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Well at last a worthy Successor

gaalomgaalom Member Posts: 524 Arc User
The new Bird of prey, that you acquire from the KDF recruitment event, is just right. This is my opinion of course, the biggest problem I had with the Kor and the B'rel bird of prey was in lore it had a crew of around 24 or less warriors on board. To me that seemed silly that such a ship would be used against threats like the Iconians or Borg. Back in the day the Hegh'ta was well built for anything. It had a crew of a 150 warriors. This new bird of prey I can fall in love with. Finally a tier six bird of prey that looks like a heavy bird of prey, looks klingon, and so far seems to be quite a good ship. A worthy successor at last to the Hegh'ta of old.


  • reimu#1706 reimu Member Posts: 82 Arc User
    edited April 9
    if the b'rel is commanded by the legendary general martok 24 crew is all you need lesser men and women require more and have to compensate for their weakness with big ships
  • spiritbornspiritborn Member Posts: 3,090 Arc User
    Isn't the 25c M'chala (sic) suppose to be a super light BoP, kind of a cheaper alternative to the B'rel and other heavier BoP model craft? Also you shouldn't think of Bird of Prey type ships as frontline brawlers rather more akin to submarines striking at the enemy at their weak spot while the cruisers hold the attention of the enemy, that's not being a coward but being smart strike enemy where they're weak due to your actions with preventing them from striking where you are weak.
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