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Worth a shot or pointless endeavor?

sostegnosostegno Member Posts: 4 Arc User
Pre-ordered the game. Played from launch for a while. Decided to go back to school and became a Registered Nurse. Fast forward to now and like others, I have the bug to get back into STO. The problem is I literally do not recognize this game. The last patch I remember before uninstalling was something about a Bridge Officer mechanic but I never learned about it or used it.

I would need a crash course in years of this game's evolutionary development. Even if there was some kind of resource that could catch me up is there any practical way to get the hang of this game again?


  • starkaosstarkaos Member Posts: 10,995 Arc User
    The first thing you need to do is create a Gamma Recruit and complete the Turn the Tide mission which rewards the Dominion Transponder during the Gamma Recruitment event that is currently going on so you can earn the sweet recruitment rewards. Some of the unlocked rewards are limited to just your Jem'Hadar character while others are available for any character on your account. This lists all the rewards for the current event. The requirements for the rewards should give you a crash course in what gameplay systems are available that don't require $.

    My advice for getting the hang of this game is just start playing the various missions and go at your own pace for the various features of the game. The Genesis system in the Exploration Clusters that lets you play random missions and the Foundry system that lets you play missions created by other players have unfortunately been removed from the game. You can now level up a Tier 6 ship from level 1 to level 65. Tier 6 ships can be obtained by buying them from the C-Store, buying them from the Exchange for Energy Credits, opening up Lock Boxes, getting lucky with the Phoenix Prize Pack event, or earning them through the Winter and Summer Events. There are certain events that allow you to earn progress to get a Tier 6 ship for 100% off by doing a specific queue. The last one was the Kobayashi Maru event that ended on Thursday.

    The best way to see this game's evolutionary development is by looking what was in each Season found here.
  • coldnapalmcoldnapalm Member Posts: 7,712 Arc User
    Just think of this game as a brand new game and go from there. If you played from before bridge officers...yeah this is a brand new game. What you remember will hold you back.
  • markhawkmanmarkhawkman Member Posts: 34,540 Arc User
    pretty sure the OP has Bridge officers confused with Duty Officers. But yeah, make a new character and play the tutorials to refresh your memory about how to play the game.
    My character Tsin'xing
  • sostegnosostegno Member Posts: 4 Arc User
    thank you everyone!
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