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Jem’Hadar Veteran Ship account-wide?

Once I claim my Jem’Hadar Veteran Ship on my Jem toon, can I claim it for my Rom/Fed too?


  • protoneousprotoneous Member Posts: 2,269 Arc User
    Surely it's a dual faction ship? My Rom/KDF is looking forward to it as well. I have both Fed and KDF Jem toons.
  • meimeitoomeimeitoo Member Posts: 12,367 Arc User
    protoneous wrote: »
    Surely it's a dual faction ship? My Rom/KDF is looking forward to it as well. I have both Fed and KDF Jem toons.

    I dunno. :) The page really mentioned only Jem faction. And the original Vanguard ships were exclusively Jem-only as well.
  • tharsonius42tharsonius42 Member Posts: 49 Arc User
    Pretty sure it's Jem only. The 1000 day Rom ship is excluded in the "everyone can fly Rom ships now" list specifically.
  • gaevsmangaevsman Member Posts: 3,104 Arc User
    No, only for Jemm chars, as every other veteran ship, it's only available for their faction, so.i don't think you can
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  • baddmoonrizinbaddmoonrizin Member Posts: 7,036 Community Moderator
    Veteran ships have remained Faction exclusive, even after opening up ships for all Factions (except Red/Blue). That's not changing for this ship.

    From the second paragraph in the blog:

    "Veterans and Lifetime Subscribers will see each of the following new additions unlocked for all of their Jem’Hadar characters upon the completion of the Dominion Tutorial Experience on those characters."
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  • foxrockssocksfoxrockssocks Member Posts: 2,461 Arc User
    Technically it already is account wide because every other faction already has their own Vet ship. They are nearly identical so unless you really wanted a Jem flying something with a singularity core, I'm not sure it matters.
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