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Echo Papa 607 Drone System enhancement, question

sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User

"Activates the Echo Papa 607 Drone System. Each drone that is destroyed sends combat information back to the System Controller. As long as the System is active, a new enhanced drone will replace the fallen drone, until the drone has reached a perfected state. The System is active for 60 seconds, and then given a forced cooldown due in large part to the Minosian Incident of 2364.
Each Drone is equipped with a primary Disruptor Beam. After Mk II, Drones gain a secondary Wide Angle Beam. After Mk III, Drones gain a stasis field. Every Mark (up to a maximum of Mk. V) progression increases the power of the unit's primary and secondary attacks. "

I personally never saw any enhancement to MK II, III etc to my drones, and i use them all the time. This drone is bugged or something?


  • nightkennightken Member Posts: 2,801 Arc User
    it's possible, I haven't put my character that uses it in heavy combat in a while, however it does have die to upgrade so if it's not dying you wouldn't see it upgrade.

    if I stop posting it doesn't make you right it. just means I don't have enough rum to continue interacting with you.
  • feliseanfelisean Member Posts: 688 Arc User
    the drone needs to be killed. it will always starts as mk 1.
    if it does not get killed during the 60 sec duration you will never see a mk 2. if the mk 1 version gets killed a mk 2 will spawn next to you and so on
  • sennahcheribsennahcherib Member Posts: 2,823 Arc User
    well, it seems that i'm unlucky. My drone is never destroyed, foes are killed before. I'm going to find another kit module, i'm disappointed by this one. thx for your replies.
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