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Vanished Event Rewards

For those of us who have played for years and amassed a surplus of Event rewards such as Crystalline Shards, Multidimensional Transporter Device, and more, to have them, without notice or warning, removed from our accounts without compensation for the time and effort it took to earn them, or an opportunity to spend them to earn the rewards for doing so is considerably disappointing. Even more so considering that there is an event right now that a player could spend those saved Crystal Shards on but can't because they were deleted from inventory.

Cryptic, those were worth dilithium and marks. To remove them without compensation is a substantial blow to players who had, over the years, amassed a surplus of those rewards for just that purpose. It seriously undermines the faith players have in the game.

If items that take time to earn, are of value for dilithium, marks, or EC are deleted without notice or compensation, then everything you do in the game is for not. Why bother putting in the effort to earn anything. What next, remove ships that players have earned or bought without warning and compensation?

I get that the game evolves, but Jesus, compensation for the things you remove would be appropriate and would go a long way to ensure that your player base doesn't grow disillusioned with the game and quit playing.

Player attrition is a serious issue for any game, especially one this old. You want to retain your seniour player base because they are the folks who bring in more and more new players and who spend $$ on the game. If you scare off the "whales" then you dry up the cash coming in. Deleting a players items and then rub their faces in it by offering an event to spend those deleted items is an insult. And that is exactly what is happening right now with this latest Crystalline Catastrophe event. You removed the crystal shards from the game, even those stock piled in player inventory, and then offer an event to spend those very same (removed) crystal shards. That is frustrating to say the least. Perhaps a joke or troll I don't know. But if it is ether, please note that it isn't funny.
What happened to those unique forum ranks I paid for?


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