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Crossfield Class transwarp spore jump animations all messed up.

lexusk19lexusk19 Member Posts: 1,383 Arc User
So I just got the Crossfield class and was rather disappointed to see all the bugs with it right off the bat... When your in system space and you do a transwarp spore jump, the saucer does not spin like it did before.

And when you are in sector space and do a transwarp spore jump, the entire ship just does one long barrel role around the center point where the light show happens.

Another thing is when in sector space, all the red lights on the ship can be seen through the hull. Like a red light on the bottom can be seen through the hull on the top or any angle.

Looks utterly terrible, I spent good money on this lockbox ship and the quality control is just atrocious. Fix these bugs at once.


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