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Nova Star Task Force

lithairian1lithairian1 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
"To be a watchful eye, paving the way for new beginnings in exploration, diplomacy, and discovery."

With his head tilted down solemnly, the Fleet Admiral walked to the small makeshift raised dais of Starbase Helios. His eyes raised as he stood on it, looking out at the crew working on creating and maintaining the base. He cleared his throat as he held himself in proper position.


Everyone able to hear him stopped what they were doing, placing their tools down as they assumed the familiar pose they had been trained in.

“Today, we are gathered in this starbase to commemorate not only the beginning of a new chapter in Federation exploration, but also to open the expanse of a new frontier for the galaxy to explore. We have long seen the Dominion as our enemies, having fought against them in the war and experiencing the damage they have caused. The holos warn of dealings with them. To those holos, they are nothing more than relics of an antiquated past.”

“You are the new forerunners of the future of the Federation. Everything you have been taught - all the tears that have been shed, the families left behind, the risks you have taken - all of it - has led to this very moment. You are no longer simply yourself. You represent something bigger now. You represent something even bigger than the Federation. Bigger than the galaxy itself.”

“You represent hope.”

“Hope is what we need if we wish to continue to survive in this galaxy. Hope is what drives us forward, making us know that no matter what the costs, in the end, our sacrifice will not be in vain. We will find new worlds. We will find new comrades in defending worlds from any atrocities which may be looming. And through it all, we will not compromise our values.”

“We are the few who are tasked with this duty and we will never take this lightly. We are to always be the watchful eye, vigilant in the face of any adversities be they from foe or even friend. Our guards will never lower. Our minds will never stop. Our hearts will always lead the way.”

“This is only the beginning of the exploration in the sector. You are the shining beacon which will be raised for others to follow. New officers will learn your names and of your deeds on this starbase and when they do, it is up to you if they will revere you as upholding the principles of Starfleet. Out here, you decide your destiny. You decide your place in the galaxy. Everything you have ever learned - every achievement - every mistake - has guided you to the very position you are in right now.”

“Some people may think that the Gamma Quadrant is the end when it comes to exploration. That once we have found everything here, there are no mysteries. Prove them wrong. Prove to them that this is only the beginning in exploration, diplomacy, discovery, and that with these at our disposal, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.”

"You are Nova Star Task Force."

Welcome, new recruit, to the Nova Star Task Force! Our mission is to explore the Gamma Quadrant and learn more of this distant space!

Nova Star Task Force(Or NSTF) Is fleet focused on Role Play! We are part of a larger community that is complete with discord, Enjin website, and a friendly, open community of players happy to have new friends to play with! Currently in our Role Play we have a station set up on the other side of the Bajoran worm hole called Starbase Helios. Our active starship is the USS Theia with more to come as our fleet grows!

-Must be 17+ in age
-Able to join a fleet
-Willing to fill out an application on our website

If you meet these requirements and are interested please respond here or send an in game mail to riku@litharian to learn more!


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    lithairian1lithairian1 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Our most recent developements have gained us a second federation ship for the Nova Star task force
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