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Murphy's Law

I'm having an issue loading Murphy's law mission. The game keeps crashing and returning to the Xbox menu. I raised a ticket and was told to report it on here.
Anyone else had the same issue? Or anything I can do to fix it myself?


  • diggingcrumpetdiggingcrumpet Member Posts: 88 Bug Hunter
    Hi admirallees, I can confirm I have the same issue on xbox x game crashed to home screen during loading the murphy's law part of the mission.

    I have just skipped it for now.
  • christian#3573 christian Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    I also have the issue with the “Murphy’s Law” part of the Butterfly mission. Strange thing though is that it has only happened while playing as my Klingon character. I’ve played through that story with a Federation and a Romulan character with no issues. I contacted Support about this and they believe that it is a bug in the game. They’ve advanced (not sure if that’s the right word) my character. I have yet to test it out though.
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