Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer bugs

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Hi. Already brought it up with GM and posted a bug report in the game. The Section 31 Intel Sci Destroyer's tactical and dark modes bug our. The dark mode either disengages after few minutes. The tactical mode meanwhile either keeps switching nacelles between the standard or tactical mode without any player interaction or locks itself completely - especially in larger maps - and is unable to turn off completely until warp out. This means that as a player in combat scenario, I cannot manually switch between the two at will and have to function in the tactical stance all the time whether I want to or not. The ship's performance - provided that there are no bugs in its functioning - is awesome and works miracles in pve maps, however the bugs make it somewhat unreliable and for a premium ship - which either obtained via lock box or Exchange, it's quite bad for it not to work correctly.


  • warmasterxdk#9668
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    XBOX has the same issue with Tactical locking, the auto-switching doesn't seem to be an issue with us though.
    Fingers crossed for the return of the Section 31 Heavy Rifle <3