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Every Starfleet Liberty Force and its Armada have the pleasure to entertain for the summer at RISA. We will be opening up to the whole armada and the public for free giveaways. We recognize not only our members and armada but the whole STO community.

For an invite please see below and hope to see you in our PARTY this weekend (Aug 22nd)

Starfleet Liberty Force is a well established and friendly fleet. Starfleet's finest fleet...where you always have a voice and input...

We are not the small kind of fleet struggling to grow but we are a well established and large enough fleet to accommodate all kinds of players from different gaming preferences and timezones.

Happy gaming!!!

Contact Christie Swift @2007-2007 or myself for information.
Our website: http://stoliberty.guildlaunch.com/
Recruiting thread: https://www.arcgames.com/en/forums/startrekonline/#/discussion/1029457/starfleet-liberty-force-is-recruting

Accept no copy cat or wannabe alternate fleets. We are the real deal and have been since launch of STO.​​
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