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New Event - nice suit... but the time in news blog looks wrong?

saber1973asaber1973a Member Posts: 1,218 Arc User
Ok, here it is:
But here is Problem (with big "P"):
1 - According to Blog we need 60 points to get the Red Angel Suit
2 - We can get 2 points a day
3 - The event is from 30th June to 28th July - and that's 29 days
... so unless we use the 20-hour cooldown effect to "compress" one day , there is time to only get 58 points.

I think there is some error there in the News blog.

Looks, like someone was faster and posted another thread about it...

Edit 2:
The time was changed to 30 days and the number of points to 40 in the blog, so there is no longer any problem
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