Make DOFF assignment/Admiralty reward icons more legible

There's one particular event in the Admiralty roll table that gives you 200K EC, only it's so tiny in the description of what you get, the 2 looks like an 8. Gets me every time.


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    edited November 2019
    Yes, noticed the same problem. It literally pains the eyes to try to see, and even after trying it looks as if it's not clear if it's 200,000 or 800,000.

    I agree it would be better off be written in a bigger and more clear font, and I would much appreciate a change in that regard but I know the dev's hands are full now with fixing crucial bugs (and I also don't want other things to break)

    Maybe it can be done, very carefully to not break things, after things are stabilized. (By the way I have a very annoying bug myself at the moment (since Unto the Breach / 12th of Nov's patch) but since my system is unsupported officially I'd have to wait until things are fixed for windows and hope any of the fixes changes the situation for me too.)