Science is destroying this game

I just did a battle of the binary stars on advanced in a random queue.

This science Guy just pull the whole map to one spot. Every NPC flew into it you just had to park and let your key binds do the work. And it lasts the whole time. Where is the challenge? Everything happen so fast you take no damage and I'm not even sure how much DPS I did. I just put my hands in my pocket, there was nothing I need to do. I could have got up and made a sandwich.

Please stop doing these crazy science stuff. Grant these guys who like to do it maybe having fun but the rest of us.


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    justing#8867 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    OMG I was there! it wasn't me but I was there, the same thing happened to me AT THE BATTLE OF THE BINARY STARS, LOL :D
    but yes, I think science is a bit OP.
    And I think its long overdue that science gets a COMPLETE visual and mechanical UPDATE B)

  • justing#8867
    justing#8867 Member Posts: 12 Arc User
    The thing is, all the science graphics and visuals are very low quality and look awful, that's why I'm saying its time for a complete visual and gameplay/mechanical update!