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Question: New Missions Scale? (KiP & LoF)

Sorry, not trying to make a thread title that was misleading...

Are the new missions "Knowledge Is Power" and "Leap of Faith" scaling, and are they any easier to do at lower levels?

My Disco KDF toon just turned lvl 30, and thought about using him in the new missions. I just didn't know if I should play it with a strong lvl 65 or if they scale down and I'd be fine with my lvl 30...

Wondering if anyone has had experience they can share...

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  • tagentagen Member Posts: 459 Arc User
    All missions you have access to should scale to your level. There may be degrees to how well they scale, though. I went through Knowledge is power on a 65 and on a 20something. It seemed fine (and for part of it your level probably does not matter much anyway :smile: ).

    I say go for it and see what you think.
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