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Parsing help...

mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
I'm on console, as some of you may already know. I figured out a way to extrapolate parses for those of us on console, but I need help from someone on PC to provide the baseline for it.

What I need is someone to parse Japori and Starbase 234 on Normal, Advanced, and Elite. I need your completion time (from the moment you start combat to the moment you finish) in seconds and your parsed DPS for each difficulty. The reason I want both patrols is because they involve different fights, so my intention is to parse both on equal difficulty and then average them together. In total, that will be 6 parses (3 difficulties on 2 patrols).

The way it works is say for instance you do Japori on Elite and it takes you 2 minutes to complete it, and your parsed DPS is 100k. I can then do Japori on the same difficulty, plug in my completion time, then solve for my DPS. The build you use doesn't matter. Just as long as I'm doing the same patrol on the same difficulty. Here's the math given that hypothetical example:

120 (your completion time in seconds) / Y (my completion time in seconds) = 100k (your parsed DPS) / X (my extrapolated DPS parse)

So I just did Elite Japori and completed it in two minutes flat (120 seconds). Here's the math again with my completion time plugged into the algebraic formula above.

120 (your completion time in seconds) / 120 (my completion time in seconds) = 100000 (your parsed DPS) / X (my extrapolated DPS parse)
12000000 = 120X
100000 = X OR 100k = my extrapolated DPS parse

If anyone has the time and willingness to do this, it would be a tremendous help to me and my fleet mates as it would give us a good approximation of our DPS (it may not be 100% accurate, but it will be close enough). Thanks in advance to whoever is willing to help.


  • captainwellscaptainwells Member Posts: 718 Arc User
    edited April 2020
    You need a larger pool of participants just to get into a decent extrapolation ball park unless you just wanna ignore individual skill levels for the couple of you basing your findings on? Dodgy logic, does not even begin to cover it as it stands!
  • mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User

    Correct. I'm not accounting for Individual skill, or the platform differences that make it easier and more efficient for PC players to DPS, but I don't need to either. DPS is simply the measure of how much damage is done over a given period of time. And it's relative, which is why build, skill, UI and other variables doesn't matter beyond your own individual parse. All that needs to remain constant is the patrol and the difficulty level it's completed on, hence why I asked for three parses for each of those two patrols. That won't change or be different between PC and console. So it will work, I just need that baseline data from PC to do the math.

    And if anyone wants to keep their results private, just PM them to me.
  • mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    Incidentally, although I arrived at the correct answer, I represented the equation incorrectly. It should be represented as:

    (known parsed DPS) * (known time) = X (unknown parsed DPS) * Y (unknown time)

    So using the example I provided again, it would look like this:

    100k * 120 = X * 120
    - OR -
    12000000 = 120X
    - OR -
    100k = X
  • mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    So no one on PC wants to help? Hm.

    Let's try this another way. If I completed Elite Japori in 120 seconds, can someone tell me what that would parse for DPS if you run Elite Japori on PC? Simply plug in your numbers in the formula below and solve for X:

    (PC parsed DPS) * (PC time) = X * 120 (my time doing that same patrol on the same difficulty)
  • mournblade#1863 mournblade Member Posts: 74 Arc User
    edited May 2020
    I was finally able to get the parse data we needed from a PC player who streams STO, named Timberwolf. Many thanks to him for taking the time to help us out, where no one else would, including DPS League. We are now able to parse approximate DPS on console, which will be critical for build improvement and for definitively determining if a build is capable of Elite content.

    If you're on Xbox One and would like to know how to do this for your fleet/armada, please message my gamer tag (Mournblood) and I'll be happy to share the parsing data with you. All I ask is that you give myself and Timberwolf credit for making this possible.

    For those on PS4, here's the STO subreddit post that explains how it works.
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