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Federation-aligned Romulans treated like Starfleet in Patrols

archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
1: I already reported this as a bug, and was told:
It will also be helpful for you to submit a report on the Star Trek Online forum to support the details I will be providing them. {link} Posting this on the forum is also a good way for other players to pitch in their ideas and experiences.

So I'm being obedient.

2: When I was doing the Endeavor (three patrol missions in Romulan space), the NPCs gave me dialogue that clearly indicated they saw the "Federation" flag, but not the "Romulan" one:

"I'll admit I've had my doubts about working with your people. But perhaps we don't have to be enemies."

"Cooperating with Starfleet still feels strange. In time, however, perhaps this will be commonplace."

(I admit, I have a smooth-forehead Romulan, but she's in a T'Liss! Is her alternate-timeline accent that close to a Vulcan's?)

My Fed-aligned Liberated Borg Romulan got the same lines as the pure Romulan (who I think is a Delta recruit).

I have not yet tried these missions on my Fed-Aligned Jem'Hadar or KDF-aligned Reman...

3: In one of them, when I was taking a long time to kill all the enemies (I think it was in the Archer system patrol? The one with Tholians...), Enterprise showed up to help! Shon did not show up to help my Borglet, whose ship is much better than the T'Liss, so I guess it's tied to how long it takes to take out the first couple of waves rather than Shon being a kill-stealing glory-hound. (Has anyone ever had Tiaru show up in the Republic flagship? Presumably that's who should do so... I have got to try this on my Reman when it's not 3am and see if I can kill things slowly enough to make a NPC ship help.)


  • archbetharchbeth Member Posts: 34 Arc User
    The game most certainly does have flags for dialogue depending on if you're Romulan or not; I had both of them show up for my Romulan during the mining-mission, where one meets Ferengi Madran and goes into the secret Tal Shiar base. First I got the "you are Starfleet" dialogue from an accompanying NPC, then I got the "you are a Romulan" dialogue, right after the Starfleet one. (I suppose I need to go back and get screenshots and a baby Horta. But not at 3:15 in the morning.)

    Heck, Delta Quadrant even has a few lines that change depending on if you're a Liberated Borg. And then there's Captain Killy's changing commentary based on if you're Fed, KDF, or Jem'Hadar. Early Federation missions include different dialogue for Vulcans and Andorians, with the Undine faux-Ambassador. The game's code definitely has flags for both faction (Fed/KDF) and species (Romulan/Jem'Hadar/Liberated Borg).

    It is entirely possible that the missions are old enough that no one updated them... But I don't recall seeing Federation-oriented dialogue back when I first took my LibBorg Rom through those as Mivek's dailies. I am very suspicious -- especially because of getting both Federation and Romulan dialogue for the same game-event -- that something in one of the updates has borked the flag-detecting code a little, so it's latching onto the primary one (Fed/KDF) and not the species one (Romulan).
  • anodynesanodynes Member Posts: 1,971 Arc User
    coldnapalm wrote: »
    Romulans have their own storyline until you kill Hakoven...than you are all feddie bears. But as far as not the storyline goes...you are either red or blue. So patrols, queues, fleet holdings....

    The game can and does acknowledge you as a Republic character in certain instances after you complete the Romulan storyline, though. For example, there is "The Temporal Front," where you are tasked to first talk to all of the representatives of your government, and then to escort the the lead representative of said government to the conference room. In both cases, your Romulan character will interact with Republic delegation, not that of the allies that you chose.

    What you're saying here is only true when no faction-specific dialogue was written for the mini-factions, which happens in a great many cases, including the Tau Dewa patrols, but is not as universal as you are making it out to be.
    This is an MMO, not a Star Trek episode simulator. That would make for a terrible game.
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