Transwarp Menu better organized

whiteknight1x Member Posts: 122 Arc User
edited February 2021 in Controls and User Interface
Hi, first I would like to say this a enjoy this game. I been around since open beta and have enjoyed watching this game involved. To me it's about the small details that really make this game enjoyable.

I was hoping that a little love could be shown to the Transwarp menu. Placing disatanion in categories, you already have this partially done. Using quadrants is the way to go. It could even help players learn the map easier. Having a Fleet Holding category would be nice too. You could place the the main factions social hubs outside these categories. Sol System, Qo'nos System, and what even is for the romulans. I don't' have one. I like things nice and neat.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.