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abillities in tray gray out in and out of space fight, weapons stall too

mambi01mambi01 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
hi everyone
this is my first post here and i hope i get it all right. in case i'm in the wrong spot with my problem, please let me know so i can post it on the right spot.
i'm no english native speaker, so if there happens to be a misunderstanding or things are not ptrecisely enough phrased let me know and i will try my best to explain it.

now let me state my problem.

for some time now (a couple of weeks) i discovered that during spacefight (tfo and story missions) about half of the abilities on the tray gray out for some seconds (meaning, they can't be activated, cooldown timer continues to run). that happens a few times during fighting which is kinda annoying. its not about the abilities that only activate in a certain arc. its more the abilities of science, engineering and tactical, even calling photonic fleet grays out. and no its not cause of an power issue of my ship. this problem even occurs when out of battle. sometimes i even get the warning: ship is under attack. strangely there is no enemy on the map and the abilities on the tray gray out.
so i really ask myself where is the problem?

the other thing is that during fight my weapons stall for no reason, sometimes up to 10 seconds. even here its not a power issue of my ship.
weapons are set to autotarget and autofire, which is the default for second generation delta recruits.

if anybody here discovered the same problems and has been able to solve them, please tell me how.
if not i hope the devs read this and can solve the problem.

any help that leads to success will be highly appreciated.

in case there are questions to clarify things, feel free to ask me.

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