Go down fighting bug

xchabeex Member Posts: 27 Arc User
After activation the Go down fighting, the weapon damage doesnt scale the buff(i dont feel,can't parse eighter buffed) the resistasnce is scaling normally but the damage not!With the good day to die trait after activation, the game treat your hull at 50%, it should be your damaged boosted with 50% cat2 (bonus) damage, but if it just a cat1, at 50% boost should be significant.
I tested many ways, with and without the good day to die trait.Any other boost such as the Attack pattern alpha change your damage on the weapons, but the gdf not.


  • warpcorewally
    warpcorewally Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    I can confirm the bug, too. When I activated Go Down Fighting, the correct bonus damage would display on a beam array for about a second and then the beam array would go back to displaying base damage.