Temporal Reconing

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At the end of this episode when you are supposed to battle the Terran fleet and the Enterprise for the final battle the enterprise goes into a circular escape maneuver making her impossible to catch when she is going faster than you are and you cant maintain full impulse in combat. The only thing that helped me was to cloak and get right on top of her then open fire. Time in a bottle is having the same problem. When you battle the herald ship before beaming down it also does this run from you in a circular fashion, but for whatever reason that one is easier to catch, the Enterprise ISNT! I found a temporary work around that I will try the next time *hurq lure* for space use. They travel quite fast to consume your enemies, so I feel its possible this may help temporarily till a permanent fix is issued.

02/07/20 - I am now doing this mission with my Jem'hadar, i have been at this for over an hour and i cant get the enterprise dead but i also cannot leave the mission till the enterprise is dead, this is a SERIOUS problem which will be going to support soon if my post on the forums is continuing to be ignored. and since i posted this the beginning of january and it is now a month later :) guess where this is going later today :) to a complaint to the service dept, IT IS ABOUT DAMN TIME THAT MISSIONS WITH ISSUES ARE FIXED!
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