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Please fix Romulan/Reman Boffs or mark them correctly

jagdtier44jagdtier44 Member Posts: 376 Arc User
Haven't played my Remans in a while, wondering why I'm not using a second science boff for ground, went and bought one aaaaaand can't use the KDF uniforms as its a federation gained boff..

This is seriously still a problem? How many years has the issue been around?? Can you guys PLEASE fix this problem or at the very least add in an icon like doffs have to show they are Fed or KDF so this kinda TRIBBLE doesn't happen?

Nice waste of a few million EC


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    jagdtier44jagdtier44 Member Posts: 376 Arc User
    edited February 2020
    To add to the problem is the response from your support people saying they can't do anything about it so your just hosed if you happened to get the wrong type of bridge officer and to just post it on these forums.

    This is a known issue going on SEVEN years, its about time you guys do something about it. The most basic and easiest solution would be to open up KDF n FED allied uniforms to boffs so that it doesnt matter which side you got em from if untagging their allied faction is to hard to fix. Or adding a KDF/FED icon to the symbol isnt easy to add
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