle addition item.

aftulusaftulus Member Posts: 373 Arc User

This is a long shot, but why not give the dark matter torpedo wide angle to go with it's laser?

I'm currently building a build with one of the prolonged torps on the back. It's a constant fire build. Since it has 180 degrees on the back it would be nice to have it on the front also. Since this set already does wide beam on the weapon why not also on the torp.

I think we should have an item that can give wide angle to torps if we want it. It could sacrifice another stat for it if needed.

Possibly and item that can add it to reengineering items. Then if you can reengineer you can gain it as a slot option in one slot. It could be lockbox and very expensive on the exchange to make up for it potential abilities.

It could be applied via an upgrade token or the secondary one and you have to level the item up with it to apply. It could even be a small chance like the quality and you have to level it up many times to obtain it.
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